Ainsel River Main is a Location in Elden Ring. The Ainsel River Main sub-region is defined as the northern section of Ainsel River. As with the southern section, you'll find cave systems that open up to caverns filled with ruins and waterfalls. This northern section of the Ainsel River can be accessed by using a Waygate at the top of Renna's Rise. You have to have given Ranni  the Fingerslayer Blade to gain access to this waygate. Another way to reach here without progressing Ranni's quest is from a coffin in the northwestern section of Deeproot Depths (see it on the Elden Ring Map here).


The main, northern body of the Ainsel River.
Two great rivers flow beneath the Lands between, the Siofra and the Ainsel. This vast region is said to be the grave of civilizations that flourished before the Erdtree.


Ainsel River Main Map & Map Fragments

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Elden Ring Ainsel River Main Sites of Grace & Sub-Locations

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Ainsel River Main Walkthrough

Upon entering through the Waygate, pick up the Miniature Ranni from a coffin, then proceed to the Site of Grace. Go ahead and hide behind the partial walls to approach the Malformed Star. Take it out for a Somber Smithing Stone (7), then turn around and loot 2x Grave Gloveworts (6), 2x Ghost Gloveworts (6), a Ghost Glovewort (7), 2x Golden Runes (7), 3x Human Bone Shards, and a Smithing Stone (4). Beware of the Clayman. Behind the Giant Miranda Sprout (which emits clouds of pollen that inflict Madness) near the waterfall are the Clayman Ashes and a Stonesword Key. Make your way back to where the Malformed Star was to pick up another Ghost Glovewort (7). Head down the tunnel where some Giant Ants are waiting for you, as well as Stimulating Boluses. There are two flying Giant Ants ahead, as well as a Doorhead Giant Ant. Pick up 2x Shield Greases and 8x Golden Runes (10), then head to the left. Go ahead to fight some Starcallers, then turn right until see a corpse above you. Drop down and climb onto the ruins to loot the Wing of Astel from a chest. Then go back to get a Somber Smithing Stone (6) from the aforementioned corpse. Go back to where the ants were and take the other way, pick up another Ghost Glovewort (6) in front of the wall, then go up to enter Nokstella, Eternal City.

Elden Ring Ainsel River Main Maps and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      There is a definition of the word "Main" which means a large water pipe.
      E.g. "The council are doing repair work on the water main"

      Ainsell River Main could be an artificially created channel, designed to keep the rot sealed in the lake below by washing it back down.

      • Anonymous

        Can someone learn more about the "Scyth-weilding Gravity mages"? I wanna know if you can get any armor/weapon from them.

        • Anonymous

          it can also be reached via coffin travel at the waterfall's edge just west of The Nameless Eternal City site of grace, underneath the capital, which can be reached via coffin travel from the Great Waterfall Basin site of grace. Didn't realize this was possible until after I completed Ranni's questline, and I'm not sure if it would have sped anything up in any case, but more routes to Rome never hurt!

          • Anonymous

            There's actually another way to reach the northern part of Ainsel River Main without giving Ranni the FingerSlayer Blade. At Deeproot Depths, near The Nameless Eternal City Grace. Once you reach there, walk along the river to the left side until you almost reach the end of the cliff. You'll find bunch of coffins and one of them will allow you to teleport similar how you first access to Deeproot Depths, but instead it'll send you to Ainsel River Main.

            However, if you didn't give Ranni the FingerSlayer Blade, you won't find her doll there.

            • Anonymous

              Instead of Ranni's quest, you can also access here from deathroot depth the same way you sleep in coffine in lake of rot.

              • Anonymous

                Weapon here, whenever you go through the tunnel with the flying ants, go along a wall path and walk atop a pillar/beam in a chest: Wing of Astel, curved sword, it shoots magic waves with strong attacks and has a weapon art I can't use (stats too low, needs 20 int 7 str and 17 dex

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