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I've escaped from Castle Morne, to the south. The servants there...have rebelled. Irina

Castle Morne is a Location in Elden Ring. It is found on the southernmost tip of the Weeping Peninsula. Players would find the castle hard to miss, as the road leads directly to it, and going for the Map (Weeping Peninsula) would bring them into its ruined outer bailey.


Castle Morne Map for Elden Ring

[Elden Ring Map here]

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Castle Morne

  • Edgar can be found sitting on a bench up in a non-hostile area of the castle ramparts. Talk to him to progress Irina's quest. You will have to talk to him again after defeating the boss of the area. [Map Coordinates]


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Castle Morne Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring


Castle Morne Walkthrough Elden Ring

This is an optional dungeon area that is not as large as the regular Legacy Dungeons. Players may find this castle by wandering the paths along Southern Limgrave and The Weeping Peninsula. Some NPCs encountered around Limgrave may speak about this castle, as well. If players come across the Bridge of Sacrifice, they may encounter Irina, an escapee of the castle south of the bridge, referring to Castle Morne. [Map Coordinates]




Upon riding the lift up to Castle Morne, you'll see the Misbegotten enemies all around the castle grounds. As you enter, make a hard left and go up the steps where you'll see a bonfire. There are two Rotten Stray enemies here, kill the hounds and loot the body to find x1 Smithing Stone (2). Go back down to the courtyard section where the Misbegotten enemies are and continue going straight. You can fight them if you want, but you'll easily be outnumbered. Or you can sneak around by moving to the left side where there are about three Rotten Stray enemies.

The Pumpkin Head

As you move forward, you'll notice a Lesser Pumpkin Head sitting on the ground. This enemy could drop x1 Pumpkin Helm and/or x1 Sanctuary Stone. From where the Lesser Pumpkin Head was sitting, look to the left, behind the tree to find a corpse in a sitting position, pillage the body to find x3 Smithing Stone (1). On the right side, is a narrow path that is blocked by a single Misbegotten. You can sneak behind to backstab it - continue up the stairs and climb up the ladder at the end.

As you reach the top, a single Misbegotten enemy will rush in to attack you. Be ready to take it out. Head up the stairs where you'll see countless bodies of men hanged, and ahead of the path, is another Misbegotten on the left side of the runway, while two Winged Misbegotten are just a few steps ahead. You'll also notice on the right that there is a body that's hanging by the ledge of the wooden fence, you can loot the body to find x1 Golden Rune (2). Go straight towards another bonfire where you can pick up x1 Smoldering Butterfly.

Find the Site of Grace

Now, go back to the spot where the two Winged Misbegotten enemies were, check the left side to find a ladder that you can climb down. Move forward along the runway where you'll see a single Misbegotten at the end, near another corpse that can be pillaged. Don't run forward since there is another Misbegotten enemy hiding behind the barrels on the right. It will jump and attack you the moment you are close to it. Kill both enemies and loot the corpse to find x2 Smithing Stone (2). Retrace your steps, and climb the ladder back to the top - from where you got the Smoldering Butterfly material, look to your right and you'll see a part of the stone fence broken, you can jump down to find the Behind the Castle Site of Grace. [Map Coordinates]

After discovering the site and resting if needed, jump down to the lower section of the cliffs until you set foot on the platforms of the castle. Look to your left towards the broken stone fence and you'll see there's a wooden platform below with a corpse that can be looted. Jump down and pillage the body to find x1 Stonesword Key [Map Coordinates]. Jump down and you'll encounter more Misbegotten enemies ahead. On the right side, however, is an open gate that leads to a prison cell.

Get the Twinblade Talisman

Inside that prison cell, there is a single Misbegotten enemy here that you can backstab. Kill it and then loot the body here to find x1 Pickled Turtle Neck. Move away as soon as you grab the item to avoid getting hit by the Skeletal Slime enemy that will drop from above. On the left side of the prison cell, you'll see a spirit NPC locked in a cage. Speak to it and it will plead for help. There isn't anything special here, so you can go back outside and take out the Misbegotten enemies one at a time as you move northwest.

Walk along the runway, kill the Misbegotten and Skeletal Slime enemies. On the other side, you'll see a bigger Misbegotten. Kill the enemy, and grab x2 Smoldering Butterfly near the bonfire. Climb the ladder to the top of the tower and circle around to find a treasure chest containing x1 Twinblade Talisman. Next, go back down, walk towards the runway (facing southeast), look to the right, and you'll see that you can jump down on the roof of what seems to be a castle gazebo. Jump on the roof and then to the ground to find two things, there is a special-looking Teardrop Scarab that you can kill which gives an additional usage for your Flask of Crimson Tears. You'll find it hiding by a bush, and you can identify it with its glow and a ringing sound. Also, there's a tree nearby, check it to find a body next to it that can be pillaged to find x3 Tarnished Golden Sunflower.

Drop Down to the Next Site of Grace

Continue moving east until you've set foot on the east section of the castle. You'll notice that there is a square opening on the ground that you can enter. Below, there is a narrow beam, on that beam is a corpse with an item, x1 Smithing Stone (2). Drop down on the next beam but don't go all the way down since there is mischief (group of Rats) and a single Misbegotten. We suggest you stay on the second beam and kill it one at a time while on high ground. If you accidentally fall, just sprint out of the prison cell, and fight them outside where there's more space for you to move around.

Inside that cell with the mischief, there's a body that you can loot to find x1 Whip. And outside, you can grab x1 Smoldering Butterfly near the bonfire, and if you go left, around the corner, you'll find the Beside the Rampart Gaol site of grace. Next, cross the narrow wooden bridge, as you approach the other end, move slowly since there are two Misbegotten enemies here, a winged one, and the other large variant that wields a large axe. In that spot where the two enemies were, there's another body next to the barrels and crates, loot it to find x8 Throwing Dagger.

Loot the Somber Smithing Stone

Next, climb down the nearby ladder where you'll see multiple Spirit Jellyfish enemies. These aren't hostile and remain at rest unless you attack them. Move around to the left side of the ladder and you'll see an entrance that can only be entered by going through the gold mist. Before you enter, explore the nearby edges of the water to find a Somber Smithing Stone. Beyond it is the boss for this location, Leonine Misbegotten - make sure you have made further preparations before fighting this boss, you can visit our Leonine Misbegotten page for guides on how to defeat this boss.

Boss and Finishing Up

Defeating Leonine Misbegotten drops x1 Grafted Blade Greatsword and 3800 Runes. There still are some sections of the castle you'll need to explore here, so after the battle, first, make sure to examine the Morne Moangrave site of grace at the boss arena then fast travel back to the Castle Morne Lift site. Ride the elevator up and this time, you will need to explore the section on the right where there are multiple Misbegotten enemies standing on a pile of bones and corpses. You could try to sneak behind them.

If you're able to pass, there's a doorway that you can enter. Inside the armory, by the doorway, there's a chest on the left, open it to find x1 Claymore. Continue straight, down the stairs, and head outside where you'll see two Misbegotten enemies attacking a Godrick Soldier. Clear the path and climb up the nearby ladder. At the top, you'll see more Godrick Soldiers fight against the Misbegotten. You can simply watch them fight first, and whoever is left, you can finish them off.

Upon clearing the area, on the right side, there's another ladder that goes up, an execution podium at the center, and a path that you can explore on the left. Check the podium first and you can find x1 Furlcalling Finger Remedy looted off a corpse. While on the left side of the podium, there's also another body that's being guarded by two more Misbegotten enemies. Search the corpse to find x1 Steel-Wire Torch. Go back and climb up the other ladder on the right.

Return to the castle grounds, specifically where there are piles of bodies and Misbegotten enemies around a corpse that is tied to a wooden beam that is burning. Clear out the enemies and check the pile to find some corpses that can be looted such as x2 Fire GreaseSmoldering Butterfly that is flying around the flames.

Now, if you were able to speak to Irina (and exhausting her dialogue), she'll ask you to give a letter to her father, Edgar, a warden who's in Castle Morne. Irina can be found sitting on a rock just beyond the Bridge of Sacrifice, at the start of the main road in the eastern Weeping Peninsula [Interactive Map Location]. To deliver the letter, from the Castle Morne Lift site, go up the lift, and make a right just after the Lesser Pumpkin Head and climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, go over the runway with the hanging corpses, continuing up both sets up stairs until you reach the first turret in the SE corner. Then either drop down from the wooden platform in between the turrets, or you could just take the ladder on the left down- and continue until you reach the end, (avoiding or dispatching the multiple enemies along the way). At the end up this area (back at the front of the castle, in the NE corner) go up and around the wooden stairs on the right where you'll find Edgar sitting atop the turret. Give the letter and he'll give you x1 Sacrificial Twig. If you spoke to Edgar before clearing the castle, he will mention that he still must defend the castle and recover a sword before he can return to Irina

This means that you just need to clear out the castle by defeating Leonine Misbegotten and acquiring the Grafted Blade Greatsword, by doing so, return to Edgar and he'll mention that he is in your debt, that he is no longer bound by duty, and he can now return to Irina. (Note that if you have already killed the Leonine Misbegotten before you first talk to Edgar, you will have to rest at a site of grace and then talk to him again to finish out his quest dialogue. I spoke to him for the first time after defeating the boss and had no such issues.) This almost completes Castle Morne and the Father-Daughter questline of Irina and Edgar. [Map Coordinates for Edgar's position] - Return to Irina for the final [maybe] chapter of the questline.



Elden Ring Castle Morne Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      There's a somber smithing stone around the tower near the boss area (tower with a ladder, across the bridge near the last bonfire

      • Anonymous

        the aggro range and sight on the ballista is the most ridiculous thing in this entire game. have fun trying to open your map if you're within a lightyear of the front of this building.

        • Anonymous

          This is the most worthless legacy dungeon in terms of loot. Unless you want the claymore, which is right at the beginning, there’s really no reason to come here after your first playthrough other than just for fun. As you can level up a new character a lot more effectively and faster by just wandering the map before going to Stormveil. They should have put the golden seed you get at Stormveil in Castle Morne. That would incentivize players to come and give an extra heal for Stormveil which I think is needed. Stormveil is a tad too difficult for new players, in my opinion, and an extra seed would really help with that.

          • Anonymous

            I also experienced a bug with this quest. After I delivered Irina's letter to Edgar I did not exhaust his dialogue options before fighting the boss. I had no option to summon him but was able to win anyways. Grace still pointing towards castle morne.

            • Anonymous

              Got to say his combo spam is annoying, but using the demi-human ashes and a morning star with wild swings made it less of a pain. Bleed proc with the five man goon squad bonking him helped a lot.

              • Anonymous

                You can now summon Edgar for the Leonine Misbegotten boss fight. I would deliver Irina's letter first, idk if it affects his availability or not.

                • Anonymous

                  Irina is the name of the blind lady in ds3 too, morne is also a name seen in ds3. Cmon from, if this isn't a dark souls game what's with all these crisp references?

                  • Anonymous

                    Seems like this place was one of the few places that were doing okay for themselves after the Shattering.
                    Shame everything went down hell right before we got there

                    • There is a bug on defeating Leonine Misbegotten that I have repeated 4 times. The Site of Grace appears but I am unable to interact with it. Resolved by exiting to the main menu and then continuing. I have also had this happen at the Redmane Castle Duo boss fight.

                      • Anonymous

                        My game doesn't have the claymore, the whip or the steel-wire torch. There's no body in the room with the rats, when I opened my chest it was empty, and the body that is supposed to have the torch didn't have anything on it.

                        • Anonymous

                          Irina/Edgar quest seems to be badly bugged after the patch. I got the quest from Irina, have her letter in my key items, went to Edgar's spot before killing the boss, Edgar was not there. Killed Boss. Edgar still not there. Rested, traveled, checked our Irina. She dead. Checked Edgar's spot again. Still not there.

                          There's a long thread on Reddit about this with many people reporting the same thing or variations. Some people find him invading at the Revenger's Shack later, some don't. Buggy, buggy, buggy.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is the room next to the first bonfire used for anything? I feel like a npc should be there but there is none

                            • Anonymous

                              If you kill the boss before starting the quest you do not have to go back to a site and rest to progress with Edgar. You can just turn the game on and off.

                              • Anonymous

                                I think that if you obtain Irina's letter and leave for some time then she will die and edger will not spawn locking out the rest of the questline

                                • Anonymous

                                  Killed the boss before I talked to Edgar and couldn't get the questline to progress even after resting at grace. Ended up just killing him for his halberd

                                  • Anonymous

                                    so i completely missed edgar first go-thru and killed the boss. now he's not at his location at all. any ideas?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      You can also get some fire arrows in the spirit jellyfish area by following the coast line north of the ladder until you see a small hole in the cliff side behind the giant crab that shows up

                                      • Anonymous

                                        After this recent patch, Edgar can now be summoned outside the Leonine Misbegotten boss door to help with the fight.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Has anyone looked into the very conspicious empty room to the left of the initial lift grace? Seems like the place to put an NPC or a secret of some kind

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Not going to lie I killed Edgar and regret nothing he dropped a dope halberd probably broke the quest but hey I got the cool sword as well

                                            • Anonymous

                                              If you shoot the pumpkin head a couple times from across the courtyard it will attack allthe misbegotten on the mound of bodies

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Well nobody in the comments said It yet, but after progressing his questline with Irina's letter, he can be fought as an invader at Revenger's Shack, Northwest Liurnia If im not mistaken

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  When Edgar the NPC mentioned something about a sword and I couldn't find it anywhere I decided to kill him thinking he may have it.... he seemed pretty shocked but was easy to beat as I got a few good hits in before he could get to his feet and realise what was happening. He dropped a very nice Banished Knights Halberd +8 which was quite an upgrade for me at the time so no regrets. Not sure if my actions will have any repercussions later in the game.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Can we let out the noble blood spirit from the cage? He keeps saying help but I’m not sure if he means kill him.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I just killed Edgar and got he's weapon,got fed up with him after clearing the castle and he still said that he will stay... he's weapon is really good and it's level 8 when you get it from him

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I talked to Edgar for the first time after defeating the boss and getting the sword, I gave him Irina’s letter and he continued with the “I must stay and fulfill my duty” dialog. I had to reset at a point of grace and go back to him to complete the quest. Might be worth a note.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Not actually the end of the quest line, if you go back to where you first met Irina Edgar will be crying over her murdered body and he vows that he will avenge her. Not sure if there's more to do after that.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            For the promising set up, this questline was a bit boring to me. Castle Morne facing the sea looks epic from a distance, would have been great to have more to explore there. To me it was all a little superficial.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              If you already cleared the castle and killed Leonine before talking to Edgar, and his dialogue won't progress beyond saying he needs to defend the castle, save and quit - You should be able to complete the quest upon logging back in.

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