Elden Ring World Information covers aspects of the game which include details on the game's various locations, NPCs, enemy, and boss encounters. This content is meant to provide the players with information on what to do and what to expect in different encounters as the story progresses.

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    • im frustrated because i have got exactly how i wanna look and i know my armor is not going to be up to the task as the game goes on as im only level 36!

      • Anonymous

        I come to FromSoft games for the combat style and the challenge, having beat most bosses in the games countless times with so many builds each. But the worlds don't have to be so dark and twisted, and they'd be far more enjoyable if the tone inspired delight and awe. The grafted bosses are just sick and ridiculous, not an experience I wish to to pay to see. The Lands Between could be an enthralling and uplifting place that players love to visit, rather than one designed to disgust as much as possible at every turn. Why discourage your player base?! It's the intricate gameplay many of us come for, not the silly attempts at horror.

        • Anonymous

          Is there anything on the extra rune weather event? (I call it Erd fall cause the Erdtree's leaf's are falling, also cause I don't know if it actually has a name).

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