Siofra River Well

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A mystical underground region filled with its own set of skies and stars. Beware, it is teeming with creatures big and small alike.

Siofra River Well is a Location in Elden Ring. The Siofra River Well is found in Mistwood just slightly north of the Minor Erdtree. The well houses a lift that takes players down into the underground area, the Siofra River. For more information check the Siofra River page. See also: Deep Siofra Well


Siofra River Well Map

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Elden Ring NPCs and Merchants in Siofra River Well

  • Blaidd - Can be found here after some progress in his questline. He is first encountered in Mistwood Ruins.


All Items in Elden Ring's Siofra River Well

Elden Ring Siofra River Well Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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Siofra River Well Walkthrough

Siofra River Well is found in Mistwood. There will be a lift inside the structure. Stepping on the platform will take you down. Step off the platform to reach a Site of Grace. Be ready to fight off a number of Clayman creatures. Defeat them to get a chance to gain Clayman's Harpoon. Some foraging for materials can be done here as well. One notable material you can acquire is a Golden Centipede which will be at the corner on some rubble when you approach the large statue. It is quite bright in color and hard to miss.  Other materials can be forged around the grass, and will have glow for you to recognize them. Siofra River Well is also abundant in Dewkissed Herba

On the upper levels, there will a corpse draped over a wall gap. Loot it to gain Budding Horn x3. Continue onwards till you reach a large flight of stairs next to a waterfall. There will be another body draped over the handrail where you can obtain Golden Rune (4). Directly in the waterfall you can also obtain Soap.

You can take the next lift to the next section. Make a left after the lift and follow the stone bridge to enter the structure on your left. There will be a body containing Preserving Boluses. Follow the rocky path down on either side, and under the bridge, on one of the bridge arches you will find Beast Liver x3. On the left there will be a Giant Crab, just behind some Crab Eggs on a corpse. There is another crab nearby as well.

Continuing up the river, there will be a tall stone structure on your right. Jumping up several times will lead you to a corpse with a Golden Rune (3) on it.

Just past this will be another stone structure, and just past this slightly to the left is the Siofra River Bank site of grace. Just past this is the summoning pool stone. Jumping up the rocks next to the site of grace and then going west will lead you to 2 Ancestral Follower guarding a corpse containing Armorer's Cookbook (6). Heading back east will lead you to another Giant Crab. Making a north after the crab leads you up an open hill, with a few Ancestral Followers along the way, as well as some hefty beast bones and whatnot in the form of boars. This leads to another obelisk where you light the fire. One of these followers will appear from thin air as you near the obelisk. A remains hung over a large rock here holds a Lump of Flesh. After lighting the fire, make an east and follow the wall. Another bull boy will appear from thin air as you round the corner. Against the north wall is some remains with one Golden Rune [4]. Head back down toward the grace.
In the water area here, avoid the blue electrical sparkly floating whisps circling around the lake, as they will hit you with electricity and being that you are standing in water, the predicted results will inevitably follow... If you continue forward you will come to an Obelisk where you can light the flame. Just past this there is an island in the center, with a corpse with a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. Just next to this is a teleportation device. Skip this for now. 

To the right is a large staircase lined with obelisks, leading up, which leads to Hallowhorn Grounds. Also skip this for now. To the right of the staircase is a corpse with Map: Siofra River. Make a west at the steps and go up a hill to find more followers gathering herbs. On the north edge of the cliff here overlooking the site of grace you will find remains with Old Fang x2. Continue up the hill to find a remains with  Arteria Leaf x3, and another with the Inverted Hawk Heater Shield.

Head back down to the steps and go east, up a slight hill. Right about where the melted mushroom is under a small group of trees, you will be greeted by 3 followers appearing out of thin air. One will be firing projectiles at you, the other sorceries, and one will attempt melee. Ahead of you is a very large tree. On the other side are remains containing  Golden Rune [4] x1. Just to the right/south of the tree is a path leading down. In addition to a Trina's Lily along the way, you will come to a remains containing the Horn Bow. Turn around and look to the left side of the stone structure. Jump up onto this path to find another remains, this one containing Golden Rune [6] x1.

Head back to the giant tree and continue eastward up the hill. Again to the right is a drop-down. This one demands a horse. Jumping all the way to the top will find you a Ghost Glovewort [3]. To make it across this very tempting jump, you will need a horse again. Jump from the farthest reaching out stone block, you do not need to get a running start. On the far side of the column is a remains with a Stonesword Key. Go back to where you jumped across, walk out on the diving-board looking thing and head on down. Carefully make your way down the pillar  Seriously hugging left is a good approach. Drop down to the stone path with some lovely green grass. Just west are the remains you passed on your flight up, which contains Dwelling Arrow. The horse is a good idea for jumping back down from here, otherwise, best of luck.

Continue NE-ward and pass under the bridge. After dispatching 2 followers gathering herbs,  turn NW to see an island with 3 followers. On the way is remains with a gold pickled fowl foot. Light the flame on the obelisk here. Turn east and go back across the water (avoiding the electrical wisps) and head on up the path with the very large sconces. There will be three followers pathing here. On the left side against a large white tree is a remains with a Golden Rune [2]. Just passed this, also on the left, is a remains with Shield Grease. Take a slight detour to the left and head toward a remains with a bow-wielding follower staring at it.  The remains continas Smithing Stone [2] x3.  Head back to the large path, dispatch the 2 followers standing by the next large sconce, and proceed to light another fire at an obelisk.

Heading north from here will cause another follower to appear Just behind the next large sconce is a great opportunity to enjoy the ability to jump in Elden Ring. At the top of the structure is a remains with Smithing Stone [3] x1. Just past the next large sconce another follower will appear. Take another detour and head west to the large collapsed pillar. Against it is a remains with Dwelling Arrow x10. Jump up just to the left of this and find another remains with  Dappled Cured Meat x1. Deal with the bow-wielding follower chilling on the pillar and jump up to a teleportation device. Ignore this for now, and do some more jumping to find a remains with  one Somber Smithing Stone [2].

Go back down the fallen column and head north (where the sconce-lit path heads). This brings you to another obelisk needing its flame lit. It is guarded by 2 electric whisps, but fortunately you are on dry land. They will discharge and if you do not get hit too many times you will survive. (I suggest approaching from the left from where a turtle is sitting to keep the pillar between you and one wisp).  Be wary of a follower attempting to hide behind a tree to the east. Continue a short way along the path to the Worshipper's Woods site of grace.

Continuing northward from here will find some followers attempting to cleverly hide but betraying their presence with their loud, clompy, stamping feet. Next to a rock on your left is a remains with a Golden Rune [4]. Turn opposite of this and to the east, against a rock with a clomping follower, is a remains with Smithing Stone [2] x3. Continue up the path and to the east, right about opposite the huge waterfall, is the other end of the teleportation device you encountered earlier in the center of the small island near the Siofra River Bank site of grace. 

You can take a quick detour toward the west to light a nearby obelisk, or save it for later. A couple of followers will appear out of thin air and attack. Return to the bonfire area.

Continuing on the path you will find 3 rats and 2 Ancestral Follower doing leg exercises while enjoying a truly stellar view. Just after them is another obelisk where you can light the flame. Past this are a total of five rats hiding atop rocks. Be careful as there are follower snipers with great bows to the north who will not hesitate to give you a new piercing with a large blue glowing spear-sized arrow. Atop a large rock here is a crimson flask-refilling bug. A good approach for the sniper is in the woods to the left of the path as you can hide behind trees while approaching. Atop a rock here is a remains containing  Golden Rune [4] x1. Continue up the path and just before the stairs, make a west for the Below the Well site of grace.

Head up the stairs to find a remains with Clarifying Horn Charm x1. At the very top is an elevator requiring a stone sword key. This lift will take you up on the longest and fastest elevator ride in the world, to  Caelid, depositing you at the Deep Siofra Well bonfire.

To the west is a rock bridge. On the other side is a golden tree containing a Golden Seed. After getting this, jump onto the stone structure and it is horsey time again. Jump up, dismount, and very carefully make your way around to the other end of the column to find a remains with a Stonesword Key. Go back and then jump down, toward the golden tree. At this point, head back to the Worshipper's Woods site of grace and head west from there.

In this area, turn southwest to find more rats (including one big one) watching followers do leg calisthenics while staring at the waterfall, next to another obelisk in need of your attention. Deal with these and do your thing with the fire lighting at the obelisk. All obelisks should now be lit, so guess who is now awake. You will receive a message once they are all lit.

 Finishing up:

Head toward the obelisk just west of the Worshipper's Woods bonfire. and light it if you did not do so already. From the obelisk area head south toward the wooden platforms. Go in between the stone support column and the west-most wooden shack. Be prepared for a lrage octopus attack. There are also several small ones in the water. Circle around the column toward the waterfall, and just around the corner is a remains with Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot x2. Head back toward the shacks, being careful to avoid the electric wisps. The first shack is empty but go in if that is your thing. Go up the taller staircase just in front of you onto a platform and take the ladder going up which is just in front of the fire. Be ready for the follower at the top. Take the next ladder and another follower is waiting at the top. On your right is a remains hanging over the edge, containing Sliver of Meat x1. Turn 180 degrees and on the edge of the platform is another to drop down onto. Go around the corner, up the next stairs and find another remains containing Golden Rune [3]. Now go across the walkway to the west, and drop down on your left to the shack below, and then to the next platform, and into the shack for a remains with Smithing Stone [3] x2. Go back up again and this time go all the way across the bridge, through the stone column, through the camp area and drop down into the stone room. where you will find Abandoned Merchant, who sells 3 Stonesword Keys, and Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17] and Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [18], as well as a Larval Tear. Just west of the merchant is a remains with a Hefty Beast Bone. Be quick as the giant flower will cast its AoE spell once it sees you. Drop down to the grassy area filled with poisonous flowers. Next to a column is a remains with Smithing Stone [4].

This area leads to a lake with a couple of large octopuses (octopi?) . Head south, hugging the right wall to come to a remains with Furlcalling Finger Remedy. If you rstay here for a bit, the baby octopuses will come to greet you. Just southeast of here is a remains with Golden Rune [4]. If you keep right you will come to an earlier area with the hill toward the obelisk and the first lake with the transporter, and of course the first bonfire and steps leading to the boss.

The earlier teleporter:

The teleporter located atop the column at the top of the fallen pillar leads to a peaceful area elevated above everything. Keeping to the left, on the south side is a remains with  Slumbering Egg x2. On the right side of the building is a plant yielding a Ghost Glovewort [5].  Inside are a ton of mudmen and a Great Oracular Bubble sorcery being held by a Teardrop beetle, and a Somber Smithing Stone [5] on a remains. To the northeast is a slope down leading to a pond and a small waterfall. Near the waterfall are remains with  a Golden Rune [7]. A ghost glovewort [4] is found under a tree on the pond's edge near the large waterfall down. Under a tree to the east can be found Nacent Butterfly.

Near the boss in the waterfall is Marika's Scarseal.

Elden Ring Siofra River Well Gallery and Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Regular Creatures and Enemies list is missing Ancestral Followers,at%20braziers%20around%20Siofra%20River.

      • Beautiful underground Hollow Earth in Lands Between. You can accidentally encounter this Area assuming the player ventures off to the East instead of going into Castle Stormveil. Most players who just rather go off path will definitely find Sionfra River, Patches, Caelid, Ashgeel Lake, Castle Morne... Just go away from Castle Stormveil and you'll end up somewhere else.... Apparently Goderick is an important boss fight but damn, it's like I need to be a higher level or have more powerful weapon to kill that guy. Or just use a Player who's End Game and just Password summon

        • Anonymous

          There's a teleporter just past the archer on the fallen column about midway through the forested area that takes you to an optional bossfight that drops the Dragon Halberd and the Maricka's Scarseal nearby

          • Anonymous

            Anyone else loose their Runes on death here? I didn't loose many, but my death spot is not marked anywhere on the map

            • Anonymous

              Use all souls before exploring this place. Huge underground location with immense number of enemies. The electric balls cannot be attacked as far as I can tell but will almost guarantee kill you if you get within a decent distance. The Minotaur ghosts that spawn out of the air have a glitch that can permanently stun you on the ground in my experience and you will die when this occurs. It does not seem to occur every time but I've had it happen several now and you will just lie there for 5-10 seconds, or even 30+ seconds until all summons are killed and they turn to kill you while on ground.

              • Anonymous

                Climb the scaffolding in the middle to find an abandoned merchant. He sells magical arrows, stonesword keys, a larval tear and 2 cookbooks among other things

                • Anonymous

                  there is a sorcery Oracle Bubbles it drops from a blue scarab its on a broken statue with another item, from the budding horn jump on the wall then continue around until two claymen mages behind them is a hole with the broken statue

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone else's game crash when going down the lift here and at the Ainsel River Well lift? I've tried turning settings to low but it doesn't fix the issue, any ideas?

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