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A large estate situated far to the north of Liurnia. Heavily guarded by all manner of creatures as well as its eternal warden, the spectral Royal Knight Loretta.

Caria Manor is a Location in Elden Ring. The Caria Manor is a large estate found in Liurnia of the Lakes, far to the north. Players can get to the manor by following the main road on the western landmass heading north. Caria Manor is a major dungeon that is heavily guarded and contains many things of note. Defeating the boss and completing this dungeon is required in order to access the northeast sub-region of Three Sisters behind the estate.


Caria Manor Map

Caria Manor is sitting far to the north of Liurnia's western landmass. [Elden Ring Map Link]

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All NPCs and Merchants in Caria Manor

  • Pidia, Carian Servant - Found to the west of the estate. In order to reach him, you will need to have completed the manor and gained access to the Three Sisters sub-region behind the estate. Drop down to his location from the cliffs at the Three Sisters.


All Items in Elden Ring's Caria Manor

Elden Ring Caria Manor Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses


Caria Manor Walkthrough

Caria Manor is accessed from its main gate in the south. Beware of the constant rain of glintstone arrows as you approach the gate. The estate's guardian is constantly bombarding the fields outside the manor to deter would-be trespassers. Once you reach the Site of Grace at the main gate, you are safe from these bombardments. When traversing the estate grounds, watch out for Glintstone traps. These are swords buried in the ground which spring a trap that shoots a glintstone projectile upwards when walked on. These traps knock players away which is especially dangerous when on the higher levels of the estate.





The southernmost area of the estate is the Gardens. This is a very large courtyard infested with Fingercreepers and their smaller counterparts. Be very careful when walking around the gardens as these Fingercreeper enemies can cling to the walls of buildings, dropping down onto unsuspecting targets. They can also burrow into the ground and emerge only when prey is nearby.

On the left side of the gardens, you'll find two corpses, one with five Rimed Crystal Buds and another with six Glintstone Fireflies. Walking up the middle stone pathway, you'll find a Golden Rune (4), two Somber Smithing Stone (2), and a Smithing Stone (2). The right side of the gardens is where the exciting loot is at. In a room within a ruin by the rightmost wall is the Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook (6). Further in the ruin, you'll find the Ice Crest Shield, and as you approach the middle pathway from here, you'll find a Teardrop Scarab that drops the Carian Piercer sorcery. You can also collect a total of five Rimed Crystal Buds from the corpses in the area. Follow the stone path northwest and you'll eventually get to the Chapel.


The Chapel building is an important landmark found in the west of the Gardens. The upper level contains a Site of Grace and leads to the walkways in the gardens that will allow you to reach many different collectibles as well as progress to the manor's upper level. These walkways are guarded by Knight Spirits who appear as you move around the walkways. Be extra careful of glintstone traps up here as they can knock you back down to the gardens. If you want to progress through the dungeon quickly, follow the walkways towards the east to reach a tower with a lift that will take you up to the Manor Upper Level.

Here in the chapel, you can find a corpse behind the altar that has a Smithing Stone (4). Make sure you've grabbed the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace here then exit the chapel and cross the walkways until the path splits. Start by heading down the northern walkway. Follow the path to the end to find a Rune Arc. Look down to the northwest and jump down to the walls below. Jump down again to another section of the wall in the northwest, where you'll find a ladder going down. This ladder takes you to a small room with the Sword of Night and Flame in a chest. Open the door to the west and you'll find yourself in the gardens again.

Make your way back to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace and follow the walkways again, this time taking the eastern walkway. After turning left at the corner, you'll see a flight of stairs leading to another building. Before jumping down, go straight to head up the stairs and take the lift mentioned earlier to get to the Manor Upper-Level Site of Grace and retrace your steps back. Right at the base of the stairs, look eastward and jump down to the lower section of the wall. Loot x8 Rimed Crystal Buds and head north, where you'll find a Golden Rune (3) under the wooden stairs, then run back up the stairs and start heading south. You'll reach a large open part of the walls with a few Fingercreepers. At the far end of this area is the Urumi. Grab it, then continue following the wall southwest. Defeat or run past the Abductor Virgin at the corner to be able to grab a Somber Smithing Stone (3).

Manor Upper Level

The Manor Upper Level comprises the northern half of the estate. Grab the Site of Grace here then head out the western doorway. You'll find a Golden Seed right in front of you, past the staircase. Before following the path northwest, there's a corpse on the right side of this courtyard with three Rimed Crystal Buds. Right past the doorway at the top of the stairs is an area raised high above the gardens guarded by Direwolves and Wandering Noble zombies. Past the Direwolves, you will find a large stone archway to the east. Beyond this is a long staircase leading up to the final area and boss. However, it is heavily guarded by Lazuli Sorcerers and a Troll Knight. If you look to the south, there is a platform with a ladder that you can climb up which will allow you to circumvent all the enemies at the large staircase as you will wind up behind the troll. Up here you'll be able to find two Magic Grease. Consider using this path if you are rushing through or if you don't want to face a large group of hostiles.

If you choose to fight the Troll Knight, however, he drops his weapon, the Troll Knight's Sword. At the top of the middle staircase, turn hard right and follow the side of the wall northeast, jumping around the corner when you get there. If you jump down to the lower ledge, you'll be able to grab a Smithing Stone (4). Continue up the middle set of stairs, where you'll find more staircases to the left and right, each with a Page enemy. Five Rimed Crystal Buds can be found on a corpse on the left set of stairs.

At the very top of the staircases, immediately turn around and pick up the Golden Rune (4) hanging off of the ledge in the middle of the two staircases. There's a fog door to the northwest, but you can look to the south first to find a hole in the wall. This leads to an area outside with wooden platforms along the walls which you can jump down from safely to reach the cliffside graveyards. There are some collectibles to be found along these cliffs, such as eight Crystal Darts, a Cracked Pot, and a Smithing Stone (3), which are guarded by Living Jar enemies. At the lowest level of the graveyard, look to the southwest and you'll find a ruined section of Caria Manor's walls you can jump down to. On the corpse hanging off of the wall is the Ash of War: Carian Grandeur.

Back at the staircases the Troll was guarding, continue through the stone archway to find a large circular arena-like area surrounded by chairs. Once you step into the center of this area, Royal Knight Loretta will appear before you. She is the guardian of this manor and also the one bombarding the fields outside with arrows. She uses a combination of glintstone sorcery spells and polearm attacks in combat. Defeating her awards the Loretta's Greatbow sorcery spell as well as the Ash of War: Loretta's Slash.

Defeating Loretta will spawn a Site of Grace in her arena and open up the way to the Three Sisters sub-region.

Back of the Manor

After exiting out to Three Sisters, keep heading south, following the manor's walls and the cliffs, until you find a Cerulean Teardrop Scarab. From here, look east and drop down to the ruins of a castle wall below you. On the south side of this wall, you'll find wooden platforms leading east that you can safely drop onto. Scale down the ladder here, and you'll find yourself on the upper balcony of the Chapel you were in earlier. Here, you can find and speak to Pidia, as well as pick up a Spellproof Dried Liver.

Head back up the ladder, and climb onto the roof in front of you to find five Old Fangs. Look down to the southwest, and you'll be able to jump down safely to the wall section below you. Head southeast and down and to your left are some more wooden platforms you can jump down to. Grab the three Slumbering Eggs on a corpse here then jump down to another section of a ruined stone wall. If you head all the way southeast and follow the wooden platform, you'll get to a Giant Crab guarding a Stonesword Key.


Elden Ring Caria Manor Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      The four wandering noble mages east of the manor that can use invisibility for hit and run are a massive pain in the arse.

      • Anonymous

        Fingercreepers were dropping Somber Smithing Stones (2) like they were candy for me tonight. I literally got 24 of them in a single run. Glitch? Get 'em while they're hot!

        • Anonymous

          Avionette Soldier Aches +4 are very helpful. They start use lots of fire if you use once or twice a fire bomb. These two little dudes even manage to kill big hands with some help of the player. My level 59 (all stats are at about 20 except Faith and Arcane). I wear Carian Knight set, Brass Shield and Magic Claymore +11. Now these location doesn’t look so tough any more.

          • Anonymous

            Out of everyplace in ER so far, none have given me as much anger as the Manor. Filled with so many bs enemies, ends with a spammy, god-awful boss, and then you immediately have to fight another spammy, terrible boss. Only slight saving grace is access to ranni’s quest line, but still, what a awful place.

            • Use a fire or bleed weapon and keep moving towards the back of the hand and spam attacks. They don't have any moveset to punish you back if you do that.

              • Anonymous

                Flaming Strike AoW takes the hands from difficult, to easy. Anything with fire would do the same probably.

                • Anonymous

                  Fire Pots made the hands a BREEZE. You light them on fire and they writhe for like 2 seconds taking massive damage

                  • Anonymous

                    idk if it was expected or not, though I never saw warning of it on the info sheet above, but I just saw an abductor virgin waiting for me at the westernmost point of the SE rampart while I was omw back to the grace. never seen one there before. so figured I ought to mention

                    • Anonymous

                      At manor upper level where the troll knight is you can faintly hear a scarab but i cant fond it for the life of me. It sounds loudest near the northen wall anyone have any clues if theres actually a scarab here?

                      • Anonymous

                        Not sure why, but my game lags a ton when I hit this area, like to the point where it’s unbearable to play

                        • Anonymous

                          Not sure why, but my game lags a ton when I hit this area, like to the point where it’s unbearable to play

                          • This area isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. If your goal is to reach the Three Sisters sub-area, the path is pretty straightforward. The fog might hinder navigation but there's many ways to circumvent the enemy groups. The boss is medium-difficulty and statue of marika is right outside her area.

                            • READ THIS BEFORE GOING INTO THE CARIA MANOR:
                              Flaming Strike Ash of War
                              is a Godsend in this Area!!
                              The Hand Spiders are VERY WEAK to FIRE. Therefore this Sekiro like special move: shoots a wave of FIRE followed by a wide hitting - lunging R2 Slash that sets your weapon ablaze and gives fire affinity damage buff and effect!
                              Usually the Flaming Projectile is enough to make Spider Hands roll on their back , caught on fire, stunning them long enough for you to kill them with the firey strikes from your flaming weapon!
                              You can start the Ash of War Art on the buried trap fingers.
                              Also craft and bring Firebombs.

                              • Anonymous

                                You can also get a whip called urami on one of the rooftops in caria manor, as your progressing the correct path to the boss from manor lower level and look ro the right you'll see another set of ramparts you can run and jump across too.

                                • Anonymous

                                  In the graveyard behind the manor, there are skeletal wraiths, gray and white lesser wolves albinauric warriors, and at the bottom of the graveyard, a larger orange Direwolf with the ability to use glintstone magic

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Lmao, you can strong hit at the hands while still buried with an axe, be NOT close enough to hit them with the strong hit, yet somehow they get a vacuum suck grab on you immediately as you throw the strong hit.

                                    wHaT gReAt HiTbOxEs

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The Troll Knight located on the stair near the boss' area should not be skipped by anyone who's a melee that has a bit of points in INT as it's one of the most powerful Colossal Sword in the game. Due to the sword's relatively low STR requirement, it has little impact on a spell caster's built to even 1-hand it. It has D in both STR and DEX (for its +PHY dmg) and D in Int (for its +MAG dmg), meaning it get its damage buffed by a lot more overall especially since the bonus in scaling has a base from the requirement stats (meaning you get + scaled damages bonus out of low requirement stats weapon than an high attribute requiring one). As for its special ability, if you use the Roar medallion, it becomes an ability that stag everyone around you, including small and medium size bosses.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        So; spiders in DS2 werent enough. No no no, from had to combine the most terrifying non boss enemy in Ocarina of Time with them and make em move like spiders as well.

                                        10 outta ****ing 10 from. Whoever designed these enemies may he or she rot in hell.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          These hand spiders are the stuff of my nightmares. Good job, whoever thought them up, they are horrifying

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Here’s a tip: the spiderhands/ wallmasters are very susceptible to blood flame blade. Haven’t tried any other flame attacks but bfb causes them to stun when burning

                                            • Anonymous

                                              There is also a golden iron maiden somewere in the areas before Loreta, haven't checked if it teleports you but it didn't drop anything.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                There is also a stonesword key here if you continue to drop down the castle walls prior rather than dropping into the chapel where the merchant resides. Its underneath a giant crab.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  For some reason the lift after the Site of Grace in the Chapel is not there for me and I can't find a way to make it come down

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    TO ACCESS THE UPPER LEVEL OF THE CHAPEL:
                                                    First you will need to defeat the boss knight. Then go out from the back (north), turn left and follow the walls. You will see an opening for you to drop down to the chapel. Don't kill the merchant by mistake, he sells some pretty useful items, especially if you want to respec.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Urumi whip above where Glintstone Crafing book is found. Far NE corner upper floor behind gaggle of finger-crabs

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        There are messages of players suggesting to do a gesture at the statue near the boss arena, I am trying to do the pray gesture but nothing is happening.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          don't know if there is a specific place you are supposed to submit stuff like this but
                                                          the Knight Spirits are able to drop smithing stone (2) and (3)

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                                                        ⇈ ⇈