Crafting is a feature in Elden Ring. Players can expect to explore the landscape of The Lands Between and harvest different materials from flora and fauna to be used for the creation of items and equipment.


How does Crafting Work in Elden Ring

Players must first harvest materials from the field. There are harvestable plants that may include flowers, branches, and such. There are also wild animals that players can hunt in order to obtain their meat and bones. These animals are confirmed: Sheep, Eagles, Deer

To craft anything, players will first need to obtain a Recipe. It is speculated that these may be purchased from vendors or found in the field.


What can be Crafted in Elden Ring

It is not yet known the extent of crafting recipes and supplies available. So far we have confirmation that players may craft:

  • Sleep Arrow
  • Dried Meat from Deer (Regenerate Stamina Faster)

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