Type Defensive Stat
Effect Shows your resistance to hemorrhage and frostbite

Robustness is a Defensive Stat in Elden Ring. Robustness represents your resistance to Hemorrhage and Frostbite. Stats determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Defensive Stats are determined by your Attributes and Equipment

Hemorrhage and Frostbite are Status Effects that take a lot of space from you during combat, some bosses move too quickly and attack too frequently that you may not have time to drink a potion. Those status effects are great disadvantages, but the chance to gain those effects lowers if you increase your Robustness.


Robustness Elden Ring Guide

  • Your resistance to Hemorrhage and Frostbite.
  • The higher the number, the lower your susceptibility.
  • Governed by your attributes, as well as protective gear, and active passive effects. 


Elden Ring How to Increase Character Robustness

  • Robustness can be increased by adding points to Endurance.


Related Equipment & Items in Elden Ring for Robustness

You can use the following Equipment and Items to increase your Robustness rate:


Elden Ring Robustness Notes & Tips

  • Robustness increases by Rune Level and Endurance level.
  • The soft caps for Rune Level are 71, 111, and 161.
  • The soft caps for Endurance are 40 and 60.
  • Endurance does not begin increasing Robustness until Level 31.
  • The formulas for calculating Robustness on Rune Level are as follows:
    • Level 1 - 71: 75 + 30*((Lvl+79 - 1) / 149)
    • Level 72 - 111: 105 + 40*((Lvl+79 - 150) / 40)
    • Level 112 - 161: 145 + 15*((Lvl+79 - 190) / 50)
    • Level 162 - 713: 160 + 20*((Lvl+79 - 240) / 552)
  • The formulas for calculating Robustness on Endurance are as follows:
    • Level 1 - 30: 0
    • Level 31 - 40: 30*((Lvl - 30) / 10)
    • Level 41 - 60: 30 + 10*((Lvl - 40) / 20)
    • Level 61 - 99: 40 + 10*((Lvl - 60) / 39)
  • After adding both numbers together, the resulting number is rounded down for the UI menu. Armor resistance stats are also added to the result.


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    • Anonymous

      Most meaningful, CHILL and robust stat of them all. By the way please consider helping me out with a contribution *snort*

      • Anonymous

        been asking fromsoft to let me make my character have canonically 4 inch-thick veins since demon's souls and they finally answered my prayers

        • Anonymous

          With 200 robustness and 70 poise im able to poise through RoB weapon art and out damage them without any bleed effects or significant build up

          • Anonymous

            With over 600 robustness I still got bled out at least once by a single running L1 from powerstanced scavenger's curved swords. No seppuku, the guy had used braggarts roar. I was dead pretty much instantly (60 vigor) so I don't know for sure if I bled more than once.

            • Anonymous

              The Mushroom Crown has the highest robustness (45) of any headpiece I could find. Otherwise, the rest of Radahn’s set/Lionel’s set is the highest

              • Anonymous

                Forgot to include any armaments that increase this, along with the physick. So I'll do it. The speckled hardtear gives +90 robustness (along with all other resistances), and the spiralhorn shield gives +50 to robustness (along with immunity and focus, very good shield for an empty slot in pvp). These are the ones I know of now but I'm sure there's more

                • Anonymous

                  too bad most of the damage from these bleed weapons come from their weapon arts. Moonveil, Rivers of Blood, and all the other nonsense don't need bleed since they stun everyone to death. They got range and damage for days. If you're not using those weapons in a melee pvp encounter, there better be a solid internet connection.

                  • Anonymous

                    Agreed with many others posts that (unless bleed is adjusted) this needs to have a stronger effect. If I have to build to resist a bleed focused build, so be it, but it doesn't currently seem viable at the gains in attempting to do so are negligible.

                    • Anonymous

                      They need to literally make this stay 5 to 10x stronger, bleed is so ridiculous it can bleed you in 1 hit with this stat maxed out through a shield

                      • Anonymous

                        Seems there are pvp builds that make robustness practically useless. Sitting at like 400 robustness at the time and got instant bleed from a single attack. Not sure what high robustness actually is currently but I figured tank armor and high defensive stats boosting it would be enough to downscale any would be bleeders a good bit. I was clearly wrong lol.

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