Hermit Merchant (Leyndell)

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Location Hermit Merchant's Shack, Leyndell Royal Capital
Role Merchant
Voiced by  ???

Hermit Merchant (Leyndell) is an NPC in Elden Ring. Hermit Merchant (Leyndell) lives a life of seclusion within Hermit Merchant (Leyndell)'s Shack.


Well, there you are again. Divorce from one's trade does not come easily.


Hermit Merchant (Leyndell) Location in Elden Ring

Hermit Merchant (Leyndell) can be found at Hermit Merchant's Shack in Leyndell Royal Capital. [Elden Ring Map Link]


Elden Ring Hermit Merchant Shop

Item Name Item Type runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Purchase Value Stock
Rune Arc Consumable 4,000 3
Golden Sunflower Crafting Material  300 10
Perfume Bottle Key Item  2,000 1
Sentry's Torch Torch  7,000 1
Distinguished Greatshield Greatshield  5,500 1
Prophet Blindfold Helm  1,000 1
Prophet Robe Chest Armor  1,500 1
Upper-Class Robe Chest Armor  2,400 1
Prophet Trousers Leg Armor  1,000 1
Consort's Trousers Leg Armor  1,500 1
Arrow Arrow  20
Golden Arrow Arrow  120
Great Arrow Arrow  300
Golden Great Arrow Arrow  500
Bolt Bolt  40
Golden Bolt Bolt  120
Ballista Bolt Bolt  300

Dialogue in Elden Ring: Hermit Merchant


  • Is someone there? A customer? Well. How long has it been?


  • Something else?
  • Well, there you are again. Divorce from one's trade does not come easily.

When attacking him

  • Agh!
  • Stop this at once. And i will forgive you.
  • (Turning hostile) You'd come this far for your pillaging? No different from a plague, your kind. 

Upon defeating him

  • All that I wanted was solitude... 

When killed by

  • I've heard enough from you. Be gone.


Elden Ring Hermit Merchant Notes & Trivia

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