Fort Haight

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The overrun fort of Kenneth Haith, the alleged next ruler of Limgrave.

Fort Haight is a Location in Elden RingFort Haight is found in Limgrave. After coming across Kenneth Haight, he will tell you about his overrun fort and ask for assistance in clearing it of hostiles.


Fort Haight Map for Elden Ring

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Fort Haight

  • Kenneth Haight - A man who calls for help in clearing his overrun fort. Moves here after clearing Fort Haight once. [Map Link]


All Items in Elden Ring's Fort Haight


Fort Haight Creatures, Enemies and Bosses in Elden Ring

Regular Creatures and Enemies


Field Bosses and Bosses

  • No bosses are found in this location


Walkthrough for Fort Haight in Elden Ring

You will come to Fort Haight after running to Kenneth Haight who needs help clearing his fort from the enemies that have overrun it.  He will be north of Mistwood outskirts. There will a large topped structure and he will be standing towards the edge. He will mention that the fort lies to the south, beyond the Mistwood. His advice is also to take great care to avoid Godrick's Tarnished hunts.

Players can expect plenty of enemies in this mini-dungeon, but will not be expected to face any large bosses in this area. Be prepared for enemy bombs and clear the area as you see fit. Make your way to the top of the fort to loot the chest containing an item that seems to be half of a crescent - the Dectus Medallion (Left).  Clear the Knight atop the fort walls to gain a chance to obtain his armor. Complete the task by clearing the fort and speaking to Sir Kenneth and he will state that a festival will be thrown in your honor. He will reward you with an Erdsteel Dagger.

Return to the fort to meet Kenneth Haight again. 

Elden Ring Fort Haight Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I think the knight here secretly serves Mohg, Kenneth and the spirit outside the fort say that he is "obsessed with blood" or "beguiled by blood" we find the cookbook that allows us to craft blood arrows here and there are many blood roses here which are considered sacred "by those who serve the coming dynasty" and the knight drops bloody slash which is a "Blood Oath granted by the Lord of Blood"

      • Anonymous

        I think maybe just clearing the knight at the top of the stairs triggers the fort to be cleared because I defeated the knight then died with at least 2 enemies left in the fort but when I came back it was empty

        • Anonymous

          The rats at this fort drop Rune Arcs (this might not be listed at the top of the page since this may be default behavior for rats; I remember they dropped humanities in dark souls 1). I don’t know what the drop rate is but the first rat I killed in here today dropped one; fairly certain I’ve never seen one drop in my other runs so the rate is not high.

          • Anonymous

            There are actually 5 Bloodrose bushes, 1 NE of the wall, 1 SE of the wall, 1 W of the wall and 2 inside the walls

            • Anonymous

              I am pretty certain that the demi-humans (at least in my run) did not have the red eyes for the first 3 or so times i went to the fort. After I came back after some time i am pretty sure there were more bloodrose bushes than before, (I think there only was one bush before) and all of the enemies suddenly had red eyes. Wildly, Haight comments on nothing of this lmao

              • Because of the variety of enemies here I would recommend farming this area before clearing it. Lots of possible drops which could be useful for a new character.

                You can get Falchions and Rickety Shields from the Demi-humans.
                Godrick Soldier armour and Heavy Crossbows from the Godrick Soldiers. (Possibly a greatsword as well?)
                Pumpkin Helmet and Flail from the Mad-Pumpkin.
                Commoner armour and Swords from the Commoners.
                And the one infantryman on top can drop the Infantry Armour and a Dagger.
                Also lots of bloodroses for blood grease :)

                So you can rush in with wolves killing everything and teleport back to the local grace and repeat.

                • The Goldrick Knight has an effect similar to Lord of Blood's Exultation. If Blood Loss is proced nearby ( even if you are the one to bleed him or another enemy) he will gain an attack boost.

                  • Anonymous

                    I looked all around Fort Haight and could not find the down stairs area that is shown in the image. Is this image a generic place holder for mini-dungeons? If not, can someone explain how to find the down stairs area?

                    • Anonymous

                      I looked all around Fort Haight and could not find the down stairs area that is shown in the image. Is this image a generic place holder for mini-dungeons? If not, can someone explain how to find the down stairs area?

                      • Anonymous

                        The grace being called "Fort Haight West" seems to imply another grace "Fort Haight East". Maybe you get the grace after Kenneths quest is further complete?

                        • Anonymous

                          Easy kill for the knight - lure him downstaitrs and shoot the barrels with fire arrows - BOOM!

                          Turns out the red barrels with the white mark on the top are explosive barrels

                          • Anonymous

                            the demi humans attacking the fort, and the ash of war demi humans, all gain a red eye effect and seem to be more aggressive at the fort.

                            • Anonymous

                              As an interesting note, if you destroy the ballista by hitting it until it breaks then all the enemies will in the fort, and the demi-humans that usually attack it, will no longer respawn. I have waiting for several in-game months (but have not progressed the quest) and the ballista and enemies remain gone.

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