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Location Village of the Albinaurics, Liurnia of the Lakes
Role Gives Key Item
Voiced by Martyn Ellis

Albus is an NPC in Elden Ring. Albus is an Albinauric who is trying to hide from the calamity that befell Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes. He has an important item that he would like you to protect


Please, no. Dear me! I haven't a clue. No secrets lie with me, not a one.


Albus Location in Elden Ring

Albus can be found disguised as a pot by following the path up from the Village of the Albinaurics site of grace in western Liurnia of the Lakes. You must hit the pot located past the Depraved Perfumer to get him to show up. Then talk to him twice. Map Link


Albus Questline: How to complete Albus' Quest

This is an extremely important NPC. After you reveal his true form, talk to him again to trigger a second dialogue and obtain Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right). This item will create a pair with Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) found in Mountaintops of the Giants and give you access to an entire secret area in the northern lands.

village of albinaurics pot locationvillage of albinaurics pot location talk


Dialogue in Elden Ring: Albus


  • Please, no. Dear me!. I haven't a clue. No secrets lie with me, not a one. Oh please, leave me be.

Talk Again

  • Wait, then, you're not one of them? Well, what a relief... Oh, goodness me.
  • I am Albus. An Albinauric, as you can see. We are finished. The whole village is finished. The cursemongers have destroyed everything. Not one that remains has their wits about them
  • I beg you. Would you look after this medallion?
  • You must keep it out of the cursemonger's hands.
  • And if you should meet the young Albinauric Latenna, then please, give it to her.

Small Talk

  • A chosen land awaits us Albinaurics. The medallion is the key that leads to the city. It's only a quaint treasure, for we who cannot make the journey. But for dear Latenna, it is needed. To fulfill her purpose.
  • My legs will soon fade, and with them, my life. Alas, this is the immovable fate of all Albinaurics...

When attacked

  • We are Albinaurics. We have caused you no harm!
  • (On player kill) I will never give this up. Not to your kind.
  • You merciless brutes. Let the curse take everything.


Elden Ring Albus Notes & Trivia

  • Required to complete the questline for Latenna.



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    • Anonymous

      help!!! I kill albus accidentaly.... I don t have this part of medalion and I can t revive???, the turtle don t work's I don t have pas to sacroniveo zone??? please i can t finish this game like this

      • Anonymous

        The talk of a promised land obviously resembles the story of the Israelites, but given that ER borrows heavily from Irish mythology, it's more likely a parallel to the myth of the Fir Bolg, which is itself believed to be based on the myth of the Israelites. So, kind of!

        • Anonymous

          Oddly enough if you talk with him to the point of him giving you the medallion but not further he'll never actually die, Seems he wants to wait until after he's told you he's going to die to actually do it.

          • Anonymous

            So uh.. when I rode up to the village, there was this 'enemy' I attacked that suddenly had a name and spoke when it died. Something like 'You are just a villain' and 'Please father, you must become elden lord' ... was dead too fast to read the name, but was this albus' daughter or something? Was a female voice. Dropped two stormhawk axes. Am uncertain if I killed some important or friendly npc by mistake :c

            • Anonymous

              The finger reader crone on the broken bridge near Academy Gate Town refers to Albus and his village cryptically

              • Anonymous

                i finished the game and came back here bc I skipped it, no pot here no npc. even the site of grace shown on the map is not here. ??

                • We need clear up naming here. Calling one enemy type Albinaurics when they’re obviously a sub type of a much larger umbrella term for automatons essentially.

                  • Anonymous

                    Did they change it so his pot glows in 1.03? It definitely wasn't glowing when I played, just watched Jerma and it was glowing. If this is a change to dumb it down I'm not a fan.

                    • Anonymous

                      I think i found an item or some other description thing that referenced Albus, but i just can't recall how i discovered him. Maybe my natural instinct of breaking every breakable object for the joy of ragdoll lol

                      • Anonymous

                        Wasn't at the Giants Forge yet, but finished Latenna's quest, he said the same for me.

                        Maybe trigger is already getting to the mountain tops

                        • Anonymous

                          He also says that his legs will soon fail and he will soon die of you talk to him after getting to the giants forge. Then he just dies and drops nothing lol. That's when I went back so it might also happen sooner idk

                          • Anonymous

                            There are tons of bloodstains around her of people standing still and dying. I am so confused of how they died

                            • Anonymous

                              Can someone explains to me about the lore behind albinauric, cant find the right items for the lore. Why they have a first and second gen? I confuse a lot.

                              • Anonymous

                                Almost killed him after rolling at the pot... Then he dies and damn tears started to flow. What a personality, defended the the right part up until their extrinction...

                                • Anonymous

                                  His last sentence was something like 'My legs are gonna give out first. And then my life'. It was a quite sad.

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