Eye of Yelough

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Material used for crafting items
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Grown in lands afflicted by frenzy

Eye of Yelough is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout the Lands Between, and are used to create a wide variety of items. 


A shrub fruit bursting with ripened pulp.
Material used for crafting items.

Grown in lands afflicted by frenzy, it's used for its pain-relieving properties... Though it's also known to be a dangerous intoxicant.


Where to find Eye of Yelough in Elden Ring

Eye of Yelough found in the overworld do not respawn after resting at a site of grace.

Purchase from:
Dropped by
Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Frenzied Troll Knight 30.00% -


Farming locations


Eye of Yelough Guide

Eye of Yelough can be used to craft the following items:


Eye of Yelough Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Eye of Yelough.
  • You can store up to 999 Eye of Yelough.
  • Sell value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18100


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    • Anonymous

      Oh man, is the frenzy giant really the only source of craftable frenzy cures? **** me, From. Why don't these plants just regrow?

      • Anonymous

        "it's used for its pain-relieving properties... Though it's also known to be a dangerous intoxicant." So this is basically oxycontin in the Lands Between. What is Shabriri hiding? Is he the head of big pharma company? Is the Flame of Frenzy ending just everyone getting addicted and burning everything down in order to get more of these because they don't regrow?

        • Anonymous

          I came back to consecrated snowfield to fill my boots with rimed crystal bud before I start NG+ and I thought the eye of yelough re-spawning had something to do with me accepting the flame from the three fingers. So what is the connection to Maliketh? what does killing him have to do with these plants associated with the flame of frenzy?

          • Anonymous

            For those with a strength build not wanting to respec to farm these trolls at the ruins; I found decent success with curved greatswords, powerstanced for better stat procs (bleed and frostbite are great in tandem, e.g. seppuku in offhand and chilling mist in main), comfortably at RL80 together with a handy mimic. Don't forget to bring your silver scarab talisman and maybe even some silver-pickled fowl feet.

            • Anonymous

              As many figured out, eye of yellow.
              maybe this madness affliction takes some aesthetic inspiration from the "king in yellow" as well as thematic inspiration from Niche?

              • Anonymous

                These respawned for me at Yelough Anix Ruins for some reason. I farmed a bunch of yellow amber here so I know I got these previously. Hm

                • Anonymous

                  The "eyes" are used to craft "clarifying" items, which boost "focus" when used. Focus protects against "madness"

                  Master Willem would be proud...

                  • Anonymous

                    There's one in a dead-end tunnel somewhere in the sewers under Leyndell ... no chance to describe where it is other than it's in the region after jumping into the opening on the ceiling of one of the big pipes in the imp area.

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