Magma Sorceries or Lava Sorceries are a group of Sorceries in Elden Ring that share a specific type of buff criteria. Magma Sorceries draw upon the power of molten lava from Mt Gelmir. There are a total of 4 Magma Sorceries available for players. Magma Sorceries can be boosted by the Gelmir Glintstone Staff




Magma Sorceries info

Obtaining Magma Sorceries

  • Magma Sorceries don't have an associated Scroll to be found, nor have an associated Merchant.
  • Check their individual pages to learn about their locations.

Magma Sorceries Requirements

Boosting Magma Sorceries


All Magma Sorceries




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    • Anonymous

      Really liked the them of these, and have been rocking a build kind of a magma spell sword now theres a few ways to play this build its 150 but do-able mid to late and I’ve been using it on NG+

      Vigor 55, mind 26, endurance 22, strength 22, dex 15, int 40 faith 40 arc 9 and I started with astrologer

      Radahn redmane helm, fire monk armor, clean rot gloves and greaves,
      If you equip the great sword I switch the gloves for preceptors gloves

      I have a gel or glinstone staff to boost the lava sorcery

      Talismans are graven-mass, shard of Alexander, fire scorpion charm and the 3rd is your wild card depending on the style of play you pick

      My physic is fire crack tear and the other is up to you

      Note I usually use all the magma sorceries some targets I put the roiling magmas down first.. before I charge in with my magmashot combos and thats fun.. or in bosses I’ll maybe do a rykards rancor first and Ash of war them.. if you don’t care about rykards rancor you can go 30 INT instead and 30+ faith to put points else where for stronger weapons or equipment

      So the first way to play..
      Lordsworns straight sword with Double slash..

      Magmashot if it doesn’t kill it kinda stuns them in place and you get a double slash in there

      This style looks the coolest but NG+ whew the royal omens (where I test the builds) have high poise so expect to dance around this build it is challenging and fun

      The 2nd is with the Iron Cleaver with flaming strike

      This style is super fun you cast magmashot and as soon as you let it off you hold for a charged heavy and the unique R2 of this weapon usually poise breaks anything and if it doesn’t if you buff with your physic and flame grant me strength and golden vow you got an AR of this axe over 1000 so you magma shot, Charged R2 dead or throw a flaming strike at the end and then they’re dead.. its menacing and its really really fun

      The Best way, but I don’t like it because its almost to easy is using
      Sword of Night and flame..and this ones a bit more FP consuming

      You throw a magmashot, L2, R2.. then gelmirs fury spell.. or any other , or just run in to attack.. this weapon is very strong and gives you verity, I personally try not to use such common weapons but if thats your gig go for it, it goes great with this build..

      3rd way..
      Lance, with Piecing fang ash of war
      This is pretty fun usually magmashot which gives them a slight stun.. then piecing fang does a good 2-3k damage and then back step then running R2 I had fun with this strat.. its a bit FP draining but if you do this NG, most things will just be dead and you can do this build fairly early

      4th way with giants red braid
      This one.. .. you’re definitely dancing.. you are spacing you’re throwing out the magmashot and spamming the Ash of war as a follow-up.. the damage is ok.. but if anything poises out of your magmashot and they catch you in your ash of war ur gonna be pissed :D, when you get it.. its fun tho!

      5th my 3rd favorite over-all is
      Any great sword (knights greatsword ) with Eruption
      Now this has synergy, usually you throw a magma shot.. then Ash of war It does pretty good damage however, the recovery time for the ash of war is a bit of a problem.. and your still a bit close so if you didn’t kill what you opened with expect to take a lil damage.. but hold this build for the last play style I add

      There is an extra build tbh this one was my favorite but to keep it 120-150 I really can’t see it being done but I could be wrong.. and thats using
      Golems Halberd with Eruption Ash of this staggers.. this hits Im not gonna say its insane damage but the synergy and the way it looks is just dope. But the stat spread for not only having this weapon.. but the endurance you need just to have it.. and the strength you need just to use it.. but NG+ and your leveling beyond 150 try it out.. its fun as hell

      • Anonymous

        Kinda annoying how there’s not one magma or Volcano manor themed weapon that scales with intelligence(except gelmir staff) and how high the int requirements are for half of these sorceries. I honestly don’t know how to make a decent magma themed build without going full caster route or ditching all the fire/magma damage weapons for magic/normal ones. Ig a str/int build with minimum faith? But since every magma weapon and it’s skills scale strictly/partially with faith I would be missing out on a good amount of damage for said weapons/skills. I guess this is just an idea that’ll work in NG+, pretty disappointed.

        • Anonymous

          I have no idea what they'd do but I really wish they had more of these sorceries because these are some of my favorite in the game, despite not being *amazing* like other sorceries I still find them really fun to use and they're still really good for things such as resetting frostbite/in PVP acting as a sorta 'Haha, panic' for Rykard's rancor, like how Elden stars is for faith users

          I think for more magma sorceries they could have something like a 'magma armament' where it'll deal some fire damage and maybe ignore a portion of blocking from shields? or a cool effect like it would only last 10 seconds but heavy attacks you do will fling some magma onto the ground around you, something else could be a 'burning air' where it's like the frozen mist but it deals a small amount of fire damage when standing inside of it, or a neat one could be a constant stream of magma you spit out like that flamethrower incantation that lasts till you're out of FP/Stamina, either way I'd be happy if they just expanded on a couple of the 'lesser' schools of sorceries such as the bubble and briar ones by adding like 2-3 extra for each of those

          • Anonymous

            Gelmir staff boosts these sorceries by 15%. Holding one in each hand will boost them by 15% twice, multiplicatively. I believe this would be 32.25%.

            • Anonymous

              Great to hear. I was starting to feel like the fire incantations were not cutting it. Glad to know a full fire build is still viable

              • Anonymous

                Yeah just got staggered and full health oneshot at 55 vigor level 152 in some hefty armor by a magma shot or perhaps roiling. Super cancer.

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