Noble Sorcerer is a Humanoid Enemy in Elden RingNoble Sorcerers are Noblemen who once asked to be given a place at the Raya Lucaria Academy to learn glintstone Sorceries. Their talents were insufficient to be worthy of donning the stone crown, however, and are only capable of using the most rudimentary sorcery. They can be found in various locations across the Lands Between, often among groups of Wandering Nobles. Variants found in higher-level regions display the ability to teleport from place to place, avoiding attacks and setting up ambushes.


Noble Sorcerers are frail old men wearing tattered garbs and a dirty yellow cape. They use a standard glintstone staff as both a sorcery catalyst and walking stick.


Elden Ring Noble Sorcerer Locations

Noble Sorcerers can be found in the following locations:


Elden Ring Noble Sorcerer Drops


Noble Sorcerer Notes & Tips

  • Noble Sorcerers have access to a variant of the Glinstone Pebble  sorcery with a much longer range than the player's. This can make them troublesome to approach when the can see the player coming.

  • Some variants of this enemy, such as those located near Kingsrealm Ruins, can teleport short distances and become untargetable.

  • If attempting to farm the Aristrocrat Set, one may consider the Road to the Manor site of grace. From here, four Noble Sorcerers may be killed within a handful of seconds, with close proximity to a site of grace for respawning. Use of Rainbow Stones may be helpful in marking the starting locations of these enemies, as they will often turn invisible until the player approaches.


Elden Ring Noble Sorcerer Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      There is one specific Noble Sorcerer that lives in the shadow of a piece of giant rubble, just south of Waypoint Ruins. This particular Noble Sorcerer is guaranteed to drop a Glintstone Staff.
      — Courh the Explorer

      • Anonymous

        Why the hell do these brainless aristocrats have access to infinite range and infinite homing glintstone shard? Why are the basic guppy enemies better than the player at end game?

        • Anonymous

          Unlike the other nobles i am perfectly okay with killing these dudes, not dangerous at all, but just annoying as all hell.

          • Anonymous

            Easy to take out but annoying as hell when there’s one in a group.

            The range on their spells is such BS - you can be wayy out of normal range and they’re able to fire at distances that arent remotely possible for a player.

            • Anonymous

              I figured out a great farming method! From Road to the Manor site, pop the illusory wall immediately south of you. Then, use Rainbow Stones to mark the starting position of these cretins. Rest, then blow them away from a distance with your Pulley Bow or spell of choice.
              Time to get me a pretty crown!

              • Anonymous

                They are also found in kingsgrave ruins and drop

                Aristocrat Headband
                Aristocrat Garb
                Aristocrat Boots
                Rowa fruit
                Ruin fragment
                Erdleaf flowers
                Glintstone staff

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