Spirit NPCs are ghosts in Elden Ring. They help shed light on events that have happened throughout the Lands Between.
Please note: This list is currently incomplete.


Please, help me. I'm of noble blood.  If those hideous mongrels eat me, I'll be forever marred...

 All Spirit NPC Locations in Elden Ring


Weeping Peninsula

Liurnia of the Lakes



Altus Plateau

Crumbling Farum Azula

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Miquella's Haligtree

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Spirit NPC Notes & Tips

  • Please note: All the names are unofficial. 

  • All Spirit NPCs have mushrooms that can be seen around their feet.
    The Mushroom Set states: "To those enraptured by the scarlet rot, they are holy vestments that root one to the earth."
    It's unclear how most of these Spirits died, but Mushrooms could be a way to 'root one to the earth', no matter the cause of death.


Elden Ring NPCs
Abandoned Merchant Siofra River  ♦  Aeonian Spirit  ♦  Aeonian Swamp Spirit  ♦  Albinauric Village Spirit  ♦  Albus  ♦  Ashen Spirit  ♦  Blackguard Big Boggart  ♦  Blaidd  ♦  Bloody Finger Hunter Yura  ♦  Boc the Seamster  ♦  Brother Corhyn  ♦  Carian Manor Spirit  ♦  D's Twin Brother  ♦  D, Hunter of the Dead  ♦  Deathtouched Spirit  ♦  Diallos  ♦  Dung Eater  ♦  Eclipse Spirit  ♦  Edgar  ♦  Enia  ♦  Ensha  ♦  Erdtree Sanctuary Spirit  ♦  Fia  ♦  Finger Maiden Therolina  ♦  Frenzied Spirit  ♦  Frustrated Spirit  ♦  Gate Town Bridge Spirit  ♦  Gatekeeper Gostoc  ♦  Gideon Ofnir  ♦  Godwyn the Golden  ♦  Goldmask  ♦  Gowry  ♦  Grape Spirit  ♦  Gurranq Beast Clergyman  ♦  Hermit Merchant  ♦  Hyetta  ♦  Imprisoned Merchant  ♦  Irina  ♦  Iron Fist Alexander  ♦  Isolated Merchant Raya Lucaria  ♦  Isolated Merchants  ♦  Jar Bairn  ♦  Kenneth Haight  ♦  Kingsrealm Spirit  ♦  Knight Bernahl  ♦  Laiedd Spirit  ♦  Latenna  ♦  Lionel the Lionhearted  ♦  Liurnian Highway Spirit  ♦  Liurnian Lake Spirit  ♦  Lost Snow Spirit  ♦  Master Lusat  ♦  Melina  ♦  Merchant Kale  ♦  Millicent  ♦  Millicent's Sisters  ♦  Miquella  ♦  Miriel Pastor of Vows  ♦  Morne Spirit  ♦  Nepheli Loux  ♦  Nomadic Merchant Mohgwyn Palace  ♦  Nomadic Merchant West Altus Plateau  ♦  Nomadic Merchants  ♦  Patches  ♦  Pidia, Carian Servant  ♦  Preceptor Seluvis  ♦  Primeval Sorcerer Azur  ♦  Queen Marika  ♦  Ranni the Witch  ♦  Renna  ♦  Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon (NPC)  ♦  Roderika  ♦  Rya  ♦  Rykard  ♦  Sanguine Noble (NPC)  ♦  Shabriri  ♦  Shaded Castle Spirit  ♦  Siofra River Spirit  ♦  Smithing Master Hewg  ♦  Sorcerer Rogier  ♦  Sorceress Sellen  ♦  Stranded Graveyard Spirit  ♦  Study Hall Spirit  ♦  Tanith  ♦  The Great-Jar  ♦  Thops  ♦  Three Fingers  ♦  Tower of Return Spirit  ♦  Twin Maiden Husks  ♦  Two Fingers  ♦  Volcano Manor Spirit  ♦  Wandering Artist Spirit  ♦  War Counselor Iji  ♦  White Mask Varre  ♦  Windmill Spirit  ♦  Witch-Hunter Jerren

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    • Anonymous

      There is missing spirit , this one is the one on the planks by the Rotview Balcony grace , the one who mourns how rotted Caelida has become.

      • Anonymous

        There's a spirit missing from the list, found Southwest of Ordina, Liturgical Town site of grace in the Consecrated Snowfield. Easiest to find at night, it's in between a pile of rocks and the big trees, with a patrol of nobles wandering not a couple yards away.

        • According to game file and dialogue files, there are a total of 38 white phantom NPCs that speak silently (not counting the Wandering Artist Spirit). These spirit NPCs are named as 話す死体 (Talking Corpses) in the Japanese in-game file (NPC list), but are unnamed in English in-game file (only ID's remain). Their ID's range from 170000 to 170037.

          I can confirm that all 38 spirits are actually in game. Many of them are easy to miss, especially during daytime.

          All of their words hint at past stories, and some of them are very important for understanding the lore.

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