Miranda Sprout

miranda sprout toxic pink
Location Across the Lands Between

Miranda Sprout is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Miranda Sprouts are hostile at all times. They are smaller variants of the Giant Miranda Sprout and are typically seen with them.

The spirit of five (5) Miranda Sprouts can be summoned for aid in battle by using Miranda Sprout Ashes.


 Sweet little carnivorous blossoms that feed upon human flesh. They creep slowly, scattering toxic pollen. They are vulnerable to fire.


Miranda Sprout Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Miranda Sprout:


Miranda Sprout Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 14 - 778
Poisonbloom 10.00%
"A" Variant
Poisonbloom 15.00%
"B" Variant
Poisonbloom 20.00%
"C" Variant
Miranda Powder 5.00% "A" and "C" Variant
Miranda Powder 15.00% "B" Variant


Enemy Type Buildup Type/Special Features Additional Information

Toxic Miranda Sprout
miranda sprout toxic pink

  • Emits a green cloud of pollen that inflicts Poison buildup.
Can be pink or yellow. Found in many places in the Lands Between.

Frenzied Miranda Sprout
miranda sprout frenzied 2

  • Emits a yellow-orange cloud of pollen that inflicts Madness buildup.
  • Explodes when lit on fire
Found in the woods just south of the Church of Inhibition and west of the Frenzied Flame Village.

Rotten Miranda Sprout
miranda sprout rotten

  • Emits a red cloud of pollen that inflicts Scarlet Rot buildup.
Mostly found in Caelid, The Shaded Castle, or Miquella's Haligtree.

Magic Miranda Sprout

magic miranda sprout

  • Emits a green cloud of pollen that inflicts Poison buildup.
  • Have high Magic Damage Resistance

Elden Ring Miranda Sprout Notes & Tips

  • They emit clouds of toxic pollen, so it's best to take them at a distance.
  • They can slam their flower into the ground, which can damage and stagger the player.
  • The Magic Miranda Sprouts have high Magic Damage Negation
  • Frenzied Variants explode when lit on fire.
  • There are also immobile Miranda Sprouts which are mostly underground. It's possible these are not yet fully grown, or that they are merely submerged in the dirt.


Miranda Sprout Image Gallery

miranda sprout 1 elden ring wiki guide miranda sprout 2 elden ring wiki guide miranda sprout 4 elden ring wiki guide

miranda sprout toxic pink rooted miranda sprout toxic blue 1 miranda sprout toxic blue 2 miranda sprout toxic yellow 1 miranda sprout toxic yellow 2 miranda sprout toxic yellow rooted miranda sprout toxic yellow rooted 2

miranda sprout frenzied 1 miranda sprout frenzied 3 miranda sprout frenzied 2 miranda sprout rotten miranda sprout rotten 2 miranda sprout rotten rooted 2 miranda sprout rotten rooted 3

miranda sprout rotten rooted 6 miranda sprout rotten rooted 4 miranda sprout rotten rooted 5 miranda sprout 5 elden ring wiki guide miranda sprout 6 elden ring wiki guide  

miranda sprout 10 elden ring wiki guide miranda sprout 11 elden ring wiki guide miranda sprout 12 elden ring wiki guide er miranda sprout


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    • I tested how much Magic Damage a Glintstone Scrap does against a Blue Miranda Sprout compared to a Pink Miranda Sprout (found in Liurnia and Stillwater Cave, respectively). I have 20 Intelligence, which is the only star Glintstone Scraps scale with.
      Blue Miranda Sprouts took 96 damage, while the Pink Miranda Sprouts took 192 damage.

      • Anonymous

        Hitting the black madness-pollen spewing ones with fire will kill them instantly but they will explode and spray pollen everywhere so consider using flame magic or fire arrows.

        • Anonymous

          If you have 99 bolt (that you keep getting from killing soldier) this enemy is a good one to spend them bolts...

          Drop ingredients to craft poison bomb, which quite good for boss fight.

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