Murkwater Cave

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A dark cave halfway through the Murkwater River

Murkwater Cave is a Location in Elden Ring. The Murkwater Cave is found in Limgrave. It can be found halfway through the Murkwater River, beware of Bloody Finger Nerijus' position.


Murkwater Cave Map

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Murkwater Cave Walkthrough

It is recommended to use a Torch to be able to see. Keep moving, until you reach the first room, in which you will find two people. One is running around, while the second one is sitting on the other corner of the room. There are two traps near the entrance of the room and a third one in its centre : walking through them will ring the alarm and more enemies will come. Deal with the two enemies.

Two more enemies will come from the corridor as soon as you approach it, be ready to dodge. There are three more enemies sitting in the next room. If you are playing a caster, opening with Glintstone Arc is a good idea to strike first and deal massive damage to all. You will find some Cave Moss in the room. Open the chest too loot x5 Mushroom.

Return to the first room and head the other way to find a fog gate Boss room. Traverse it once ready. As you enter, you will notice that there is no boss. Head to the chest and open it. You will hear a voice, unhappy by your actions and demanding revenge. Patches, a veteran FromSoftware character, makes his grandiose entrance. He will then first initiate a boss fight with you. You will eventually be prompted to forgive him during combat.

Once his health reaches about, he will surrender.  The sequence won't stop until you cease attacking him. At this point he will be cowering behind his shield and cease his attacks. Do not kill him, and wait for the 'Enemy Felled' notice. You will still receive Golden Rune (1) and the Grovel for Mercy Gesture. Forgive him to return to him here and interact with him again as a merchant. He may be found at another location and his new coordinates are found here: Elden Ring Map

Loot the chest in the room if you haven't already- to obtain Cloth Garb and Cloth Trousers. Opening the other chest in the room will have you ensnared in a transporter trap that sends you to Mistwood surrounded by Lesser Runebears, near Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook[4]. Map Link.

Come back to engage in combat again and during the fight he may drop another Gesture, Extreme Repentance. If you choose to kill him off and he will drop: 


Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Has anyone used mods to see if anything is up on the ledge Patches keeps jumping down from? He always enters from that spot, and the angle is no good to see up there from ground level.

      • Anonymous

        I accidentally killed him the first time, got his stuff and the ball bearing. Gave the ball to the twins. I warp back to the cave, He's alive and has dialogue too. something about mugging people is hard coz of people like us and plans to set up shop. I thought I killed him. I'm even wearing his gear lol.

        • Anonymous

          On your 2nd fight with him use grovel for mercy first then after he gives you extreme repentance, use it ... he forgives you once extreme repentance is used. I kept him at about 20% life before using any gesture . . . I had his dialog options exhausted before attacking him , they include , the dialog of "about the bandits" and "that chest over there". .

          • Anonymous

            Had no idea this was here until lvl 150 at endgame. He was just dead. All of his stuff was chilling there and there was sonny 1 chest in the room lol.

            • Anonymous

              Has anyone found a hidden route or back door to this cave? How the heck does he get up on the high ledge of his chamber?

              • Anonymous

                On second meeting, after killing Rykard, back in Murkwater Cave- I had to open the chest, he gets angry, then I just dodged him for 10-20 seconds without hitting him, and he began asking for mercy. He’ll hide under his shield, I ran up to him, waited maybe 5-10 more seconds, then it gave me the new gesture.

                • Anonymous

                  Do not come back and just engage in combat and pray he may drop a gesture you have to use the previous gesture.he gave you in the last fight. Man whoever writes this is garbage ruining people's playthroughs.

                  • Anonymous

                    Wow absolute garbage write ups do not engage in combat when coming back after he ensnares you in the trap as he will not stop until death and you'll be locked out of his quest... Who the **** writes this garbage

                    • Anonymous

                      Just to be clear the bell bearing grants access to Patches' exact same shop after he dies. Same inventory, same limits for items. I thought I could get some extra chicken feet, but if you buy 3 from Patches the twins will be out of stock as well.

                      • The chest that appears in Patches's cave after returning post-fight and sparing him will transport you to the area just outside Mistwood Ruins near where you get the map and the runebear scratching the tree. It takes the runebear a momet to realize you're there so you can stafely escape, but your ability to quick travel to sites of grace is disabled until you make your way to one and rest.

                        • Anonymous

                          so I didn't come here until after "clearing" volcano manor... (as in skipping straight to killing rykard and not doing the questline.) and instead of meeting patches, his gear and bell bearing was sitting next to the unopened chest, so i guess if you don't ever meet him before killing rykard he just dies.

                          • Anonymous

                            I saw him show up as a summon at General Radahn when I was watching YouTube so went to get him but hit too hard and didn't know he never asks mercy then.

                            • Anonymous

                              "After the fight, you can choose to forgive him or not"

                              This should be

                              "When he is below 25% life he will ask you to stop, you can choose to forgive him or not"

                              I just kill him by mistake because of late cast magic

                              • Anonymous

                                Highwaymen also drop Dagger and Shortsword.
                                Patches emporium section of the cave houses a second Chest after subsequent surrender and opening for business.

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you come back after sparing Patches, he will be a merchant, and he will have a new transporter chest in the room, teleporting you to East Limgrave

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