Witchbane Ruins

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A set of ruins found in western Weeping Peninsula. Overgrown with thick shrubs and poisonous pools, this decrepit landmark invites only misery and dread. 

Witchbane Ruins is a Location in Elden Ring. The Witchbane Ruins is found at the Weeping Peninsula. This location is easily accessible on foot or on horseback and can be found directly south of the Fourth Church of Marika.


Witchbane Ruins Map

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  • There are no upgrade materials in this location


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  • There are no key items in this location


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Witchbane Ruins Walkthrough

Once you reach Witchbane Ruins, you'll see a School of Graven Mages  in the middle of the area. There's also a Marionette Soldier in the area so be wary of that. There's also a Marionette Soldier in the area that can drop theMarionette Soldier Set and the Spiked Spear. After you defeat the Graven Mass, head down the stairs and open the door blocking the path. On the right side of the room, you'll see a corpse, go towards it and pillage the remains, you'll receive the Ambush Shard. In the middle, you'll see Sorceress Sellen pinned to the wall. There is no way to free her. It is recommended not to hit her, as this will anger her and will cause complications with her questline.


Elden Ring Witchbane Ruins Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      „Sellen“ is not the word for souls in German. „Seelen“ means souls and is pronounced quite differently :-) You can verify it with any dictionary

      • Anonymous

        Okay, I wanted to figure it out and It is definitely her. Went back and forth and she is both places. But, do not kill her in the cellar. She doesn't drop anything just ruins the quest.

        • I got sellen's primeval glintstone and forgot about it for awhile. After I beat Rykard I went to the roundtable hold and got a notification that Sellen's body has died and when I went to go visit at Witchbane ruins Jerren was there saying he killed Sellen

          • Anonymous

            It's clearly not Sellen as she is still in Waypoint Ruins Cellar when you see her pinned against the wall.

            • Anonymous

              Actually you need to accept her request. Sellen will ask you go to her real body in the Weeping Peninsula and give you something. Then you come here and take her life/soul thing.

              • Anonymous

                I did attack this Sellen with a light attack from a great sword (before I came to the wiki to see what was going on) and the other Sellen still let me shop with her. Maybe I've messed up some other quest? Doesn't seem to have any repercussions with the Sellen in Waypoint.

                • Anonymous

                  Why do you think it's Sellen? Because she wears a STANDART UNIFORM of a Raya Lucaria Academy? Oh come on, so many other sorceresses out there apart from Sellen.

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm sorry, but in what world are the ruins DIRECTLY south of the 4th chapel? It's definitely south west.

                    This really messed me up on your website because it said there is a somber stone (2) south east of castle morne guarded by jellyfish. I thought it meant after castle before boss, because the castle is the southmost point, but that area had a somber stone level 1, so I thought the wiki was just wrong. Turns out it's on a beach directly east and not south in the slightest. Please fix your directions if you get a chance

                    • Anonymous

                      Just in case people wonder. This is fake Sellen. Go check the waypoint ruins. She still there. So quest still doable I guess... I discovered this gal way late.

                      • Anonymous

                        I don't know of anyone has mention this but you can find projection of her in waypoint ruins and you can activate her questline. She will tell you about witchbane. I hope this helps

                        • Anonymous

                          If you attacked her and she no longer appears as a vender at her other location you can go to the church if vows and cleanse yourself. Then she’ll appear as a vender again.

                          • Anonymous

                            So, after killing her I used a dew of absolution at the church of vows. When I went back she let me interact with her to save her.

                            • Anonymous

                              The apprentice magician at Church of Irith (NE outside Stormveil castle wall) speaks about the accusations brought to Sellen being a witch and torturing some of her students? (cant exactly remember) which led to her expelling from academy. He (as her ex-student) thinks the great Sellen would never do so such terrible things.

                              • Anonymous

                                Do not attack her. She has her own questline, AND is required for a future quest with the Caria Manor characters. Major no no even if you already bought her stock.

                                • Anonymous

                                  jfc I killed this one thinking “oh I’ll put her out of her misery” and then it’s the same one from waypoint and she’s just gone now. I LOVE FROMSOFT

                                  • Anonymous

                                    damn, I thought I was putting her out of her misery. Thanks wiki. Note to self: Always read comments first.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Appearently freeing her is part of her quest chain, but I havent done the other steps yet.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Do not attack the NPC. It's apparently Sellen's main body. Attacking it locks you out of her quests and store

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The prisoner here is part of the questline of the vendor Sellen. Do her questline to interact with the her.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            its possible we will need a key or solvent of some kind to remove her bindings, either that or it may have something to do with the time of day we interact with her

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Can now verify that the chained up prisoner is Sellen. Having hit her, she faded like an illusion. Attacking the Prisoner revealed the name "Sorceress Sellen" above her name, and she became hostile, casting static sorceries, but remained chained (Frozen?) to the wall. No characters seem to have dialogue about the encounter though.

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