Mirage Rise

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An area with a mystic glow. Adventurers who solve the riddle and touch the Phantom Crests found across the fields will unveil the Mirage Rise and reap its rewards. 

Mirage Rise is a Location in Elden Ring. The tower is found in Altus Plateau. Follow the path west from the Minor Erdtree in the region to reach it.

 The Mirage Riddle containing the plotted locations to each of the Phantom Crests. For all Mirage Rise Phantom Crest locations, check the walkthrough below. 


Mirage Rise Map

Look at the exact location in our [Elden Ring Map here]

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All Items in Elden Ring's Mirage Rise

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Elden Ring Mirage Rise Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Mirage Rise Walkthrough

Talking to its imp statue will reward you with the Info item Mirage Riddle. The corresponding map is tilted 90 degrees clockwise. On it, the locations of all three mirages are shown:

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  • The first is immediately to the right of the Imp Statue.
  • The second is south-south-west in an alcove.
  • The third is further east  near the broken bridge, hidden underneath an illusory rock with a feint glow that disappears when attacked.

Touching all three will cause the tower to appear. Inside, climb the ladder and reach the top level to find a chest containing the Sorceries Unseen Blade and Unseen Form, as well as remains with a Slumbering Egg.

Below are some spoilers to their exact locations plotted on the map within Mirage Rise. Be careful when running towards the Phantom crest seals as they may spawn some enemy guardians. 


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The first two of the crests are fairly visible upon arrival in the general location since they glow. When looking for the last crest, shown closest to the Bower of Bounty Site of Grace, just below the ruined bridge on the map,  there will be a boulder that will radiate a slight glow. Hit it to reveal the last crest. 



Elden Ring Mirage Rise Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I saved and exited near the dead dude, then when i reloaded his chair/throne was destroyed and he was sitting in thin air haha

      • Anonymous

        dayum.. looking for that stupid rock took more time than I thought.. Giant Hunt aow works nicely against Wormfaces btw.

        • Anonymous

          Near the tower there's a Wormface weeping in front of a tombstone with a Miquella's Lily. I wonder the lore implications of this.

          • Anonymous

            there's a painting inside when you reach the top, a painting of a tower, anyone know if there's an ingame version of it somewhere?

            • Anonymous

              The south west crest spawns phantom imps continuously. They can be killed, but they will reappear. They disappear after you touch the crest.

              • Anonymous

                It is so cool how the tower appears to your character in-game, then you check the map (maybe to mark it or to plot a path to it) and when you exit the map, the tower has vanished as if it was never there. Perfectly executed gameplay moment and for me one of the highlights of my blind playthrough.

                • Anonymous

                  The third phantom crest is up on a ledge South-East of Bower of Bounty, at a higher elevation than the grace

                  • Anonymous

                    For the life of me I cannot seem to get the crests to appear. I’ve tried at all time during the day and night, they just won’t appear at all.

                    • Anonymous

                      Did anybody tried looking for the place in the painting? I know you can't pick the painting up which is inside Mirages Rise but I'm curious if it's still a pointing hint..

                      • Anonymous

                        I didn't know the map was sideways. I thought the last two were south of the second church and west of the bridge of iniquity. The map is actually side ways (west is up) so you need to head just sw of the rise and then east right next to the bridge.

                        • Anonymous

                          One of the random rises strewn across the lands between... But without a memory stone in it... *sigh* I wanted a memory stone...

                          • Anonymous

                            This seemed slightly bugged for me? I didn't need to activate the one under the rock - there was no rock at all. It's possible I had hit the thing much much earlier and forgot but turns out the tower spawned after the first two "visible" sigils had been touched.

                            • Anonymous

                              The game gives you a literal map for this one, which is appreciated as it's the first experience of some new, charming tentacle boys.

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