Magma Sorceries or Lava Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Magma Sorceries draw upon the power of molten lava from Mt Gelmir. There are a total of 4 Magma Sorceries available for players. Magma Sorceries can be boosted by the Gelmir Glintstone Staff




Magma Sorceries info

Obtaining Magma Sorceries

  • Magma Sorceries don't have an associated Scroll to be found, nor have an associated Merchant.
  • Check their individual pages to learn about their locations.

Magma Sorceries Requirements

Boosting Magma Sorceries


All Magma Sorceries




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    • Anonymous

      I have no idea what they'd do but I really wish they had more of these sorceries because these are some of my favorite in the game, despite not being *amazing* like other sorceries I still find them really fun to use and they're still really good for things such as resetting frostbite/in PVP acting as a sorta 'Haha, panic' for Rykard's rancor, like how Elden stars is for faith users

      I think for more magma sorceries they could have something like a 'magma armament' where it'll deal some fire damage and maybe ignore a portion of blocking from shields? or a cool effect like it would only last 10 seconds but heavy attacks you do will fling some magma onto the ground around you, something else could be a 'burning air' where it's like the frozen mist but it deals a small amount of fire damage when standing inside of it, or a neat one could be a constant stream of magma you spit out like that flamethrower incantation that lasts till you're out of FP/Stamina, either way I'd be happy if they just expanded on a couple of the 'lesser' schools of sorceries such as the bubble and briar ones by adding like 2-3 extra for each of those

      • Anonymous

        Gelmir staff boosts these sorceries by 15%. Holding one in each hand will boost them by 15% twice, multiplicatively. I believe this would be 32.25%.

        • Anonymous

          Great to hear. I was starting to feel like the fire incantations were not cutting it. Glad to know a full fire build is still viable

          • Anonymous

            Yeah just got staggered and full health oneshot at 55 vigor level 152 in some hefty armor by a magma shot or perhaps roiling. Super cancer.

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