Limgrave is a Location and Region in Elden Ring. The Limgrave region is the first accessible area of the game. Players, will emerge from one of the underground dwellings, and be treated to Limgrave's lush environments.


Limgrave is a lush, expansive section of the Tenebrae Demesne. Golden trees and tall grass and bushes provide plenty of sustenance for the local wildlife, that features boars, sheep, goat and rodents in addition to flying creatures such as eagles and owls. More sinister and aggressive wildlife also exists, and those venturing forth should be prepared to combat them.


Limgrave Map & Map Fragments in Elden Ring

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Sites of Grace & Sub-Locations in Limgrave Elden Ring




Sites of Grace




Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Limgrave


All Items in Elden Ring's Limgrave Zone


Limgrave Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Limgrave Maps and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      If you think this is the best region you need to go back to Bethesda games or wherever you came from. This sh1t is mind-numbingly easy and monotonous.

      • Anonymous

        Alright correct me if I'm wrong but were missing some sub locations.

        Weeping Evergaol, Tombsward Cave, Witchbane Ruins, Isolated Merchant's Shack, Tower of Return, Fourth Church of Marika, Minor Erdtree (Weeping Peninsula), Tombsward Catacombs, Tombsward Ruins, Church of Pilgrimage, Demi-Human Forest Ruins, Morne Tunnel, Callu Baptismal Church, Ailing Village, Castle Morne, Oridys's Rise, Impaler's Catacombs, Forest Lookout Tower, Earthbore Cave, Smoldering Church, and Warmaster's Shack

        That's all for sublocations, but I'll be back to analyze other categories

        • Anonymous

          Incantation Scarab headpiece missing too, which seems really weird considering it’s in the “main” section of Limgrave

          • Sorry but I lost the Map Links for “The First Step”, “Church of Ellen” and “Gatefront”. If someone can revert this back, it would be appreciated

            Also, the Sites of Grace should be ordered per the game, not alphabetically.

            • Anonymous

              Too many of these bosses aren't in Limgrave, like the Ancient Hero of Zamor and the Leonine Misbegotten. The writers of the wiki seem to be confusing the Weeping Peninsula with Limgrave, when both are separate areas.

              • Anonymous

                I have 46 total sites of grace in the limgrave region. Am I misunderstanding something or can someone tell me why the wiki only has 38 on the list?

                • Anonymous

                  Both the Imp Head (Wolf) and the Forked Greatsword can be farmed in the Fringefolk Hero's Grave. There is one in a side room near the fire pillar trap.

                  • Anonymous

                    I feel like including Stormveil Castle in this list is a bit misleading; even the game recognizes it as a non-Limgrave zone when you rest at a grace site, and Melina will thus take you to the Roundtable Hold, even before you kill Margit

                    • Anonymous

                      Patches and nepheli are missing from the npc list. Not sure if this is intentional because they’re in dungeons. I feel all NPCs in Limgrave should be on this page though.

                      • Anonymous

                        Would it be possible to list all of the items on an area page with the images like they are on the "weapons" page for example?

                        • Anonymous

                          Can we please have everything related to Stormveil Castle moved to it's own page. This is really confusing

                          • Anonymous

                            FYI, if you're wondering why invasions might be slow in Limgrave, it's likely because of all the ledge trolls wasting people's time, so a lot of invaders have just left. They basically sit on a cliff ledge that requires Torrent to reach and go afk. I've had 4 in a row in just one session, and not a single actual invasion since. If you're wondering if they're ledge trolling, look at the Compass and if you see the host icon near South and it's not moving, it's a troll.

                            • Anonymous

                              I almost didn't buy the game when I saw the early footage as all of it was only showing Limgrave and I found Limgrave too idyllic and colorful in comparison with DS3 and Bloodborne, I thought they got rid of the dark mood from previous games and made this into a clone of Ghost of Tsushima. Limgrave also didn't have many crazy looking enemies that I liked in previous games and looked quite boring and peaceful. I'm glad I was wrong and the other regions in the game have dark architecture (like Nokstella) and there are many crazy looking enemies and they are not boring. I virtually never return to Limgrave anymore, it's just so boring compared to other areas that I like

                              • Anonymous

                                I like the name Limgrave it is a good play on the theme of Godrick the Grafted. It is the grave site of Limbs for the unlucky tarnished Godrick has grafted on to himself. I'm sure the Fromsoft were having some fun with that :)

                                • Anonymous

                                  I like the name Limgrave it is a good play on the theme of Godrick the Grafted. It is the grave site of Limbs for the unlucky tarnished Godrick has grafted on to himself. I'm sure the Fromsoft were have some fun with that :)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    There is a boss with a healthbar called the Guardian Golem in the HighRoad Cave in the Northern area of Limgrave. I didn't see that on the boss list!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Sites of Grace still wrong or missing:
                                      •"Gateside Ruins" is just 'Gateside' in game.
                                      •Fort Haight West is not listed.
                                      •Summonwater Village Outskirts is not listed
                                      •Stormfoot Catacombs is not listed
                                      •Cave of Knowledge does not appear to have a map link. Not really a big deal cause it's right next to Stranded Graveyard, which does. But still...
                                      •Castleward Tunnel is not listed.
                                      •Margit, the Fell Omen is not listed
                                      •None of the Weeping Peninsula Graces have been listed. I assume they get their own page, but they are still technically a part of Limgrave. Your call. Stormveil gets its own tab in-game, but Weeping Peninsula does not, so...
                                      •"Stormveil Gateside Chamber" is just 'Gateside Chamber' in-game.
                                      •I did not have Agheel Lake South unlocked. Shame on me.
                                      •"Agheel Tunnels" is not a place. This can be removed. The tunnels between Coastal Cave and Church of Dragon Communion don't really need a name, and even if they do, it shouldn't be listed in the Sites of Grace section.
                                      •"Ruined Cellar" listing needs to be removed. I assume this is referring to Sorceress Sellen's hangout spot. This has its own name and is already listed in the Graces. It is just clutter now.

                                      That's all I got. Anybody else?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        All of the bosses here are a joke, including the guy in the big castle nort-west.
                                        They feel like trash mobs. No need to learn their patterns; just run in, spam r1 and roll, heal sometimes, and that's it.
                                        You can kill each of them with like 5 hits anyway.
                                        Are there actual bosses later on in the game?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I can't seem to find Dragonpass Cave. That's the only location I have yet to find in Limgrave. Perhaps it's by Church of Dragon Communion?? Maybe you need to get 3 dragon hearts and get the 3 offerings before it becomes available?? I haven't seen anything of Dragonpass Cave online or on YouTube yet.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Looked all around and don't see a Ruined Cellar, Agheel Tunnels, or Dragonpass Cave site of grace. Also there's no Gatefront Ruins one, only a Gatefront one so thats on there twice.

                                            This is also missing the sites of grace for Castleward Tunnel, Margit the fell omen, Stormfoot Catacombs, and Artists Shack.

                                            • The Howling Wolf man in Mistwood is named Blaidd The Half-Wolf. Once talked to he can help in the fight with Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. Snap Gesture is need to make him jump down. (Maybe)

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