Forbidden Lands is a Location in Elden Ring. The Forbidden Lands region is a snow-covered area always enshrouded by thick fog. The Forbidden Lands is the only traversable path that connects the Altus Plateau with the Mountaintops of the Giants and Consecrated Snowfield. This path lies beyond the eastern end of Capital Outskirts and leads to the Grand Lift of Rold.


Secret passage in the eastern outskirts of the Capital leading to the untrodden snow-laden region beyond.


Forbidden Lands Map & Map Fragments

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Elden Ring Forbidden Lands Sites of Grace & Sub-Locations

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All NPCs and Merchants in Forbidden Lands


All Items in Elden Ring's Forbidden Lands Zone

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Elden Ring Forbidden Lands Maps and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I despised the black blade kindred boss in dragonbarrow but enjoyed the fight here solo, strange since I expected to rage like the previous one but my heart was pounding as I nearly died a few times to the AOE Spin attack but luckily levelled vigor twice 8/10 fight 2 points dropped since the boss hits a smidge too hard imho but a good fight nonetheless

      • Anonymous

        S-tier atmosphere. Fighting the black blade kindred just hits different. I really wish the area was larger. Staring out at the reddened skies, from the crumbling stone of a once regal stairwell as ash rains on the specked floor. Best feel.

        • Anonymous

          As much flak as this place gets for being uninteresting gameplay-wise, the atmosphere is superb. It's incredibly uncanny, as though you've found yourself somewhere you're not supposed to be.

          It has an eerie, liminal feeling to it, especially at night - stepping into it from leyndell, and feeling the grandiose atmosphere drop, to be replaced by dark silence, is probably my favourite moment in the whole game.

          • Anonymous

            Does defeating the Black Blade Kindred stop me from getting invasions in this area?
            I like having epic shadow realm duels here. The steps that the boss drops onto would be a cool place to fight.

            • Anonymous

              Unfortunately, you can't go here without having killed Morgott. There's an invisible barrier blocking entry. I wasted my time, so you don't have to.

              • Is there a possibility that this place may get expanded upon in future DLCs? It's worth noting that the sites of grace here are colored "red" rather than the usual gold we see elsewhere. Looking at the actual map, there's so much unused space in both left and right directions, don't you guys think?

                • Anonymous

                  Millicent can be summoned for the Black Blade Kindred boss fight, that should probably be mentioned somewhere on the page

                  • Anonymous

                    Bad place for a Night's Cavalry bossfight. He fell off the side of a cliff but somehow not all the way and he ended up standing on air a little lower than the edge. He was stuck there so I had to use arrows to kill the boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      Not much here, a connecting path way, can ride right through to the lift of Rold. Just watch the gaps in the road where you have to jump, easy to miss with vulgar militia hurling beast claw at you.

                      • Anonymous

                        Nothing of significant value here. Seems to be designed for you to run a gauntlet on Torrent through vulgar militia ambushes.

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm getting this website shutdown because the owner has them locked for use to read up on information about the bosses and quests and npcs

                          • Anonymous

                            I had a quest icon right in the middle here but I used the lift to the mountaintop and then it disappeared. Does anyone know what it is?

                            • Anonymous

                              I truly ****ing hate this god forsaken shithole. No visibility, dog **** terrain to fight, an enemy that spams an ability rhat doesn't care about the dog **** terrain. I recon I just skip this entire area. There can't be anything here, that warrants playing trough this ****ing ****.

                              • Anonymous

                                Beware of the great hole of everlasting buggy fall near the somber stone. It sure looks nothing, but either you cant get away when you're in this mess of textures or you die trying. Just dont try and teleport.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Millicent can be summoned for the Black Blade Kindred boss, possibly after you've given her the prosthesis and spoken to her after clearing Dominula Windmill Village

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Am I too weak for getting hammered by these little monkey enemies, or should you just run through? Leyndell was quite doable with my current level (95).

                                    • Anonymous

                                      2 bosses here, the night's cavalry spawns near the starter grace on the road at night. Black blade kindred guards the lift out and uses both the twin blade and axe setup

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