Locations in Elden Ring are vast and interconnected. The world of Elden Ring is no longer a continuity of “levels”, but players will now see vast landscapes in between the “dungeon-esque” areas. The larger world scale allows for freedom, promotes exploration, and introduces new and exciting mechanics, such as Horse Riding and Mounted Combat. Towns won’t be full of villagers, merchants and the like. There will be ruins, dungeons and exploration hubs. As Souls, there is no vast population of NPCs. This page contains a full list of all the locations in the game where players will encounter various enemies, bosses, NPCs, and various events as they progress throughout the game.

During the Summer Game Fest, many panoramic views of diverse Locations were shown. The dark and brooding medieval style returns in typical FromSoftware fashion, this time accompanied by wide and vast decayed areas, in a brand-new open world waiting to be discovered.

The Lands Between


The Lands Between is the world of Elden Ring, and to those who live in The Lands Between were blessed by the Elden Ring and the "Erdtree". Those who were blessed by the Elden Ring are characterized by having a golden aura that can be seen in their eyes. However, at some point, some of those who were blessed, lost their grace, was exiled and labeled as the Tarnished. As time passed, for unknown reasons, the Elden Ring was shattered across the lands and its pieces were picked up by many of the 6 demigods, where they inherited different powers and have physically changed and twisted due to being corrupted by the power.

The Lands Between is broken into 6 distinct areas that is overseen by a demigod and features a central hub that connects all these 6 areas. According to an interview with Miyazaki, players will have total freedom as to the order they want to tackle for each area, and it is up to the player on how they want to approach it. Apart from that the hub will not be accessible at the beginning of the game, which means you will need to progress the game until you reach the hub area.

How do I travel in Elden Ring?


Horseback riding is a mechanic that is highly featured in Elden Ring. With the use of Mounts, players can use these animals to reach certain points of the world. It is highly recommended by Hidetaka Miyazaki to fully explore The Lands Between to find weapons, magic, and skills that are hidden in the open world. Apart from travelling on foot or by mount, a Fast Travel mechanic is also available to travel long distances.

Central Hub and Dungeons


Elden Ring features a central hub that leads to the 6 main areas in The Lands Between, but according to Hidetaka Miyazaki, this central hub is not avaialble at the start or beginning of the game, but instead, you will encounter this at a later part of the game through progression. Each main area across The Lands Between is composed of its dungeon and overseeing Demigod (Boss) and it is up to the player on how they want to approach and tackle these areas.

As you explore The Lands Between, you will come across other catacombs, castles, and fortresses that are outside of the main dungeons where you can discover various secrets and hidden gems such as unique skills that can be learned for your character.



Although not yet known if the same name as in the Dark Souls saga will be kept, there seems to be some sort of Bonfires of sort in Elden Ring. How do they work or how do their interaction with the new open-world would be, it still remains to be seen.


Elden Ring Quick Area List

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Elden Ring Locations

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