Gael Tunnel

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A set of tunnels found on the western edge of Caelid, along the border to Limgrave.

Gael Tunnel is a Location in Elden Ring. The Gael Tunnel is found in Caelid. Located in the border between Limgrave and Caelid.


Gael Tunnel Map

Gael Tunnel can be found along the western cliffs of Caelid, on the border to Limgrave. [Elden Ring Map Link]

There is a second entrance over on the Limgrave side, but it is initially barred and needs to be unlocked by completing the dungeon from the Caelid side. This entrance contains the Gael Tunnel Rear Entrance site of grace. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Gael Tunnel

  • Alexander - Can be found here for the second time. He is found next to a closed wooden door near the alternate entrance, over on the Limgrave side of the border.


All Items in Elden Ring's Gael Tunnel

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Elden Ring Gael Tunnel Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Field Bosses and Bosses


Gael Tunnel Walkthrough

If you have entered from Limgrave (not Caelid), there doesn't seem to be a way to open the wooden door from this side. If you have freed Alexander and not gone extremely deep into Caelid, he should be here.

The Site of Grace for this dungeon is found in a very deep pit ahead of the entrance past two Radahn Soldiers. There is no lift to take you down so you will need to do some platforming along the edges of the pit. There is a small room next to the second ledge you drop down to on the left. There is a corpse here with a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. From the Site of Grace, head north through the tunnel archway to a large cavern with wooden walkways. Kill the Radahn Soldier on the right then head down the steps and clear the Miners and Radahn Soldiers on this floor. There is a corpse on the left with a Golden Rune [5].

Head down the steps for more Miners and Radahn Soldiers congregating by the fire and a few more under the walkway. There is a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot behind some crates in the very back below the walkway. Look to the east for a tunnel leading to another cavern crawling with Land Octopi and a single Giant Land Octopus hanging from the ceiling in the back. There is a corpse below where the giant octopus was hanging from that contains a Cross-Naginata weapon.

Head back into the main cavern and go west to find a soldier kneeling by a ladder. Take him out and then descend the ladder to find another Radahn Soldier and a Miner. Loot the corpse in the center for 5x Large Glintstone Scraps and the other corpse nearby for a Grace Mimic. Continue along to the tunnel in the south to a room with a large wooden gate to the right which contains the boss arena, as well as a smaller wooden door straight ahead. Go through the small door first which leads to the rear entrance of the tunnel as well as a second Site of Grace which you should activate. Head back to the large gate to challenge the boss of this dungeon.

Boss: Magma Wyrm

This boss is highly susceptible to magic damage. Use sorcery spells that hit multiple times such as Glintblade Phalanx or Greatblade Phalanx to quickly break its poise and get a critical hit in. Sorcery mains can very easily lock this boss down. If you aren't sorcery focused, however, you will need to watch out for its mad dash attack where it spews lava from its mouth and then dashes around the room, leaving lava trails along the ground that persist for a few seconds. It is also equipped with a very large curved greatsword which it uses to slash in very wide arcs. However, its sword attacks are very slow with a very long wind-up. Take advantage of these animations and get hits in when you can.

Upon defeat, the Magma Wyrm drops a Dragon Heart, the Moonveil katana, as well as 7,500 Runes.


Elden Ring Gael Tunnel Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Is there a reason why the wyrm only does the move where he charges at you and spews out magma? He does it non stop, pins me against the wall in this small room and just kills me from the magma. Fromsoft really dropped the ball with most of these bosses with their God awful arenas

      • Anonymous

        I'm quite perplexed as to how there are so many bloodstains at the rear / limgrave side of the tunnel around the grace and alexander. Like there ground is always clogged with bloodstains here everytime I visit. Is it some unofficial PvP site or?

        • Anonymous

          Well, the boss has like four moves. Spit fire, kind of chase you with fire (his aim sucks), beat you with flat side of sword and swing sword (dodge left). Oh, and the one where he belches lava underneath himself.

          But once you get the hand of those four moves it was kind of easy.

          The room is crappy though. It could be just a bit larger and these fights would feel a lot better.

          • Anonymous

            A while ago I stumbled into this trap underleveled for it, and only by the help of the great sorcerer Ponni was I able to escape. As so as my internets improve, I will pay it forward and leave supporter signs at the rear entrance. The great paladin Roo is here to serve.

            • Anonymous

              Patch 1.05 silently fixed the bug where activating the Rear Gael site of grace (the one reached from Limgrave) unlocked the Gael Tunnel site of grace. Now the only way to enter it is legitimately, from Caelid.

              • Anonymous

                Are we not going to talk about the fact that Alexander is like 6 times too large to fit through the door yet he's trying to figure out how to open it....TO CONTINUE ON HIS QUEST????

                • Anonymous

                  Is it normal that I unlocked the site of grace of the tunnel without ever reaching and seraching it? I entered from Limgrave but of course the path is closed from that side

                  • Anonymous

                    I love it when the Wyrm does his lava charge and pins me against the wall with no way to escape. Top tier fight 10/10 would do it again.

                    • Between this and fort gael, I want the dlc to reveal that gael actually owns a ton of land and stuff in elden ring after selling all the dark souls. Let's get gael road and gael city in the dlc cmon.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you don't have any sorceries, using Rogier's Rapier weapon art and switching back to your main weapon after stunning the boss helps.

                        • Anonymous

                          Even in death, gael is still somehow tormenting players who chose the grace here only to realize it traps you until you've opened the door on the other side.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is it not possible to meet Alexander here if you enter from the Caelid side? Haven't spoken with him since his first encounter, never found the cave on Limgrave's end, just went through from Caelid and don't see him anywhere on either entrance.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you enter the back/side entrance to the tunnel, and tag the grace in that isolated room, it will actually activate the grace at the front of the tunnel for some reason. If you haven't finished the boss for the area, and you teleport to that grace, it will actually lock you in because I'm not sure you can get out of the tunnel from that side. Or maybe it was too dark, but anyway, it gives you that second grace for some reason, and you can sprint through if you're having a hard time and you ended up here too early.

                              • Anonymous

                                For some bizarre reason I had the site of grace for the Caelid entrance already unlocked, despite never coming here. I think it might be a glitch. I just booked it all the way to Alexander and opened the door for him

                                • Anonymous

                                  One shotted this boss with Banished Knight set, Bloodhound fang, Brass shield(with Barricade ash), Lhutel and few Kukris for good measure.
                                  Why FS thinks that fighting such huge bosses in such small quarters is a fun idea is beyond me. Added difficulty or something?

                                  At least this boss was relatively slow and not as bad as Fallingstar beast zooming around like Sonic on crack. That mofo can go to hell.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I rested at the limgrave entrance site of grace, and after reaching Alexander ran back out to make my way over to the pit entrance but the site of grace was unlocked on the map and I fast travelled in, didn't realise I'd get trapped.

                                    Part of the fun is exploring on the way to a place, so kinda bummed, was it a glitch or is it supposed to just appear on the map? I've never been to it before

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