Secrets for Elden Ring covers information that revolves around rare items, weapons, armor, and possibly some spots of a location that are hidden and are hard to find. This page contains a full list of all the secrets in the game that can be found and/or unlocked.

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Elden Ring Secrets

Illusory Walls
Spirit Ashes
Transformed Enemies


Illusory Walls (Hidden Walls): The game features multiple Illusory Walls that players can hit to reveal. These are often found within catacombs, but can also be in tunnels and caves. Pay close attention to your surroundings.

Illusory Walls are the Hidden Walls of Elden Ring that must be struck to reveal a hidden path beyond. These walls are not immediately obvious, but if you find yourself stuck in a location without a way to progress, it is very likely that you have to hit a nearby wall. This page features all hidden walls in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Illusory Walls Guide

Location Description Unlocks
Academy Crystal Cave

After entering through a wooden door, there is a room guarded by a tanky mage with a pointy hat. Before entering that room, the illusory wall is to the left.

Crystal Staff
Academy of Raya Lucaria The wall to the right just upon entering the Church of the Cuckoo. Rune Arc
Academy of Raya Lucaria Bookshelf by the corpse in the room to the left in the hallway just after the Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace.

Smithing Stone [4]Olivinus Glintstone Crown

Academy of Raya Lucaria From the Debate Parlor site of grace head back the way to the mage's the right bookshelf near the stairs, the one with no books

Graven-School Talisman

Stonesword Key

Auriza Side Tomb In the final room after using the first teleporter trap, when facing the chest in the room, there is an illusory wall on the left side Complete the Dungeon
Black Knife Catacombs Ride the knife traps up, at the end of the hall, hit the wall to access an optional boss. Optional Boss
Black Knife Assassin
Caelid Catacombs

After descending the staircase that leads onto a swamp, turn to the right, go under the platform where the Archer Skeleton was, and hit wall on the right corner.

At the end of the dungeon, there will be a locked door. Once you see it, turn 180 and then attack the wall on the column in the middle of the previous room

Miranda Sprout Ashes; Grave Glovewort [5]


Cathedral of the Forsaken From the grace, on the other side of the chest, the wall isn't illusory but will move out of the way.

Path to Frenzied Flame Proscription

Frenzied Flame Proscription In one of the arches on the wall next to Hyetta's final location, you'll find an Illusory Wall hiding a hallway leading to a chest with a Rune Arc. Another Illusory Wall can be found behind the chest and opens up to the Root-Facing Site of Grace.

Alternative way to Deeproot Depths

Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave

From the Grace, go down the stairs and turn right. The illusory wall is the stone archway on the left. Golden Rune [11]
Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs In the secret lower part of the dungeon, located by raising the lift once you've taken it down to the first level. Once you've taken the lift downward and moved past the first room you'll be faced with 2 frost breath traps down a long hallway. The hidden wall is between the two traps on the right hand side just before the second trap.

Grave Glovewort [8]

Hidden Path to the Haligtree

After falling onto the invisible floor at the broken railing, south into the open arch, right turn and at the end of the hallway Silver Scarab

Kingsrealm Ruins

This illusory wall is located north side of Kingsrealm Ruins, blocking the road, posing as a large brick wall. Hit it to see the road ahead and continue to the manor. Areas north of Kingsrealm Ruins
Kingsrealm Ruins The stairs leading down into an underground area is covered by an illusory floor. Optional Boss Royal Revenant
Leyndell Catacombs Up the stairs from the Grace, up the elevator, in the room with unkillable enemies, next to the stairs, through 2 walls, ending with a snail. Upon killing the snail the unkillable enemies disappear until you rest or die. Haligdrake Talisman +1
Lunar Estate Ruins In the western parts of the ruins, there is an Imp statue and right next to it an illusory floor. Activating the statue with Stonesword Key leads to a chest containing Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 Cerulean Amber Medallion +2
Mirage Rise East-Southeast of the Bower of Bounty Grace, up a little cliff, it's an illusory rock part of the Mirage Riddle Entrance to the Rise
Moonfolk Ruins This illusory floor is located in the NE part of the ruins. Somber Smithing Stone (8)
Road's End Catacomb

The first 2 are one floor below the lever, in the stone archways, both of them lead to the same area, it continues on with another illusory wall, then another one, until you find the boss room.

The second 2 are two floors below the lever, in the stone archways, both are next to each other, leading to the same area.

The last wall in the catacombs leads to a dead end area with a chest.

Ghost Glovewort (2)
Rune Arc
Root Resin
Grave Glovewort (2)
Optional Boss
Spirit-Caller Snail
Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes

Watchdog's Staff
Grave Glovewort (3)

Grave Violet
Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes

Sage's Cave

There’s an illusory wall just past the grace, with another one along the way, past the top of the waterfall.
The wall between the two braziers shortly after the above is also an illusory wall, but be wary of the skeletons that lurk right behind it.
Another illusory wall in the room with four skeletons hides a Stonesword Key.
Before jumping behind the waterfall, turn left into an alcove to find another illusory wall leading to a room with two treasure chests.
In the same room, the final illusory wall in this dungeon hides the boss fog for Necromancer Garris.

Sainted Hero's Grave Past the site of grace take the left passage down the stairs, follow the corridor until the end into the room with the two Wraith Callers up the stairs past them the wall behind them is illusory.  
Sealed Tunnel

[1]In Leyndell Royal Capital, there's a tunnel down at the lake outside the west entrance, the tunnel is apparently sealed with nothing in it but hitting a cavity in one of the walls will open a path to a new area; [2]the next is behind a chest containing a Bell Bearing; [3]After riding the elevator down there's one straight ahead [4]followed immediately by another; [5] after Dropping into a room filled with the exploding ball enemies a hidden wall can be found behind a bunch of crates and barrels opposite a stair case

Sellia Hideaway

Entrance found behind an illusionary wall of rock, northeast of Church of the Plague.
2 illusory walls in the sloped area early-on leading down to the boss room.
After the stake of Marika go forward and hug the right wall, it'll go down slightly then around the corner go up, next to the body with Preserving Boluses, just to the left of it in the clearing without crystals.

Crystal Spear
Three Sisters

The wall is located on the ground in the Ruined area at the west end. Hit or roll onto it to reveal it.
Just below, there is another Illusory Wall that reveals a doll that appears to be Sorceress Sellen, though it will only animate once her Sellen's Primal Glintstone has been put into its chest.

Volcano Manor After receiving the Drawing-Room Key from Tanith, open the first door on the right in the hallway next to Tanith. The back wall, right corner is illusory. Follow the hallway, when it opens up go to the path to the left, not the stairs, and all the way at the end of this hallway is an illusory wall on your left.

Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Ashes



Paintings in Elden Ring are Info Items scattered all around The Lands Between that act as a form of treasure hunt. The Wandering Artist Spirit's Paintings depict specific locations you'll have to find in order to meet the spirits of the artists themselves. Upon finding and inspecting one of the seven drawings, a ghost of the artist will manifest at the location from which they were painted, granting a specific reward. Note that the location you must seek is not the structure or landscape depicted itself, but rather the spot the artist would have been when painting it. This page covers a full list of all the Paintings found in Elden Ring, including their location, solution, and rewards.


Elden Ring Paintings Guide

Painting Location Solution/Artist's Location Reward
homecoming painting
Homing Instinct
Artist's Shack (Limgrave) Northwest of the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, south of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins Incantation Scarab
flightless bird painting elden ring wiki guide 200px
Flightless Bird
Leyndell, Royal Capital At the edge of the cliff south-southeast of the Windmill Heights Site of Grace Fire's Deadly Sin
resurrection painting elden ring wiki guide 200px
Artist's Shack (Liurnia of the Lakes) In the graveyard southeast of the Behind Caria Manor Site of Grace Juvenile Scholar Cap
Juvenile Scholar Robe
Larval Tear
prophecy painting elden ring wiki guide 200px
Stormveil Castle Behind the Church of Pilgrimage Warhawk Ashes
champion's song elden ring wiki guide 200px
Champion's Song
Shaded Castle Southwest of the Rampartside Path Site of Grace, up on this cliff you fight Ancient Dragon Lansseax Harp Bow
redmane painting elden ring wiki guide 200px
Sellia, Town of Sorcery Northeast of Fort Faroth, on the lower cliffs southeast of the Minor Erdtree (Dragonbarrow) Ash of War: Rain of Arrows
sorcerer painting elden ring wiki guide 200px
Castle Sol Southwest of Castle Sol, on the side of a bridge northwest of the Stargazer's Ruins Greathood




In various regions of the Lands Between, you may find a Wandering Noble that, upon "death," transforms into a larger, more dangerous foe. These enemies drop a Larval Tear upon defeat, suggesting that they are Silver Tears in disguise. You can find them at the following locations:


  • Unlock the lift to Altus Plateau: Find the two pieces of a medallion to activate the lift. See here and here.
  • Access a Secret Zone: You must obtain two pieces of medallions to access an entire secret area of the game. The medallion pieces are found in western Liurnia of the Lakes and Mountaintop of the Giants.
  • Weather affects gameplay: Fire and lightning-based Spells & Skills see a slight change in their damage when cast while raining, with fire dealing less damage and lightning dealing more.
  • There's also a rare weather event that only happens at night where the golden leaves of the Erdtree fall like rain. You'll see a little buff icon appear that looks like the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot and will have increased rune gain from defeating enemies for the duration. The same event will happen if any person in your multiplayer group defeats a Shard Bearer.
  • Enemies with Golden Eyes: You'll occasionally find enemies with eyes that glow gold. They drop significantly more runes than their regular counterparts, some report up to 5x the base amount of runes.

Gesture Secrets

  • Converted Tower — Use Erudition (obtained from Thops) in front of the statue
  • Converted Fringe Tower — Use Erudition (obtained from Thops) while wearing a Glintstone Crown (there are several in the game, including the Olivinus Glintsone Crown)  in front of the statue
  • Mistwood Ruins — Use the Snap gesture (obtained from Merchant Kale) near the sleeping rune bear to meet Blaidd in order to start his quest
  • Patches — When you first encounter Patches, if you allow him to live he will give you the Grovel for Mercy gesture. If after that you attack him again and reach low health, Patches will tell you to surrender. If you use the Grovel for Mercy gesture, he will stop attacking you and you will receive the Extreme Repentance gesture.


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                  There is a hidden stone knight with a blue staff off the map just East of the minor erdtree in caelid. You have to do some parkour off the map to make it to the landing where it is resting.

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                        Not sure if a secret or just a fun detail: At night, the crucified corpses at Limgrave start making noises. They occasionally drop runes and items in front of them as well, although i dont know if this happens at night: i've found items beneath them during day, too.

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                                  Can be farmed (alongside smithing stones 6 and 8) by Haligtree soldiers. Personal farming spot is Prayer room, trigger first one, roar.

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                                    Rampart tower grace. Kill 3 birds jump off castle wall where third bird sits on left. Follow path all the way down until you find a cliff wall that caves in when you jump on it. Mini boss that drops a spell at bottom.

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