Colossal Fingercreeper

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Location Flame Peak
Drops runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 4627 Runes

The Colossal Fingercreeper is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Colossal Fingercreepers are the largest variants of the Fingercreeper monster.


Elden Ring Colossal Fingercreeper Locations

Where to Find Colossal Fingercreeper:

  • Flame Peak: There is one Colossal Fingercreeper hiding below the ground in the north-eastern area of flame peak. 
  • Flame Peak : There is one Colossal Fingercreeper hanging on a cliff right above a Giant Crow close to the Foot of the Forge site of grace, it will drop on the Giant Crow and instantly kill it if the player gets too close.


Elden Ring Colossal Fingercreeper Drops


Colossal Fingercreeper Notes & Tips

  • Notes and player tips go here


 Colossal Fingercreeper Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      First time seeing the one that drops kill one of those massive birds made me want to turn off the console. Least favorite enemy in the game by a long shot and now I have to fight its bigger, uglier cousin? Big NOPE. Even worse when you kill it expecting something great like an ancient somber smithing stone since the smaller ones were giving somber 7s and instead getting half the runes you get from killing a giant in the same area plus a big fat nothing else? Never again.

      • Anonymous

        Never thought I would want to quit such a great game out of pure disgust. Good job placing such out-of-context abominations in one of the most significant place in the game.

        • Anonymous

          Imagine if Fromsoft were cruel enough to make a Colossal Revenant or Colossal Runebears as future dlc enemies, I hope their sadism doesn't go that far.

          • Anonymous

            The ones in Caria Manor are dropping smithing stones, I would have to test that in detail, but I've done a couple of runs and they are dropping smithing stones after respawning.

            • Anonymous

              These giant Fingercreepers are NOT weak to fire like the smaller versions. They will not burst into flame from a single or multiple fire attacks. I’m guessing the lore reason is because they were taken from dead Fire Giants.

              • Anonymous

                I think these things are really meant more as a hazard than an enemy you're supposed to fight. Like lava. You're not supposed to fight the lava, just avoid it. Same idea here. They're not worth killing, anyway.

                • Anonymous

                  Why do they do 180's so much faster than the medium-sized variants when that is the most reliable counter after a fire incantation?

                  Wouldn't they turn slower due to their size?

                  What did I personally do to Hidetaka Miyazaki to make him hate me so much?

                  • Anonymous

                    I wonder if they'll drop something if you kill them without any weapons/Consumables - only your own hands... someone needs to test this!

                    • These creatures don't seem to drop anything except runes. I've killed 20 of them with 230 discovery and they didn't drop anything, more testing may be needed though

                      • Anonymous

                        The Colossal versions seem buggy. I have many Ash of Wat attacks not register on them 50% of the time, despite in range. Tried both with Flame of the Redmanes and the Taker's flame (Blasphemous Blade) and the fire attcks just dont register half the times. They also have annoying attacks that can be blocked and the are way too big and the camera can lose track and lose focus. Also, killing them dropped nothing for me, unlike other smaller versions which can occasionally drop Somber 7s.

                        • Anonymous

                          Okay. What developer was just typing code all day and thought; We need some giant constantly typing hands in this game to kill off players and be nightmare fuel so they can finally feel my pain.

                          • Anonymous

                            I just want to say there's something seriously ****y about these things. I've had pots and attacks phase through them several times per fight. This is increadibly frustrating because fighting them is annoying enough already.

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