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Location Pastures throughout The Lands Between

Sheep is a Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Sheep are not hostile unless attacked. Rams are hostile even if not attacked.


The wild sheep of the Lands Between have been roaming the wilds ever since The Shattering. They are timid and will often run away when spotted, with some even balling up and rolling away.


Sheep Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Sheep:

  • Found in plentiful numbers all across the Lands Between.


Sheep Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 4 - 54
Sliver of Meat 8.00% Both "A" and "B" Variants.
Beast Liver 8.00% Both "A" and "B" Variants.
Thin Beast Bones 62.50% Both "A" and "B" Variants.
Budding Horn 2.50% Both "A" and "B" Variants.
Fulgurbloom 20.00% "B" Variant only.


Elden Ring Sheep Notes & Tips

  • While regular sheep are non-aggressive and would rather flee, the Rams are very aggressive and would rather chase you away from their group.
  • In the Altus Plateau, groups of Sheep are seen near patches of Fulgurbloom, taking on a goldish tint. These variants gained the ability to roll into foes while coated in Lightning.


Elden Ring Sheep Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Did u know? U can hit them with barehand till their HP fall under 50%, it makes the aggresive sheep flee and scared of you. I just can't kill them, they seems cute

      • Anonymous

        The Rams must be on steroids or something with how ridiculously aggressive they are, they will literally chase you almost 50ft to annoy you even if you've done nothing to provoke them, complete crackheads.

        • Anonymous

          I don't even want to know what happens to their spines when they roll. Like, are their spines super segmented? Also, wouldnt those horns get the goats stuck while rolling?

          • Anonymous

            The best farming spot I've farm is the Craftman's Shack Grace, just outside Hermit Village. There's a couple dozens sheep just next to the grace. 1 swipe with the Sacred Relic Great Sword will kill most, if not all of them.

            • Anonymous

              I love fighting a large enemy and one of the rams flies out from the woodwork to attack me and interrupt what I'm doing.

              • Anonymous

                These things are just pure BS to deal with. Insane speed, insane damage, and their roll can easily stunlock you even if you dodge perfectly because of BS tracking. Why did they even put these things under the "Enemies" category? These really should be in "Bosses"

                • Anonymous

                  Electric sheep can be found near the Stormcaller Church before Leyndell. They become electrified from the lightning strikes around them and attack you and electric shock you

                  • Anonymous

                    Here's something that is a tad bit rare but does occur from time to time around Fulgurbloom areas. Because of the constant lightning strikes around Fulgurblooms, the lightning can charge the sheep, creating the rare but equally hilarious Electric Sheep.

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