Controls for Elden Ring showcases information regarding the input mechanisms for the character's movement, combat, and interactions. Listed below are details on the default configuration for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

  • Steed Summons: You can summon Torrent (your horse / spirit steed) by equipping the Spectral Steed Whistle that you get from Melina in your quickslots and pressing square (like a consumable). To dismount press L3 or select the Spectral Steel Whistle again.


Elden Ring Controls


Playstation 5
Xbox Series X
Xbox One
Playstation 4


  • Hold TRIANGLE and R1 to two-hand your weapon
  • L2: Skill
  • L1: Guard (LH Armament)
  • D-pad UP Switch Sorcery/lncantation
  • D-pad LEFT: Switch Left-Hand Armament
  • D-pad RIGHT: Switch Right-Hand Armament
  • D-pad DOWN: Switch Item
  • Left Stick: Movement
  • L3: Crouch/Stand Up
  • Mid Panel: Map
  • R2: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • R1 :Attack (RH & Two-Handed Armament)
  • Triangle :Event action (Examine, Open, etc.)
  • Square :Use Item
  • Circle :Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash
  • X: Jump
  • Right Stick: Camera / Change Target
  • R3: Camera, Lock On/Remove Target
  • Options :Main Menu PC Keys Information Go Here

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Xbox Series X Controls Information Go Here

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PlayStation 4 Controls Information Go Here

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