Bosses in Elden Ring are powerful enemies that add challenging experiences to the game. Bosses are encountered throughout the game in both the overworld and inside traditional dungeon-style levels. While some must be fought in order to progress through the story, most are optional. Each boss features a unique set of moves, gear, and various weaknesses and resistances to different damage types and styles of play. Successfully defeating a boss grants the player larger amounts of Runes than traditional enemies in their respective areas, and many offer rare and/or completely unique armaments, armor, magics, and other items. This page contains a list of all the bosses encountered in the game.

Elden Ring Main Bosses Lore

The Lands Between is the world of Elden Ring, inhabited by Gods, monsters, mortals, and everything inbetween. The Elden Ring, a physical manifestation of the fundamental laws of the world, was broken and it's major pieces are now held by powerful Demigods - also referred to as Shardbearers - offsprings of Gods and Mortals. Each of these mighty creatures is constantly vying to collect all the pieces and control the full Elden Ring. These beings and their servants compose most of the main story Bosses of the game. These Demigods inherited different powers from their pieces of the Elden Ring, changing and twisting their bodies and minds as they fell into the disorder and chaos of the Ring's corrupting presence. Those who were blessed by the Elden Ring are often characterized by having a golden aura that can be seen in their eyes. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki, the design philosophy of these powerful opponents was " depict these beings as not just creatures and horrible monsters, but have an element of heroism and an element of mythology to them."

Elden Ring Achievement Bosses

There are certain bosses in Elden Ring who are not Demigods, but the game will give you an achievement for besting them.  Killing all of the achievement bosses is required for the Elden Ring achievement. The following are achievement bosses. There are currently 30 achievement bosses.

NOTE: Some bosses are needed to beat the game but don't give an achievement (like Draconic Tree Sentinel, Sir Gideon Ofnir, Elden Beast) so they will not be listed in the list

Boss Stats

A complete list of every boss strengths, weaknesses and resistances stat values.

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All Elden Ring Bosses

Unlike common enemies, Bosses do not respawn once defeated, and can be distinguished by their health bar and name appearing at the bottom of the screen when fought against.

Types of Bosses

There are three types of Bosses:

  • Field Bosses are those found while exploring The Lands Between and are optional. These are in the lower tier of the Bosses hirearchy, and usually generate an [Enemy Felled] screen when slain.
  • Greater Enemies Bosses are found blocking progress or guarding important, powerful items and areas. They are a step higher than Field Bosses, and can be distinguished by [Great Enemy Felled] being prompted when slain.
  • Demigods and Legends are the main Bosses of Elden Ring. These will grant players a remembrance and sometimes one of the 7 Great Runes, shards of the Elden Ring. Hence their denomination, "Shardbearers".

Mandatory Bosses

The only thing preventing a player from simply ignoring every boss and walking straight into Leyndell is a barrier after the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss, which can only be removed by having 2 or more great runes. This means that Godrick the Grafted, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, Starscourge Radahn, Mohg, Lord of Blood and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy are all individually optional, but any two of them must be defeated in order to enter.

Since all of the shardbearers (excluding Radahn and Mohg) have Bosses that need to be beaten in order to reach them, the minimum number of Bosses required to reach Leyndell is 3 (Radahn, Mohg, and the Draconic Tree Sentinel). Draconic Tree Sentinel is technically optional because it is also possible to reach Leyndell by using the waygate in Prince of Death's Throne in Deeproot Depths after defeating Fia's Champions, but this would still require defeating a minimum 2 shardbearers (otherwise the waygate would be inaccessible and the message "You cannot use this without more Great Runes" is displayed).

"Elden Ring players have initiated 5.9 billion boss battles in the first year since launch" - Elden Ring Stats Reveal How Many Times Players Attempted Malenia

Once the player reaches Leyndell, they have far fewer options for skipping bosses, as the remaining areas cannot be accessed without defeating the relevant Bosses.



Boss List by Location
Boss List by Legacy Dungeon
Boss List by Boss Type


Bosses by Location 

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Bosses by Threat Type

Legend (Main Bosses)

Godrick the Grafted

godrick the grafted bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A once feeble demigod has gained strength through Grafting


Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

rennala queen of the full moon bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The Last Queen of Caria. A powerful sorceress, even in an illusion.


Starscourge Radahn

radahn enemies elden ring wiki 600px

The famed Red Lion, turned into a mindless beast. Highly regarded for his strength and skill over gravity.

Morgott the Omen King

morgott the omen king bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The one known as the Fell Omen, who slew countless champions seeking the Elden Throne.


Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

rykard lord of blasphemy bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Lord of the Volcano Manor. Purposefully fed himself to the Serpent in order to rise against the Erdtree


Mohg, Lord of Blood

mohg the omen bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A powerful Omen seeking to create a new dynasty in blood.

Malenia Blade of Miquella

malenia, blade of miquella

The One-Armed Valkyrie. Her attacks are graceful and deadly, as if she is dancing. Her true power lies within the Rot inside of her.

Lichdragon Fortissax

fortissax bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Once known as a friend to Godwyn, the dragon has been left corrupted by Death, angrily striking down foes with bolts of lightning.

Maliketh / Beast Clergyman

maliketh the black blade beast clergyman bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The loyal shadow of Marika, guards Destined Death from any who would dare to steal it again.

Note: Although this Bossfight does NOT directly yield a Great Rune, it is needed to advance in  Brother Corhyn's Side Quest and obtain the Mending Rune of Perfect Order.

Astel Naturalborn of the Void

astel naturalborn of the void bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A creature that fell from the stars, capable of calamitous acts of destruction.

Regal Ancestor Spirit

regal ancestor 2 bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A spirit glowing in pale blue light, taking the shape of a large deer. 

Radagon of the Golden Order / Elden Beast

radagon elden beast bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The reanimated remains of Radagon, the Second Elden Lord, who wished to repair the shattered Elden Ring.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Hoarah Loux)

hoarah loux bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The First Elden Lord, hounded from the lands. He has returned to claim what was rightfully his.

    • Type: Legend

Fire Giant

fire giant bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The last known survivor in a destructive war. Wields the flame of their Fell God with destructive capabilities.

Dragonlord Placidusax

dragonlord placidusax alt bosses elden ring wiki 600px

The first true Elden Lord, frozen in time. With its two heads, it rains down destruction from the skies.


Great Enemy (Mini-Bosses)

Cemetery Shade

cemetery shade bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A dark and formless creature found in Tombsward Catacombs.

Ancestor Spirit

ancestor spirit bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A large animated carcass of a deer, with horns that glow with a pale blue light.

Dragonkin Soldier

dragonkin soldier bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Hulking humanoid creature with a dragon's maw, clad in golden armor and walks on all fours like a beast.

Margit the Fell Omen

margit the fell omen high bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Margit the Fell Omen is an omen defending the entrance to Stormveil Castle, and must be defeated in order to gain access.


Flying Dragon Agheel

flying dragon agheel 2 bosses elden ring wiki 600px

 A fire-spitting creature so devastating that the lands it roams around have been baptized as "The Dragon-Burnt Ruins".


Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella

dragonkin nokstella bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Located at the underground caves of Uhl Palace Ruins, near the Ainsel River Downstream Site of Grace.


Leonine Misbegotten

leonine misbegotten bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Feral humanoid with feline features and a thick, crimson mane.


Red Wolf of Radagon

red wolf of radagon 1 bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A huge, highly agile, magical Red Wolf that guards the Debate Hall of Raya Lucaria Academy.


Glintstone Dragon Adula

glintstone dragon bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A massive, ferocious and extremely tough dragon.

Borealis the Freezing Fog

borealis enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A large Dragon that governs over the power of ice.

Decaying Ekzykes

decaying ekzykes boss enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A pale white dragon - its scales blighted by the same scarlet rot that plagues the region of Caelid.

Valiant Gargoyle

valiant gargoyle enemies elden ring wiki 300px

Just like the wielder, the missing parts have been mended with corpse wax; a patchwork of champions.

Valiant Gargoyle (Twinblade)

valiant gargoyle twinblade enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A vitalized, massive-in-size stone gargoyle proficient in wielding a twinblade.

Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble

godskin duo spirit elden ring wiki guide 300px

The ultimate spirit guardians protecting the Spirit-Caller Snail.

Godskin Duo

godskin duo elden ring wiki guide 300px

This time they won't take turns.



Enemy (Field Bosses)

Mad Pumpkin Head

mad pumpkin head bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A huge ogre-looking creature that has a large pumpkin helmet worn on its head. I wields a massive flail and seems to be guarding something or someone against intruders.


Erdtree Burial Watchdog

burial watchdog bosses elden ring wiki 600px

 A feline creature, with a burning flame over the tip of its tail and a massive sword on its right hand.


Stonedigger Troll

stonedigger troll bosses elden ring wiki 600px

A massive mine troll, wielding a destructive club


Grafted Scion

grafted scion enemies elden ring wiki 600px

An amorphous blob that wields two swords and a shield.


Soldier of Godrick

soldier of godrick elden ring wiki guide 300px

A soldier wielding a massive two-handed sword


Beastman of Farum Azula

beastman of farum azula boss elden ring wiki guide

A grotesque and malformed beast, wielding a massive cleaver


Demi-Human Chief

demihuman chief boss enemy elden ring wiki guide

A powerful Demi-Human that uses two knives to attack



runebear bosses elden ring wiki guide

A ferocious bear


Crucible Knight

crucible knight boss fight enemies elden ring wiki 300px

The Guardian of the Evergaol

Ancient Hero of Zamor

ancient hero of zamor enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A Frostbite warrior, nimble and deadly


Tree Sentinel

tree sentinel boss enemy elden ring wiki guide

A champion that fights on horseback


Draconic Tree Sentinel

draconic tree sentinel boss elden ring wiki guide 300x

A massive knight clad in fine armor. This warrior rides a large armored horse.

Black Knife Assassin

black knife assassin boss elden ring wiki guide

A nimble and dark figure that lives for the kill.



crystalians bosses elden ring wiki guide 300x

Crystal guardians that employ diverse weapons


Night's Cavalry

nights cavalry bosses elden ring wiki guide

Imposing knight figures riding atop dark steeds, wielding large Morning Star maces as weapons.

Beast of Farum Azula

azula beastman 2 enemies elden ring wiki 600px

Beast found at the underground caves

Bell Bearing Hunter

bell bearing hunter elden ring

 Wields a large, red-glowing sword and a shield combined with a full body armor and a chilling cape.

Crucible Knight Ordovis

crucible knight ordovis enemies elden ring wiki 300px

 Large, heavy and fully armored. With the ability to materialize fiery wings and attack from above.

Fell Twins

fell twins omen bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Two creatures that fight you together while one of them wields an Axe set on fire and the other fights with a flaming longsword.

Black Blade Kindred

black blade kindred bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

Huge-sized gargoyle that wields a large halberd, leaving a path of destruction behind.

Death Rite Bird

death rite bird bosses elden ring wiki guide

Bird skeleton massive in size roaming Mountaintops of the Giants.

Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing

sir gideon ofnir the all knowing bosses elden ring wiki guide

Sir Gideon Ofnir, now far from the books and immersed in battle.

Tibia Mariner

tibia mariner ground boss enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A spectral sailor capable of calling forth the aid of Those Who Live in Death - on which it relies as defense.

Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

bloodhound knight darriwil boss enemy elden ring wiki guide

The merciless bloodhounds attack with grace and agility, never backing down or giving a moment's rest.

Esgar, Priest of Blood

esgar priest of blood bosses elden ring wiki guide

Aided by his two ferocious dogs, this Priest is capable of the deadliest hemorrhage-inducing attacks.

Erdtree Avatar

erdtree avatar bosses elden ring wiki guide

Large, headless creature that looks like a tree stump wielding a large mace and found in multiple locations guarding the Minor Erdtrees.

Alecto Black Knife Ringleader

alecto black knife ringleader bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

Leader of the Black Knives. Remarkably agile and aggressive enemy, capable of closing the distance with ease.

Grave Warden Duelist

grave warden boss enemy elden ring wiki guide

Shall you attempt to ransack Limgrave's catacombs or Auriza Side Tomb, prepare to face its warden...

Cleanrot Knight

cleanrot knight bosses elden ring wiki guide

Tall knight clad in golden armor with distinct tufts of decorative crimson fur.


omenkiller bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

Omenkiller wields two serrated swords. Found at Village of the Albinauric.

Spirit-Caller Snail

spirit caller snail elden ring wiki guide 300px

The ultimate Spiritcaller.

Perfumer Tricia

perfumer tricia boss elden ring wiki guide

A Spellcaster who prefers to remain at range and carries a shield to block most melee attacks.
Fights alongside The Misbegotten Warrior, is an extremely agile creature wielding a greatsword

Ulcerated Tree Spirit

ulcerated tree spirit

A seemly corrupted and deformed tree found in Mt.Gelmir.

Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast

full grown fallingstar beast bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

Extremely dexterous creature covered in thick, protective skin. Its deeply hostile fighting style makes it a fatiguing rival.

Demi-Human Queen Margot

demi human queen margot boss elden ring wiki guide 300px min

Sovereign Demi-Human creature concealed within isolated caves.

Demi-Human Queen Maggie

demi human queen maggie boss elden ring wiki guide 300px min

Sovereign Demi-Human creature roaming the lands of Mt. Gelmir

Onyx Lord

onyx lord elden ring wiki guide 300px

The Guardian of the secret tunnels.

Abductor Virgins


Mechanical constructs with various bladed weapons used to slay any who get in their path.

Adan, Thief of Fire

adan thief of fire bosses elden ring wiki guide

Flame wielding prisoner who stole the knowledge of the Fire Giants.

Onyx Lord

alabaster lord bosses elden ring wiki guide

Evergaol prisoner wielding a vicious sword with murderous intent.

Ancient Dragon Lansseax

ancient dragon lansseax elden ring wiki guide

Lansseax, one of the Ancient Dragons, who had sturdy stone scales and wielded powerful lightning.

Astel, Stars of Darkness

astel stars of darkness boss elden ring wiki guide

A returning variation of Astel the Naturalborn, found deep within Yelough Anix Tunnel.

Battlemage Hugues

battlemage hughes boss elden ring

An imprisoned Battlemage from Sellia, who developed an obsession with conflict, despite his sorceries being meant to quell it.

Bloodhound Knight

bloodgound knight liurnia bosses elden ring wiki 300px

Houndlike warrior that wields its signature sword and claws on its hands, for extremely agile attacks.

Bols, Carian Knight

bols carian knight bosses elden ring wiki guide

Prisoner of the Cuckoo's Evergaol, Bols is a mighty troll made only stronger by years of solitude.

Commander O'Neil

commander oniel

Even after his lord was fled, Commander O'Neil continued to brandish his flag in the devastation of the rot-eaten field of battle, the sole veteran who remembers that battle with pride.

Commander Niall


The commander of Castle Sol, wielding his battle standard and a prosthetic sword on his leg.

Crucible Knight Siluria

crucible knight siluria elden ring wiki guide 300px

Siluria, one of the two honored as foremost among the Crucible Knights. She wields an imposing spear, and is not easily felled.

Demi-Human Queen Gilika

gilika 300x

Sovereign Demi-Human creature dwelling under Altus Plateau ruins.


deathbird elden ring wiki 300px

Decrepit creatures with a slim body and bird-like skull that often appear at night.

Elemer of the Briar

element of the briar bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

Wielding the stolen sword from the Marais family, Elemer of the Briar uses it to murder many merchants across the land, earning the moniker of the Bell Bearing Hunter.

Divine Bridge Golem

golem enemy elden ring wiki guide

Enormously large and lethargic Golem that slowly storms into battle when it becomes aware of your presence.

Fallingstar Beast

fallingstar beast altus plateau enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A massive quadruped with a long spiky tail and a head with gigantic mandibles protruding from its face.

Fia's Champions

fias champions boss elden ring wiki guide 300px min

The five greatest warriors of Fia, the Deathbed Companion. They each come in waves, and wield various weapons of their choosing.

Flying Dragon Greyll

flying dragon greyll bosses elden ring wiki guide 300px

A large and powerful Great Dragon, found guarding the narrow bridge between Northern and Southern Dragonbarrow.

Frenzied Duelist

frenzied duelist axe elden ring wiki guide 300px

A former gladiator that has succumbed to his bloodlust and was locked away deep in a cave.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag

glintstone dragon smarag boss elden ring wiki guide

A fearsome Great Dragon that devoured countless sorcerers, eventually becoming corrupted by their glintstones.

God-Devouring Serpent

god devouring serpent elden ring wiki guide

The great serpent of Mt. Gelmir that swallowed Praetor Rykard. Attacks with poisonous spit, bites, and slams.

Godefroy The Grafted

goderoy the grafted boss elden ring

Found in Golden Lineage Evergaol.

Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade)

godfrey golden shade bosses elden ring wiki guide

A golden shade of Godfrey, before his exile from the Lands Between. Though powerful, it is a mere imitation, but still holds great power with its axe strikes and ground slams

Godskin Apostle


A strange slender figure wielding a twinblade, one end with a hook, and the other end having a sharp point.

Godskin Noble

godskin noble elden ring wiki 600px

An abnormally rotund creature brandishing a long and deadly thrusting sword. It uses its weapon with ease, capable of stabs and slams.

Great Wyrm Theodorix

great wyrm theodorix elden ring wiki guide 300px

Once known as a great warrior, Theodorix has succumbed to the power of Dragon Communion, transforming into a malformed Wyrm.

Guardian Golem

guardian golem field boss elden ring wiki guide

One of the many constructs found across the Lands Between. It wields a large halberd to attack, along with being able to breath fire on anything below it

Kindred of Rot

lesser kindred of rot enemies elden ring wiki 600px

 Large, prawn-like creatures that worship the rot itself. It nimbly skitters while in combat, utilizing its glaive and homing threads to overcome their opponents.

Lion Guardian

lion guardian enemy elden ring wiki guide

Fierce creatures that have been tamed to serve their masters, often protecting castles and forts.

Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree

loretta haligtree elden ring wiki guide 300px

Loretta, once a royal Carian Knight, went on a journey in search of a haven for Albinaurics, and determined that the Haligtree was their best chance for eventual salvation.

Magma Wyrm

magma wyrm bosses elden ring wiki guide

A large lesser dragon with bronze-colored scales covering its body. Magma Wyrms inhabit deep cave systems and volcanos, thriving within lava-flooded environments.

Magma Wyrm Makar

magma wyrm makar boss elden ring wiki guide

Aggressive Fire Wyrm guarding the entrance to Altus Plains from any who attempt to bypass the lift

Miranda The Blighted Bloom

miranda the blighted bloom field boss elden ring wiki guide 300px

A giant Bloom that releases poison attacks.

Misbegotten Crusader

misbegotten crusader elden ring wiki guide 300px

A fierce warrior Misbegotten that fights to protect its people. It wields a legendary greatsword imbued with holy magic to fire off devastating waves of energy.

Misbegotten Warrior

misbegotten warrior enemies elden ring wiki 300px

A Vicious beast that has lost all reason, attacking indiscriminately.

Mohg, The Omen

mogh the omen 2

Powerful Omen found in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Necromancer Garris


Necromancer Garris is a humanoid enemy armed with a flail and a staff, wearing the Sage Set, who uses death Sorceries, and who has a skeletal serpent snail at the start of battle, and can summon more throughout.

Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest

nox swordstress priest boss elden ring wiki guide 300px

A duo of warriors comprised of the female Swordstress, who uses a sword with a whip-like function to attack at medium range and a male Priest who uses spells from afar.


patches npc photo elden ring wiki guide 300px min

Recurring character in From Software games, usually playing the part of a liar or betrayer.

Putrid Avatar

putrid avatar boss elden ring wiki guide 300px min min

Guardians of the Minor Erdtrees, infested with Scarlet Rot. Their large staff can knock foes away, and their slam attack releases a cloud of rot, quickly leading to their demise.

Putrid Grave Warden Duelist

putrid grave warden duelist boss elden ring wiki guide

Grave Wardens protect the secrets of the ancients, but the corruption of the land has affected them too.

Putrid Tree Spirit

putrid tree spirit boss elden ring wiki guide 300px min

A Tree Spirit beast that radiates Scarlet Rot to those close-by.

Red Wolf of the Champion

red wolf of radagon 1 bosses elden ring wiki 600px

Fierce guardian and protector of its master, even when it has long left.

Roundtable Knight Vyke

festering fingerprint vyke enemy elden ring wiki guide

Vyke, Knight of the Roundtable, fought within the Lord Contender's Evergaol.

Royal Knight Loretta

royal knight loretta bosses elden ring wiki guide

A spiritual knight atop a steed, wielding a polearm capable of casting sorceries. Her horse allows her great mobility, and her weapon allows her to cast a deadly Greatbow to take down her enemies

Royal Revenant

revenant alt enemies elden ring wiki 600px

An obscene and disturbing abomination, blend of a spider-like creature and human limbs resulting in a quite resourceful fighter at close range.

Sanguine Noble

sanguine noble enemies elden ring wiki guide

Elite assassins dressed in ornate garbs, wielding blood-caked rapiers. Sanguine Nobles revel in blood and the practice of blood sorcery, using its powers to exsanguinate the living in service of their Lord of Blood.

Scaly Misbegotten

scaly misbegotten

Scaly Misbegotten is a Boss variation of the axe wielding Misbegotten, retaining its moveset but with increased damag.

Mimic Tear

mimic tear boss enemies elden ring wiki guide 300px

Those of the Eternal City have created a special type of Silver Tear, capable of completely mimicking its opponent, along with any spells, skills and armaments they have


wormface boss elden ring wiki guide 300px

Large, humanoid creature wearing a long cloak with a head comprised mostly of worms.


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    • Anonymous

      I think there are a lot of great bosses in Elden Ring, but they're mostly A-tier fights. In my opinion, there aren't really any S-tier fights like Isshin, Gael or Orphan of Kos. Maybe Malenia, but I feel like Waterfowl Dance dodge timing might be a bit too stringent.

      • Anonymous

        "...the minimum number of Bosses required to reach Leyndell is 3 (Radahn, Mohg, and the Draconic Tree Sentinel)"
        Isnt Mohg located beyond Leyndell?

        • Anonymous

          They should buff Milenia, make her immune to everything, make her attack atleast 3 times faster and give her OP, fast ranged attacks

          • Anonymous

            am I the only one who thought godrick the grafted was harder than every other boss but malenia? I probally am

            • Anonymous

              I honestly found the god skin one of the easier and more fun bosses in the game, I liked the challenge of them since most eldin ring bosses are so easy. wish margit and other early game bosses were a lot harder.

              • Anonymous

                In the section with all the bosses, there is a spelling error as Dragonlord Placidusax is spelt incorrectly. (Dragonlord Plasiduax)

                • Anonymous

                  Kinda wild to think only 8 of these bosses are mandatory. 7 if you instakill-cheese the draconic tree sentinel

                  • Anonymous

                    Proudly use spirit ashes for all duo/gang boss fights honestly. Most of those fights suck anyway and is just an obstacle to get to the actually fun fights. Most mandatory bosses are 1v1 anyway except Godskin duo and they can go **** themselves anyway

                    • Anonymous

                      Dark Souls boss design has been amazing since Artorias of the Abyss, when priorities shifted from making mostly unique, solution-based encounters to making fast-paced, challenging fights. This is in and of itself is a GREAT thing, but in their Souls series (which Elden Ring is a part of), FromSoft has continuously made substantial improvements to their systems to account for this. In Dark Souls 3, this lead to i-frames for the dodge roll and ensuing use of it in game play. In Elden Ring, it shows in the abundance of vastly overpowered spells and summons. Luckily enough, FromSoft has shown that they have created mechanics that accommodate their contemporary design priorities, provided they work with someone like Bandai Namco. Both Bloodborne and Sekiro introduced features that were meant to counter aggressive bosses, rallying/crippling/gun parry and deflecting/posture respectively, which is different than the Souls series. It's just that, for an AWESOME reason, they improved their 2009 basis from Demon's Souls when they go back to making this type of game.

                      Now feel free to upvote me all you like.

                      • Anonymous

                        Clearly a lot of people in the comments have been disillusioned by the weaker bosses in the game, (or frustrated by the late game ones.) There's a lot of really good bosses here, guys. If you're seriously suggesting there's only 1-5 good bosses, (or none,) you're straight up delusional.

                        • Anonymous

                          Dark Souls boss design has been terrible since Artorias of the Abyss, when priorities shifted from making mostly unique, solution-based encounters to making fast-paced, challenging fights. This is in and of itself isn't a bad thing, but in their Souls series (which Elden Ring is a part of), FromSoft has failed to make substantial improvements to their systems to account for this. In Dark Souls 3, this lead to a ridiculous amount of i-frames for the dodge roll and ensuing abuse of it in gameplay. In Elden Ring, it shows in the abundance of vastly overpowered spells and summons. Funnily enough, FromSoft has shown that they can create mechanics that accomdate their contemporary design priorities, provided they work with someone other than Bandai Namco. Both Bloodborne and Sekiro introduced features that were meant to counter aggressive bosses, rallying/crippling/gun parry and deflecting/posture respectively. It's just that, for some mysterious reason, they never improve their 2009 basis from Demon's Souls when they go back to making this type of game.

                          Now feel free to downvote me all you like.

                          • Anonymous

                            Isn't Onyx Lord under Liurnia of the Lakes just a duplicate of the Alabaster Lord that's already there on the list? They're referring to the same boss.

                            • Anonymous

                              And people say dark souls 2 has bad bosses, yeah right, Elden Ring knocks it out of the park in terms of having awful boss fights

                              • Anonymous

                                few thing that can and will one shot you in post capital even with 60 Vigor and 35% damage reduction :

                                Borealis's Glacial Roar
                                Godskin Noble's Godskin Wheel
                                Godskin Apostle's Black Flame Whirlwind
                                Placidusax' Stationary Thundercloud Form
                                Astal's Illusionary Teleport Grab
                                Theodorix, "that bonk attack"
                                Malenia's Phantom Spirits

                                Dark Souls I,II&III endgame is walk in a park compared to ER

                                • Anonymous

                                  Yes, all these broken thrash boss fights are better than Ds3 great line up of bosses that none of don't just run away from you 1/2 the time. ( to the person is under me)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    After playing the other games, i can safely say the bosses in this game are a huge mixed bag, some are genuinely fun, well balanced and a joy to fight like Godfrey/Hoarah Loux and Dragonlord Placidusax, others are some of the most awfully designed rage inducing horseshit in any soulsborne game, those goddamn Valiant Gargoyle bastards, the Foreskin Duo and that absolute travesty of a final boss, The Elden Beast. This game did alot of things very well, I personally don't think it's boss design was one of them, or atleast it is very inconsistent in quality, ranging from being so easy that it's boring, or tedious infuriating garbage, to genuinely really cool and enjoyable.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      So is this what Godrick refers to as "Our home bathed in rays of gold" because in the description of the mimics veil it says he was exiled from Leyndell

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I enjoyed bosses in ds1 and ds3. Some were lame in ds2 but overall they weren't terrible.
                                        In ER they're either a chore or annoying. There aren't any that are fun. Like, in DS3, there are so many fun bosses that I like trying different ways to beat. Not true in ER.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Wish more bosses had 2 entire HP bars .. it would've made more fight memorable. Though some are ok with 1, they would've been epic with 2, like Melania was... Beast cleargyman, first elden Lord, and radahn are the main ones I think deserved it. Sad really

                                          • Anonymous

                                            can we talk about how despite the fact we have elden ring, our default pfps are still dark souls 1 knight?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I don't agree with the sentiment that ER's boss reuse is comparable to the earlier FromSoft games. It's just that the earlier Dark Souls games made every enemy placement matter. Like the Six-eyed Channelers weren't reused in the Undead Parish and The Depths cause they were lazy, it was because they were Sceathe's henchmen and created both the Gargoyles and the Gaping Dragon. And yeah there's the dragon lower halves they had to mass copy paste in DS1 cause they ran out of time, but they were a much smaller studio back then and it was still well thought out cause if you look down from where the undead dragon top half is in Valley of the Drakes it goes down to where the lower halves are in Lost Izalith implying there was only going to be 1 down there but they just ran out of time. There's no real excuse for Elden Ring because there's so much unnecessary content and areas in this game much like DS2 they could have just made a smaller game. Like I found the 2 other Red Wolf bosses before the 1 in the Academy cause I didn't find the glintstone key until I had no where else to go, it made no sense why they could use magic but I figured it was just a breed of wolf that could do that. But then you find the one in the Academy which can use magic specifically for a special reason because its master was at the academy and it
                                              studied magic with them, but the lore drops flat because I found 2 other ones that have no reason exist that were identical before I found the on mandatory one. Same with Mohg, I found Mohg in the Sewers and thought it was a cool secret boss, but then there's just a Mohg in the Eternal City that's apparently the real Mohg and other one just literally has no reason to be there or to be called Mohg. It's like they wanted to put a boss in the sewers but couldn't make one so they just threw another Mohg in there, ruins both encounters for me just like with the wolf. I'd rather they didn't put the sewers in at all if they're going to reuse a boss it just makes me hate both the fake and real version of the boss because I fought the filler one thinking it was the real one when only the real one has lore I'm supposed to care about apparently. Like fallingstar beast is the most forgivable one cause they're just like living meteors that fall down but even Astel is kinda stupid, like they're supposed to be these divine beings they shouldn't look literally exactly the same it's like putting ebrietas the daughter of the cosmos in multiple places in bloodborne like it just ruins the whole point I just feel like I'm playing some kind of fangame at that point. I'm ok with them re-using basic mobs and beasts like taurus demon but re-using something like astel or artorius or godrick just breaks the world for me. Like when I saw, "Godefroy" in the evergaol I literally just turned the game off cause I had no interest fighting a lazy reused Godrick. Like it's supposed to be his brother? Bro it literally is a carbon copy of him it has all the grafted arms in the same places with the same weapons and clothes, its just him. I agree re-using things is usually good game design but Elden Ring crosses the line too many times.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I don’t quite understand people’s dislike of reused bosses in ER. From the perspective of the game by itself, it helps to flesh out certain aspects of the world, such as there being multiple astel and fallingstar beasts because they’re a race of beings. When looking at the game relative to others, it still has more unique bosses than most games have enemies. Take, for example, another popular open world game like Ghost of Tsushima; it’s praised for so much and yet I can only recall there being around 4 or 5 enemies which then have slight texture and armor variations across the map along with every quest being a repetitive laundry list of chores (practically the same can be said for Breath of the Wild in terms of copy pasted enemies and especially dungeons). To me it seems like fromsoft went above and beyond with their diversity of design and quantity of bosses/enemies and yet people are still upset because they can’t be bothered to fight something twice in one game. This is compounded with the fact that the only people I’ve seen complain about this are returning fromsoft fans. New players seem perfectly content with the game’s layout (though I can’t speak for the whole). When looking at the big picture, it seems like returning players are hellbent on getting the same experience out out of every game made by From Software so much so that they’re now mad at getting, somehow, too much of more of the same.

                                                Also on the note of bosses dealing too much damage: I invite you to the joys of exploring the world, gathering resources, and not just rushing the main story because there are so many lighweight, high defense armors and rune sources to be found if you walk three feet to the left.

                                                If you actually ate my whole word salad: thank you (whether you liked it or not)

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Bosses have been reused since Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 (Vanguard Demon, Asylum/Stray Demon) a boss doesn't mean it's necessarily unique. The lore explains this as well, I don't get all the crying over bosses, I have seen quite a bit of diversity in bosses and each presents a challenge to a different build/play style

                                                  • Fun fact: Bosses dont input read, if they did they would react to stuff like night sorceries. Godskin apostles are programmed to fireball your fingers for sipping wine instead of sunny D

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Most explicitly female bosses/mini bosses in a souls game yet. Sekiro comes in second.
                                                      -Black knife assassins (x5)
                                                      -Crucible knight Siluria
                                                      -Nox Swordstress
                                                      -Perfumer Tricia

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Elden ring bosses are incredibly poorly balanced . Most bosses are underpowered and overpowered at the same time . Playing solo is just pain unless your weapon does ridiculous damage or has status effects . Fighting with a slow weapon without status effects like you are literally playing the game wrong .

                                                        Delayed attacks , AOE attacks , long combos all of these are fine but the problem is it does n't stop there . The game input reads and reacts within one frame and fastest know human reaction is 0.15 s , So the game is literally reacting 10 faster than it is even possible for a human . This is not just for healing or spells ,bosses combos change based sometime they follow up their combos with a attack which they never do unless you attack them " after combos are finished " or even cancel out their recovery frames and go into another combo . Duo bosses are just **** , Not one duo boss in this game is well designed . Camera is a issue for every large bosses why can't the camera pan out for these like DS2 . Combine most these with waterfowl dance , heal on hit , inconsistent hyper armour and ignoring poise break you get Malenia , I am convinced this a sekiro boss they did n't complete on time for release and throwed it into elden ring with minimal changes and of course zero testing , There is probably a good boss behind all of this bs .

                                                        On the other hand using spirit summons even very weak ones removes most of these complaints but they make the game a cakewalk . On my first playthrough the only boss whose moveset I learned was Godrick every other boss I had no clue what they were doing most of time and I was using imp ashes for most of the game not mimic tear or tiche.

                                                        Honestly I am concerned about future of souls games considering success of ER Formsoft will very likely double down on this kind of design . ER inevitable DLC will confirm if this is case

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Honestly, the reused boss no.4 is not even a problem with me. Its the god awful ganks and horribly balanced post lyndell bosses which are a slog. Went from liking bosses to dreading fighting one because of things like having to lvl vgr to 60 to not get one shot(even after having about 35% damage reduction in average)

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            The dirty secret of FromSoftware games is that the boss battles, for all their exterior diversity, can pretty much all be summarised with: "find / bait + punish exploitable attack". Elden Ring is no different, from what I've seen so far (which is most of the bosses at this point). ER is better than previous games for having a lot more ways in which you can punish the exploitable attacks, and it opens up more attacks / moves to punishments than before, but it's all still built on the same underlying mechanic.

                                                            Also, Dark Souls 2 - the least liked game of all the Soulsborne-type FromSoft games - had a camera that zooms itself out during some boss fights, for exactly the reasons Elden Ring players are complaining so much about how a lot of the "difficulty" in some boss battles is more to do with the camera + environment than the boss itself. Why, oh why, did they not keep the sole feature of DS2 that wasn't massively disliked here?

                                                            • idk how to explain this, but when I stopped fighting these bosses like a typical Dark Souls player, I had a lot more fun fighting the bosses. Of course, it doesn't excuse some of the more questionable design choices, but I simply just make do with what is present at the moment.

                                                              We have: The abundance of input-based attacks, delayed attacks for days, AoEs that you are encouraged to jump over, regular attacks you can also jump over, as well as everyone's favorite: Duo bosses.

                                                              For input-based attacks, I honestly just waited for an opening to drink my flask and if there wasn't one, I just got to a safe spot and then did it. It's definitely obvious though and I kinda wish it was more subtle than just "yeets black fireball at Tarnished as soon as the press of the heal button"

                                                              Delayed attacks prey on your fear, and also allows you to get some extra attacks in before they execute the attack. Watch carefully for when they'll strike, or count how many seconds it takes for the attack to come out. As a certain Sword-Saint said: "Hesitation is Defeat"

                                                              The game doesn't really tell you this, but jumping also allows you to dodge certain attacks, especially some AoEs like Godrick's shockwaves and Godfrey's thunderous stomps. You can also dodge regular attacks too, as long as they aren't vertical attacks like uppercuts or slams. Thrusts are weird because I think you can jump over thrusts that come under, but not the thrusts that come over.

                                                              My rule for Duo Bosses: If the boss has a buddy, then you can have at least 1 buddy too. Unless for some forsaken reason you want to fight them solo, it is okay to use a mechanic intended by the devs to even out the fight. I personally don't really summon nor use spirit ashes to fight them not because I hate them (I actually like the mechanic), but because I've been too used to soloing the bosses in previous games.

                                                              For some reason, I also used my hearing a lot to figure out what attack the enemy will do, like correctly timing my dodge for Astel's laser as well as other things, though in some cases it could also be me compensating for the classic Fromsoft camera lol

                                                              We've also got just outright bad attacks that should've been playtested more, but it's whatever. Those kinds of attacks also existed in earlier games so we'll unfortunately have to acknowledge they exist. When in doubt, go online.

                                                              Basically, Elden Ring combat to me is basically just subtley different from Dark Souls + we get a bit of Sekiro combat as a treat, though I do wish some more Sekiro combat was involved other than just posture-breaking, guard countering, and jumping. I'd argue that Elden Ring is simultaneously the most skill-based and the least skill based Fromsoft game because on one hand, positioning is even more important than it was in earlier games, but on the other, you could just launch moons at Malenia, Blade of Miquella while Tiche runs around inflicting Destined Death on her (which is valid btw, because it's using the tools given by the devs)

                                                              At the end of the day, I'm just some guy giving my opinion about Elden Ring boss design, and I probably might be ranting a ton, but changing my mindset really helped me appreciate some bosses for what they are.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Hopefully they'll make DLC and the bosses in there won't be as much as an chore like the ones in the main game (Surely)

                                                                • I need to stop thinking about this game from a dark souls perspective and start thinking in an elden ring perspective

                                                                  the gank bosses still suck tho

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Feels like the camera FOV needs to be moved further out for lots of the open world bosses. It’s impossible sometimes to even see what the enemy is doing if you’re using a melee build. Guess it’s just another reason why everyone and their grandma uses magic, it’s only way to see wtf the boss is doing.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      All of you acting like input reading enemies and bosses is new...this crap started in at LEAST Dark Souls 3. Try drinking an Estus while fighting Abyss Watchers, start to chug and they will CHARGE your arse. Same with any Lothric Knights.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I do really hope that with ER's massive success From Software won't abandon a more focused and linear design, like Souls series. Open world is cool and all, but it gets much less exciting after a playthrough or two (especially when you realize how much time you will have to spend to make a 125lvl pvp char), and I'm not a fan of quantity over quality approach they took with bosses. Like really: Godskin Apostle, Godskin Noble, Godskin Noble (Caelid), Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble, Godskin Duo? Dark Souls 2 had less reused bosses

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          As much as soulsborne veterans hate to hear and acknowledge it, Elden Ring is more like a RPG, similarly to DS2, than an action game like DS3 or in the middle like DS1. You don't have to play it like one, Fromsoft gave you that much freedom, but it's really on you if don't want to exploits the game to its fullest (because a community that couldn't care less about you thinks you're a causal if you play otherwise).

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Roll spamming, input reading and combo canceling is the reason why most of these suck. Elden ring is strange balance wise. It has by far the most complicated boss design and imo hardest boss fights IF you don't take op things such as comet azur, rot and bleed + cheesy things that includes spirit summons and torrent into account. ER is a trying to be the hardest fromsoft game while also making the player the most op out of all fromsoft games protagonist at the same time which miserably fails and reduces the quality of the game. If elden ring just tried to be a hard game it would be more lovable despite it's boss design flaws. Players who love sekiro love it to death because it doesn't hold your hand, everyone has to fight their way to victory. In elden ring you are free to choose your own sufferings. Use bleed and summons to destroy the game. Or use a giant sword no summoning and get stuck on the main boss of Caelid for days.

                                                                            • Morgott is the hardest boss for a no hit in my opinion, I CAN BARELY FREAKING TOUCH HIM BUT I CAN DO EVERY OTHER BOSS WITH ENOUGH PRACTICE, HES JUST SO UNPREDICTABLE

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                How is Mohg accessible without defeating any bosses? As far as I’m aware, both methods of reaching Mohgwyn require you to beat at least one boss (Godfrey or Commander Niall).

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Most of these suck. We all know it, no point in harping on about it. Luckily, the game has a lot of other redeeming qualities.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Played all souls game before, but this is kinda a "different" boss lol. All challenges in Souls games are fine, because those are fair. They are hard & you have to "git good" for it, but at least the game presents you with a fair challenge. A fair Challenge. That is what I love about DS games.

                                                                                    This boss on the other hand (again, I am looking at this from a perspective of all the other bosses in all previous Fromsoftware games) - is unfair & simply put - unbalanced. I think it is designed with multiplayer in mind. And this is pretty much what I did. Summoned 2 dudes and boss was bated. Less of a cheese than using special one-shot builds, since you are using the tools & mechanics that the game gives you.

                                                                                    And this is what I would like to recommend to everyone who can not beat this boss. Try Multiplayer. Summon help. It is something that devs intended for the players to do.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Too many reused enemies and bosses. Ffs at least knights should be unique to each region like ds3 did it but they are the same reused Godrick knights.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Playing Elden ring really makes you appreciate how good Sekiro & DS3 bosses are

                                                                                        Hopefully Elden Ring DLC or the next fromsoft game they’ll be back on form

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Whoever thought input reading should be in a game series known for being punishing needs to be fired. I shouldn’t be punished by a boss for waiting for downtime and using a heal, that’s BS.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            I came here for some tips and guides but all I found were loads of salt. Guys. If you really want to throw your salt, go to reddit and complain there. This is a wiki and not a social media platform.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              The people saying 8-10 unique bosses are being reductive. The message they send is that because you see some bosses more than once then they don’t count as unique.

                                                                                              While this is technically true, this does not mean that there is a lack of enemy variety. In fact, ER has more enemy variety than any game I have ever played. Period.

                                                                                              The reuse of bosses is not laziness on fromsoft’s part. There are something like 70 different bosses and a ton of content and variety in one of the most beautiful and dense open worlds I’ve ever enjoyed.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Man I don’t know how these hosts are getting through the game. One-shot with a 700 AR attack in Farum. And that’s not one person, that’s common.

                                                                                                I’ve hardly been summoned to anybodys game who has a more reasonable 1500+ HP for survivability.

                                                                                                I can’t stand getting randomly one shot during boss fights. I feel like I need to just pump HP to the moon to actually get through boss fights and be able to reliably flask in the heat of battle.

                                                                                                (I know you can master the bosses, but I’m not gonna do that.)

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  People who say "OMG ELDEN RING IS GARBAGE LOL!" are probably trying to make our criticizing look bad or are just complete clowns.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    "Elden ring has the worst bosses in fromsoft history"

                                                                                                    My brother in christ, have you ever fought a cannon giant in an FRC? They make Bed of Chaos look as good as Gael.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      Honestly the part i least like about elden ring bosses isn't about the fact that they're reused a lot of times, it's that sometimes they're just not balanced with the player's mechanics properly.

                                                                                                      Sometimes it'll feel like i'm fighting a sekiro boss with dark souls combat, while other times i spend most of the fight running towards the boss because they keep flying around much faster than the player despite being way bigger.

                                                                                                      Oh, and let's not forget to mention the crazy amount of damage the later bosses do, which makes learning the boss's moveset feel unfun because it's overly punishing (in previous games those kinds of damage are usually reserved for higher ng+ cycles)

                                                                                                      Oh, and camera. This one is self-explanatory, I believe.

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        If Elden Ring has 10 good bosses in total then DS1&DS2 had less than 10 good bosses combined, if it weren't for nostalgia people wouldn't have liked 80%, do you really think that the 4 lords you had to kill in DS1 were better than Shardbearers in ER? Nito and Seath had a long way to get to and were not fun bosses at all, there was not a single bonfire in New Londo ruins for DPS test Four Kings, and not to mention the bed of chaos, despite opening a shortcut, it is still regarded as the worst boss ever; and yet you think that Radahn and Rykard are bad bosses?

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          godfrey must be pissed

                                                                                                          imagine being a tarnished one who can become elden lord, killing the tarnished guy (us)

                                                                                                          thinking that he's elden lord, then the tarnished comes back with rivers of blood and kills him

                                                                                                          he must be pissed

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            Wow, I missed Esgar, Priest of Blood in that annoying catacombs. He and Radagon are all I have left to defeat.

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              To the redditor below me: Saying "LOL JUST PLAY ANOTHER GAME" isnt a good counter point. Even if you did the majority of mainline bosses, they still have issues that make them rather unfun to fight. The problem is the lack of quality for the (Majority) of bosses. And the amount of recycled content (quantity) is even worst. Thats what the bosses are in Elden ring, Quanity > Quality. Sorry for expecting Quality from the best JRPG studio around you degenerate redditor, but fighting 100 enemies with bloated HP pools isnt good game design. The bosses aren't a high point in elden ring period......well thats not true....theres atleast 10 bosses that alot of people like

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                I’ve always wondered if you hadn’t shown up to the erdtree at the end. Godfrey, being another tarnished would have entered and fought Radagon, that would have been an epic match.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  No offense but people talk about bosses being bad or something, like what? I mean it's not like you owe Miyazaki a **** so you have to beat every single boss in every single playthrough , if you really think that bosses are garbage and hate them so feel free to leave this game and play other games with more bosses you like

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    Lot of people just seem to disregard any opinion with repeated bosses .

                                                                                                                    Honestly repeat bosses are mostly fine because ER does them well like 70 % of time , take Burial watchdog for example there regular sword version, staff one with magic projectile and lightning version maybe slight difference but the encounters do n't feel copy pasted or how death rite birds get progressively stronger (I personally hate this boss thought ) all these are used well in my opinion.

                                                                                                                    On the other hand reusing remembrance bosses is pretty shitty (Godfrey, Mohg the omen and Margit are okay because you encounter these before the real ones ) and throwing two of them without proper thought for "unique fight" is just bad .You fight Ulcerated tree spirit in 3 long dungeons So the reward for getting to the boss fog is a shitty fight you can encounter multiple times . In hero's grave in mountaintop you fight Zamor warrior a regular enemy in this area .

                                                                                                                    People who are saying repeated boss bad are being unreasonable just like people who are ignoring how badly some of these repeated bosses are used

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      I liked some of the bosses but I personally think the open world aspect made any balancing more difficult to Achieve.

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        Watchdog variations:
                                                                                                                        One with a staff. Cool difference in moveset, adds a few new spells
                                                                                                                        Lightning one. Only appears once, you fight it in a pool of water, and it still gets some new moves. Very cool new take!

                                                                                                                        Literally the same one but now there's four thralls. Thanks from

                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                          Just a critique for the wiki about the two shard bearers to reach the capital. It is impossible to fight Mohg lord of blood before Leyndell.

                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                            Some of you guys are critiquing honestly and some of you are just over exaggerating like those foolish Redditors.

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                              So, how do I put this… first my at the time my 6 year old son beats slave knight Gale, and now at 7 dodges Malenias waterfowl dance without running. He gets it, he got good.

                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                Worst game ever made and here's why.

                                                                                                                                1. Waay too many reused bosses
                                                                                                                                2. Bad boss design
                                                                                                                                3. Lack of variety in weapons
                                                                                                                                4. Bad toxic community (RoB spammers are good examples)
                                                                                                                                5. Unbalanced PVP
                                                                                                                                6. Bad online system
                                                                                                                                7. Simply trash gameplay

                                                                                                                              Load more
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