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Material used for crafting items
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Found near waters close to Minor Erdrees

Gold Firefly is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting Materials are resources that can be obtained throughout The Lands Between and used to create a wide variety of items. 


Firefly that gives off a golden light.
Material used in crafting items.
Found near bodies of water close to Minor Erdtrees.
The light of fireflies is believed to have an alluring magic. Golden light is considered to invite runes.


Where to find Gold Firefly in Elden Ring

Gold Firefly found in the overworld respawns after resting at a Site of Grace.

  • Grows in Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, and Altus Plateau.
  • 11 in the octopus pond located northeast of Tower of Return, Weeping Peninsula. [Map Link]. Your best bet is to use either the Tombsward or Isolated Merchant's Shack site of grace. From the latter, head east, a little bit south, to head up the hill toward Tower of Return, and then make a left when you can see the pond below. The Tombsward start point has a similar method, but one can hop up some rocks a little before the slope if on Torrent.
  •  9 near the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace in Limgrave in a pond to the southeast, near two Lesser Runebears. [Map Link]
  • 7 in a pond north of the Ainsel River Well entrance in Liurnia, with a sleeping runebear. 
  • 9 in a pond south of Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace in Altus Plateau, in a pond just south of the spirit spring, south the Site of Grace.

Item Pickups:

  • Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace in Limgrave: 9 in a pond to the southeast, near two Lesser Runebears.
  • 11 in the octopus pond northeast of Tower of Return in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • 7 in a pond north of the Ainsel River Well entrance in Liurnia. Nearest grace is Eastern Tableland.
  • Altus Plateau- 9 in a pond south of Road of Iniquity Side Path Site of Grace. Head south, to the right of the bridge, and on Torrent, drop down onto the spirit spring, and the pond is just south of the landing area. 

Gold Firefly Guide for Elden Ring

Gold Firefly can be used to craft the following items:


Elden Ring Gold Firefly Notes & Tips

  • You can hold up to 999 Gold Firefly.
  • You can store up to 999 Gold Firefly.
  • Sell Value: runes currency elden ring wiki guide 1810


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    • Anonymous

      Why do everyone keep recommending the peninsula one? The road took at least 40~60 seconds, and you need to get rid of the battle state to teleport back.
      When the mistwood one in Limgrave literally is in eye sight of the grace, the road take maybe 10 ~20 second at most, and you don't trigger any battle state since the bear is sleeping, you can just instantly teleport back, it's way better than the peninsula one

      • Anonymous

        im suprised no one has even mentioned the atlus plato
        theres a small pond with 9 fireflys, some slugs and a wormface, the wormface can be avoided and the slugs are too slow, and theres a sight of grace just up a wellspring

        its right below the brige were u find goldmask, seriously why is no one talking about it, quickest and easest gold firefly farm ever

        • Anonymous

          I like the weeping peninsula farm for the gold firefly. The giant octopus ovary is a guaranteed drop and it's an ingredient for stanching boluses and one or two of the cured meats. There's two on the beach west of the church of elleh that are easy to kill and handy if you are there farming pinion feathers anyway.

          • Anonymous

            11 at the pond just to the northeast of the tower of return (Weeping Peninsula), There is a giant land octopus and some smaller ones in the pond with it.

            • Anonymous

              A good place to farm these is southeast of Mistwood Outskirts site of grace, there's a pond with around 10 of these, should take about 10 seconds max to reach

              • Anonymous

                A handful of them in Altus Plateau, north/slightly west of minor erdtree. Pond with a squid head dude and a bunch of snails. They will respawn.

                • Better location at Altus Plateau
                  Site of Grace: ROAD OF INIQUITY SIDE PATH
                  Route: Just head south ~5 secs, drop down the cliff at the whirlwind, a pond ~9 flies there

                  • Anonymous

                    from mistwood grace, head east and slightly south you'll find a pond with large bears, easy access to gold fireflies pretty early

                    • Anonymous

                      The best place to farm these is directly south of the Tombsward Grace on the pennisula. Just look for the bigger pond near the cliff. You can get like 8 of these per run and refresh them at the grace in like 40 seconds.

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