DLC for Elden Ring covers information for the game's additional downloadable content. DLCs are usually categorized as Pre-Order bonus and post-game launch DLCs which may be either paid or free that further expands the content of the game. This page contains a full list of all the DLCs for Elden Ring.


Elden Ring DLCs

Pre-Order Bonus

  • Digital Adventure Guide
  • Bonus Gesture


Free DLC

  • Free DLC Content


Paid DLC

  •  Paid DLC Content



Collector's Edition
(Additional Content)

  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Statue of Malenia - Blade of Miquella (23cm)
  • Exclusive SteelbookTM
  • 40 Page Hardback Artbook


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      maybe one of the dlcs could be the ability to swim like in sekiro with new areas, where you can find a sunken city or something...

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