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Location Minor Erdtrees across the Lands Between
Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 63 - 1609 Runes
Guardian Set
Guardian's Swordspear
Tarnished Golden Sunflower

Guardian is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. They are found around several of the Minor Erdtrees, acting as the trees protectors. Guardians are hostile at close proximity and will rush forward to attack with their Swordspears.


 Warriors who eternally watch and protect the Erdtree and its offspring. Their large swordspears and their tendencies to group up can make them tricky opponents to dispatch.


Elden Ring Guardian Locations

Where to Find Guardians:


Elden Ring Guardian Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 63 - 1609
Guardian's Swordspear 2.00% N/A
Guardian Mask 1.50% N/A
Guardian Garb 1.50% N/A
Guardian Garb (Full Bloom) 1.50% N/A
Guardian Bracers 1.50% N/A
Guardian Greaves 1.50% N/A
Golden Centipede 4.00% N/A
Tarnished Golden Sunflower 4.00% N/A


Guardian Notes & Tips

  • The Guardians near the Minor Erdtree Church have a unique attack where the branch on the back blooms with flowers, causing the Guardian to grow in size, as well as growing roots around their swordspear, turning it into a large club-like weapon.
  • One type is already blossomed, and drops a different Chest Armor piece, Guardian Garb (Full Bloom).
  • Guardians can appear as a red flower with a thick tree root-like stem, only to climb the rest of the way out of the ground.
  • Guardians can turn their back towards the player and thrust it in their direction, which expels a small cloud of Poison.


Elden Ring Guardian Image Gallery 


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    • Anonymous

      This "The Guardians near the Minor Erdtree Church have a unique attack where the branch on the back blooms with flowers, causing the Guardian to grow in size, as well as growing roots around their swordspear, turning it into a large club-like weapon." is not entirely true, I saw same attack from the guardian on the Erdtree rootes in Leyndell.

      • Anonymous

        From Smoldering Church grace, go east towards the Minor Erdtree, there's 8 easy to farm guardians along the path.

        • Anonymous

          233 Discovery at the 3 Guardians in front of Tombsward Catacombs.
          32 in total and they dropped:
          1 Tarnished Golden Sunflower.

          • Anonymous

            These guys deserved to be an elite mob. An awesome moveset plus a second phase is fun to fight against too bad they drop down like flies and die in two hits.

            • Anonymous

              The farming route at Greyoll's Dragonbarrow is even sweeter than the current description makes it out to be — Not only are there many Guardians on the slope leading up to the Minor Erdtree, there are roughly just as many waiting for you on the ridge up and to your right on the way back. You can kill so many in a single run that I frequently found that a single Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot didn't last long enough for a round trip. — Courh the Explorer

              • Anonymous

                I have a question about enemies in general, but I'm asking here because its the tree guardians up the hill from the dragonbarrow fork site of grace that I first noticed. The guardians here are all the same type, there are none like the ones in altus plateau that have a flower blooming on their backs. I would have assumed that the same attack on each enemy would do the same amount of damage to each guardian, but this isn't what I've been seeing. I don't know if this is how it is with every enemy type, where say, a couple of godrick soldiers will have more health than the others around them, I only noticed it here because of how many of them I've killed, whats muddying the waters for me is earlier on when I was killing them just to get some sort of idea whats happening with these enemies, its not always the same guardians in the same place that are able to survive an incantation that kills all the others in one cast. Anyone else noticed this with these tree guardians or any other group of enemies of the same type in the same area having differing health pools?

                • Anonymous

                  One hour of farming these guys outside of the tombsward catacombs at 109 discovery. Killed at least 200 of these.

                  2 Masks
                  6 Garbs
                  7 Bracers
                  9 Greaves

                  No Swordspear. I am in pain

                  • Anonymous

                    There’s a very convenient, albeit late-game, farming spot that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. After defeating Lemon Godfrey, you’ll have the Erdtree Sanctuary site of grace – this is your spawn point. Go back out to the branch and use an AoE like Dragonfire to kill 6 of them at once. These ones also drop the Guardian Garb (Full Bloom)!

                    • Anonymous

                      These guys must be the wormfaces. Infected by godwyns body deep under the erdtree. Mutating them into sick suffering monstrosities.

                      • Anonymous

                        The best farming spot for this enemy is from Fort Faroth, go north, take the spirit sprint down the cliff and then follow the path west. Along this path is about 10 Guardians, once killed just fast travel back to the grace and repeat. Quick with a large amount of kills per run with no other enemies around.

                        • Anonymous

                          I tried farming them 15 minutes with basic pyro and they didn't drop shiz, I kill one with a weapon and it instantly drops a set piece, can anyone confirm if killing dem with fire reduces drop chance to 0? I think it might have been just a coincidence but IDK

                          • Anonymous

                            The ones with flowers on their backs in the capital can drop a variant of the chest piece called Guardian Garb(Full Bloom). It has a special effect that increases crison(health) flask recovery at the cost of fire damage negation.

                            • Anonymous

                              Been farming them at the minor erdtree in weeping peninsula first ten mins I got 4 guardian swordspear, 5 guardian masks, 3 guardian bracers.... been here an hour now no drops had to come here to check if they dropped the rest of the set.

                              • Anonymous

                                so the blooming guardians turn their weapons into clubs at around half health, anyone know if they can drop them, or am I wasting my time? I noticed that they haven't been dropping their spears after transforming, so I thought they might just be rare, but I'm having no luck

                                • Anonymous

                                  I don't know how to edit the page but these guys are in Caelid around the Dragonbarrow Fork and give about 1100 Runes per kill, there are about 35 of them (roughly, I never actually counted) and all nicely spaced out so you are usually only fighting one at a time, and maximum 3-4 at a time if you aren't overly cautious about how you agro them. With a +15 Lordsworn Straightsword I am killing them in about 5-6 hits each and the path you go along to kill them all circles right back to the site of grace. Best rune farming spot that I've found so far, getting about 50k every 10 minutes.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    theres actually another spot these spawn, on the path to the minor erdtree in caelin theres about 10 of them that spawn there, really good farming place

                                    • Anonymous

                                      These guys also drop their armor, just so everyone knows.

                                      I found that the best farming spot for their armor actually is the Tombsward Catacombs. By utilizing Torrent, you should be able to quickly make it to a small group of three Guardians with a fourth a small distance ahead closer to the Minor Erdtree. After killing that fourth Guarding, beelining it back to the Tombsward's grace should let the farming process be speedy, although the fact you can teleport back at any time as long as you're not in combat should also be considered if you don't mind seeing a loading screen often as you farm.

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