Frenzy-Flaming Tower

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A tower in north-east Liurnia of the Lakes, atop which is a giant flame causing madness in the surrounding area.

Frenzy-Flaming Tower is a Location in Elden Ring. The Frenzy-Flaming Tower is located in Liurnia of the Lakes, in the northern section of the eastern landmass. This location can be reached by riding south from the Grand Lift of Dectus.


Frenzy-Flaming Tower Map

Frenzy-Flaming Tower is typically accessed from the north of the eastern landmass, riding south from the Grand Lift of Dectus. [Elden Ring Map here]

Alternatively, smart use of the jagged rocks north of the Minor Erdtree (Liurnia Northeast) while riding and jumping on Torrent will allow players to reach the Frenzied Flame Village and Frenzy-Flaming Tower without having to go around through the northern section of the landmass.

frenzy flaming tower location map elden ring wiki guide 300px


All NPCs and Merchants in Frenzy-Flaming Tower

  • There are no NPCs or Merchants at this location


All Items in Elden Ring's Frenzy-Flaming Tower

Gather & Farm Items

  • No Gatherables at this location


Upgrade Materials

  • No Upgrade Materials at this location


Equipment and Magic


Unique, Ashes and Keys

  • No Uniques, Ashes or Keys at this location


Elden Ring Frenzy-Flaming Tower Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses

  • There are no Bosses at this location


Frenzy-Flaming Tower Walkthrough

Above the tower is a repeatedly-burning flame of frenzy, which will increase your madness levels if you're within view of it. You can use rocks as cover during your approach, or use the ravine to the left of the tower to come behind it, and use the Spiritspring to jump up next to it and quickly get inside the tower, which will protect you from increasing madness. There will be a giant rat and three rats inside, which can be difficult in the close quarters, so be prepared. Climb the ladder, and on one level you will find a chest containing the incantation Howl of Shabriri. Continue to the top to find a group of Frenzied Villagers, and quickly kill them to put an end to the flame of madness affecting the area.


Elden Ring Frenzy-Flaming Tower Gallery and Notes

  • This location is likely a reference to Tolkien's Barad-dûr, the tower of Sauron.



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    • Anonymous

      ADHD woes..

      "rats? ill just ride past and ignore them!"


      T.T It was a TRAP!!!

      • Anonymous

        You can actually hide from the fire by using the mimic's veil. Until you get really close to it while using the veil, it doesn't effect you with anything.

        • Anonymous

          Azur and Rennala’s set has very high focus, plus one of the clarifying horn talisman, this tower is a lot easier.

          • Anonymous

            Do not try to tackle this from the Frenzy village site of grace. There are no rocks blocking you, it’s much easier to get madness. Start from Grand Lift site of grace, and use air jump next to the mountain to land near the tower. Madness buildup is a lot less this way.

            • Anonymous

              Did this always deal constant health damage? I know madness proc loses health and HP, but now it is causing health loss on buildup which turns to fixed health loss on Madness proc and it is ripping apart my character.

              • Anonymous

                Did this always deal constant health damage? I know madness proc loses health and HP, but now it is causing health loss on buildup which turns to fixed health loss on Madness proc and it is ripping apart my character.

                • Anonymous

                  And I was thinking there's something remarkable going on in the tower. But a bunch of peasants summoning the orb, really man? What a bummer.

                  • Anonymous

                    "Alternatively, smart use of the jagged rocks north of the Minor Erdtree (Liurnia Northeast) while riding and jumping on Torrent will allow players to reach the Frenzied Flame Village and Frenzy-Flaming Tower without having to go around through the northern section of the landmass."

                    I don't think it is true.

                    • Anonymous

                      Inappropriate description. There was increasing madness inside the tower during the fight with the rats.

                      • Anonymous

                        You can skip the rats by horse-jumping along the broken wall and going straight to the second floor. Meteoric Ore Blade L2 Gravitas from just below top level will stun/kill the acolytes. Trivial.

                        • Anonymous

                          You guys are just making up stuff anymore. There is not 1 thing that avtually links this as a reference to the Tower of Sauron

                          • There really needs to be a boss here, or even better, a dungeon + boss. It's a very ominous and well done part of the game, but it's a bit of a letdown when you arrive and realize it's very trivial to "turn it off".

                            Imagine an entire dungeon where you are constantly trying to run for cover from the frenzied flame.

                            • Anonymous

                              So what exactly was going on here?
                              I remember this immediately gave me Sauron vibes, I thought it was so cool.
                              Then I was incredibly disappointed how this thing just disappears when you kill the peasants at the top.
                              No further explaining, no questline whatsoever and not even a boss, npc or dungeons in the village.
                              Such a missed opportunity, even if at this point I prefer seeing no bosses rather that just fighting the 13th ulcerated tree spirit or gargoyle, or Avatar or really almost any field/dungeon boss in the game lmao

                              • Anonymous

                                Having inherited the Flame of Frenzy doesn't seem to protect you from the madness build up from the tower. I don't know if it should or not, but I thought it was interesting to check if it did.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I was not getting frenzied on my wayI do not know why, I was invisible, under the affects of Unseen Form sorcery.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    The easiest way. Go to the spirit spring below the tower. Face the tower and jump, landing on the wall connected to the tower. Double jump into the tower platform. You don't have to fight any rats if you do this and you are in cover. Climb tower, kill zealots, profit.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Climb up the tower to the floor right underneath the villagers then fire a Cannon of Haima into the ceiling and watch them fly.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        The hell does "within view" of it mean? Because so far it seems completely arbitrary whether I'm in view of it or not. Pressed up against the rock where I can't see even a hint of the flame or the tower is apparently still "in view" of the tower

                                        • Anonymous

                                          On approach, take the left route with the spirit spring. Hide behind the biggest rock and take out the rats around there. Slowly sneak to the right of the rock, hiding in the bushes carefully (some spots you'll get spotted.) You can snipe two or maybe three of the villagers from here. Take out the rats one by one, note there is a big one. Once you are almost at the top, time the eye of sauron's pulses and get up that ladder as its finishing. There are some towards the edge of the tower and some behind you. Get to swinging! If you use magic, switch to a melee sorcery or use a melee weapon. Villagers are easy to fell

                                          • Anonymous

                                            If you have any points on faith, you can kill the frenzied villagers from the second-to-last floor with some charged black fireballs

                                            Just aim the camera upwards and throw the fireball on their feet, and the small explosion can easily kill them. Rinse and repeat until they're all dead.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Is this section a FromSoft callback to the Brain Of Mensis in Bloodborne. Where you had to dodge its gaze from its tower to prevent the Frenzy build up in the Nightmare of Mensis

                                              • Anonymous

                                                In regards to Sauron's Posse under the eye; Given that they don't move, you CAN stay at range and snipe them. I mean, if you are not using a bow, this is the place to do it safely. You don't even need to be spec'd for one, just plink them.

                                                • If you use the spiritspring to the left of the tower you'll land next to a big diagonal rock which you can use as cover. There are a couple of little rats, be careful.

                                                  You can climb some of the way up this rock and not be affected by the madness. When it subsides for a few seconds there's just enough time to dart further up and pick off one of the guards at the top of the tower with a ranged weapon. I managed to get three of them from there. You'll probably have to fall off the rock to get back into cover in time. It's not high enough to damage you.

                                                  I wasn't able to turn the madness off like this. But it makes it waaay easier when you do get to the top of the tower. I could never kill them all in time before the madness came back on and my head popped.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Just lost 77,000 runes, trying to get a heal instead of killing the final villager, only to have the Madness proc.

                                                    I want to face Radahn at level 55 anyway. :/

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