Type Equipment Stat
Effect Displays the weight value of equipment. It is related to your
Equip Load attribute

Weight is an Equipment Stat in Elden Ring. Weight displays the weight value of equipment. Some Weapons and Armor are very heavy, and may impede your movement speed. Equipment Stats are determined by your Equipment.

Each Item or piece of equipment has a Weight value that can be checked from your inventory. The sum of Weight of all the carried items, affects your movement speed. Some great items may offer great features at the cost of heavy Weight, such as heavy Armor.


Weight Elden Ring Guide

  • Displays the weight value of equipment.
  • Very heavy Weapons and Armor may impede your movement speed.
  • Affects your Equip Load attribute


How to increase in Elden Ring character Weight capacity

  • Your Weight capacity can be increased by assigning points to Endurance


Elden Ring Weight Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      It should be common knowledge by now that real life arming swords weight around 1kg, more or less depending on the blacksmith and the country of origin. Nobody actually wants to swing around a hunk of metal that deletes their wrists. The only reason we have the weight mechanic is just another way to balance weapons and armor.

      Try not to overthink this. Just go out and kill a few (Elden) beasts.

      • Anonymous

        What are the weight units of Elden Ring broadly representing? Obviously they're meant to be balance first and realism second, but they do seem to loosely correspond to real weight.

        Most Straight Swords and Thrusting Swords are 2.5-4, which we can accept corresponds to the real-world weight range of 900g-1.5 kg. The Lordsworn's Greatsword roughly corresponds to a very heavy Spadone at 3.5 kg, which would match the Knight's Greatsword being visibly larger and at the highest end of real weights at 4kg. It doesn't make sense for the daggers to be a whopping 500+ grams or the Giant Crusher to be only ~9kg, but we'd expect this scale to break down at the highest and lowest weights. This would make weight units be very roughly 2.5 to 1kg.

        It doesn't quite line up with armour weight either. Sets of full plate in the game, Blaidd's or the Twinned set as not quite full sets of plate are 31 and change, which would be underweight at ~12.5kg as light sets of not-quite-full plate are 13-14kg. Royal Knight, Banished Knight and Beast Champion are clearly full plate and reasonably heavy, but at 39.9 and 41.6 would be ~16kg, where even light full plate was about 15-22 kg and these are clearly not on the light side. 2:1 kg would work better for armour. Neither make any sense at the top and the bottom of the category, but that's probably game balance at work.

        Armour seems vaguely internally consistent, as do weapons, but they're not entirely consistent with each other. Since weapons are about 2.5 and Armour is about 2, it's probably easiest to call it imperial pounds since that sits in the middle of the scale.

        Then that falls off entirely when you get to equip load. A standard human of normal fitness, End 10, can carry 99.9 weight units and be still moderately able to move, 69.9 and be only lightly hampered, and 29.9 before being inconvenienced at all. It's difficult to make any sense of that.

        • Anonymous

          Which weapons have an equip load of 0? i am making pure faith character but i want to wear crucible armour with 15 endurance

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