Lightning Defense

Type Defensive Stat
Effect Shows your current defense against Lightning damage

Lightning Defense is a Defensive Stat in Elden Ring. Lightning Defense shows your defense power and damage negation against lightning attacks. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Defensive Stats are determined by your Attributes and Equipment

Lightning Damage is not as common as poison or fire damage, so it is recommended to only focus on Lightning Defense by using equipment at the moment you think you'll need it instead of permanently spending Runes to increase it.


Lightning Defense Elden Ring Guide

  • Your defense power and damage negation against lightning attacks.
  • The former is calculated via your level, while the latter is calculated via defensive gear and active passive effects.


Elden Ring How to increase character's Lightning Defense

  • VS Lightning Defense can only be increased by Rune Level and equipment. There is no stat that directly governs VS Lightning Defense.


Related Equipment & Items in Elden Ring for Lightning Negation

You can use the following Equipment and Items to increase your Lightning Negation:


Elden Ring VS Lightning Defense Notes & Tips

  • Defense Increase by Rune Level
  • The soft caps for Rune Level are 71, 91, and 161
  • The formulas for calculating Lightning Defense on Rune Level are as follows:
    • Level 1 - 71 --> 40 + 60*((Lvl+79 - 1) / 149)
    • Level 72 - 91 --> 100 + 20*((Lvl+79 - 150) / 20)
    • Level 92 - 161 --> 120 + 15*((Lvl+79 - 170) / 70)
    • Level 162 - 713 --> 135 + 20*((Lvl+79 - 240) / 552)
    • The resulting number is rounded down for the UI menu


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    • Anonymous

      I played dark souls 3 to ng+8 and still couldn't do anything about poor lightning defense. I even devoted a ring slot for lightning resistince and it still felt pointless. By the end I had 99 vitality ( and double health because of embers) and 99 endunace ( hard cap for both) and havel armor and shield ( heaviest armor set in game with the best lightning resistince) and STILL most lightning based attacks can take a third of my health ( more than half for stong enemies like silver knights).

      I think from software are doing that because in all their games lightning is this divine power that no one can really control.

      Now I have the same problem in elden ring.
      I have the best heavy shield in the game and even if I block, the tree sentinal's shield trible lightning attack can take more than half my health......on my first playthrough( IAM BLOCKING DAMMIT, AND IAM A HEAVY DEFENSE FOCUSED PLAYER)

      I'm a big fan of from software games but I feel like they like to mock and punish defensive style players.

      Sorry got side tracked....

      As for lightning in from software games, from waht I've learned you can add to its negation but not defense. And it is the only damage type you can't

      • Anonymous

        Lightning defense seems to drop when standing on shallow water as well. In Siofra River, there's these Electric Orb traps floating around that are out to kill you by shooting lightning bolts at you if you get close enough and it makes sense since there's shallow water everywhere down there.

        • Anonymous

          I thought it'd makes perfect sense to have a stat like Dexterity or Faith improve lightning defense, since those two seem to be related the most to lightning-type weapons and spells. But i guess Fromsoft just sees lightning damage as too obscure of a damage type for that to be a necessary addition (don't quote me on that though)

          • Anonymous

            Which stat increases lighting defense it can’t be talismans like boltdrake negation isn’t enough direct hits for what I see hurt everybody by a lot they need to put a stat that affects it like Strength when you lvl it up or am I missing something?

            • Anonymous

              I don't see a stat that raises lightning def. Maybe a bug or an oversight? Also there's two types of rainy weather. The normal rain where your lightning def gets lowered by 10% and fire def gets raised by 10%, and then there's stormy rain where your lightning def gets lowered by 20% and fire upped by 20%. I might be wrong on the percentages but I'm 100% sure about the weather effects.

              • Anonymous

                When it rains your lightning dmg resistance is reduced by 20% while fire dmg resistance is increased by 20%

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