Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. These creatures are Non-Boss variants of the Mad Pumpkin Head, a mutated large humanoid wearing a Pumpkin Helm covering its head.

Mad Pumpkin Heads can be summoned as spirits for aid by using the Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes.


 Though he has stifled his panic within the dark confines of his helmet, he rampages as if driven mad when agitated by bloodshed or the humming of insects.

This mad soldier is all that is left of a broken gladiator.

Elden Ring Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head Locations

Where to Find Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head:


Elden Ring Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 273 - 1032
Chainlink Flail 4.00% N/A
Pumpkin Helm 3.00% N/A
Sanctuary Stone 100% N/A
Smithing Stone (1 - 4) 5.00% N/A


Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head Notes & Tips

  • You can sneak past the Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head at Castle Morne without triggering a hostile reaction from it.
  • Deals Strike and Standard damage. The one with flail can inflict blood loss.
  • Wields standard, but does not fight with it. Instead, Pumpkin Head stabs him into ground and rushes with default weapon.
  • Strong point: Pumpkin Head's - attacks there are heavily (80%) reduced in power, plus some weapons will even bounce off if not two-handed. Use your weapon's moveset wisely to avoid hitting the helmet.
  • Like their boss counterparts, the Lesser Pumpkin Heads will enter a frenzy state upon being awoken from the Sleep  effect by a non-repost attack. The Pumpkin Head will appear to stare skywards before pounding its chest three times and proceeding to attack its allies for a limited time. The effect will end with the Pumpkin Head staring towards the sky a second time.
  • Other Notes and Player tips go here.


Elden Ring Lesser Mad Pumpkin Head Image Gallery

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lesser mad pumpkin head 4 elden ring wiki guide lesser mad pumpkin head 5 elden ring wiki guide lesser mad pumpkin head 6 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      the one in castle Morne will fight against Misbegotten if they come near him and but the Misbegotten there really strong and favor in number so they will easily kill the madpumkin since he's alone.

      • Anonymous

        If you were wondering what the face of these looks like, I put one to sleep and saw a jellyfish-looking thing inside once I pulled some camera trickery. Odd

        • There's also one in Redmane Castle if you go while the Radahn Festival isn't active, in the part of the castle furthest southeast, through a door that's locked during the radahn festival and up a ladder.

          • Anonymous

            Two hits from Flame of the Redmanes will poise break him, but it's best to unlock the camera and manually aim low otherwise the attacks tend to hit his head.

            • Anonymous

              I found out that these are very vulnerable while in their swing animations. My lightning spears would hit for 100ish dmg, but at the end of a swing animation they would hit for 500ish damage. Worked reliably for the one at Mt. Gelmir.

              • The one atop Redmane Castle can be cheesed with arrows (granted you don't keep hitting the helm). Climb atop the ladder but don't start moving. Crouch, and then go to the next ladder. He won't chase you. Once atop the ladder (an item around the other side), cheese him and then grab the other 2 items up there. He also can't fall through the floor where the ladder is (but some of his attacks can swing low enough to hit) and will not follow off the edge of the wall where the door that takes you up is.

                • Anonymous

                  One spawns within a caravan just southwest of the Road of Iniquity Side Path site of grace if you rest there. I've been using this one to farm for the head.

                  • Anonymous

                    Fun thing I discovered a while back: if you lure the one in Castle Morne into the courtyard, it will fight all the misbegotten and will probably end up killing most of them if you stay out of the way.

                    • Anonymous

                      Anyone here can confirm this?
                      As PUMPKIN HELM description say: "The inside of the helm is pitch black"
                      so they detect you by your armor noise. -> maybe.
                      wearing CREPUS'S VIAL or use similar magic spell while fighting them. Does it make the fight easier?

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun thing I discovered a while back: if you lure the one in Castle Morne into the courtyard, it will fight all the misbegotten and will probably end up killing most of them if you stay out of the way.

                        • Anonymous

                          Fun thing I discovered a while back: if you lure the one in Castle Morne into the courtyard, it will fight all the misbegotten and will probably end up killing most of them if you stay out of the way.

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