PvE Builds for Elden Ring focuses on providing recommendations for character stats and player equipment which benefits on Solo or Co-op gameplay against AI enemies and bosses. This page contains a list of various builds that are created by the community. If you have a build you would like to add, click on the "Edit" button to share your own creation - for PvP Builds, click here.

Elden Ring features a Rebirth mechanic that allows you to Respec your character. You can unlock this function by defeating Rennala Queen of the Full Moon. Once defeated, you'll be able to trade Larval Tears for a Respec. Please visit the Rebirth Page for more information on how to respec your character.

Elden Ring PvE Builds


Elden Ring Flying Mantis Build

Jumping attack focused build with wide sweeps applying bleed and frostbite.

Main method of attacking is the mid-air L1, which does a wide sweep with both scythes in a large arc, dealing both huge upfront damage and applying both frostbite and bleed. Chilling Mist doubles frost outpit, once frostbite is applied, switch to your sacred seal to cast Black Flame Blade, then jump back in and to reset the frostbite bar, doing additional health % damage from the Black Flame DoT. No block option, so stay mobile. Malenia's Great Rune can further aid your staying power, allowing you to play even more aggressively and take fewer breaks to heal. If you prefer, once you get a second scythe from NG+ or a friend dropping one for you, you can replace the grave scythe and drop the faith aspect entirely, just using firebombs to reset frost, and put Ash of War: Bloodhound's Step as your main weapon art, setting the affinity to either frost or bleed according to your preference once you have the appropriate whetblades.

Elden Ring Cipher Build

Cypher is an extremely easy medium build to use, collect, and adjust to your liking.

  • Class: Prophet
  • Flask Spread: Adjustable. Take more Red when you are focusing on melee and more blue when you are focusing on holy.
  • Standard Weapons: Cipher Pata, Coded Sword, Godslayer's Seal
  • Early Game Weapons: Longsword, Broadsword, Short Spear, Shortbow
  • Shield: Beast Crest Heater Shield initially, any other low strength shield you prefer later, based on boss/area progression.
  • Armor: Whatever's in fashion or has the resistances you need for progression. Keep your weight to medium.
  • Talismans: Two Fingers Heirloom, any other useful talisman. The Green Turtle Talisman is always nice.
  • Primary Stats: Faith
  • Secondary Stats:
    15 Vigor
    15+ Mind as needed for FP
    10+ Endurance as needed for the armor set you prefer.
    12 Strength (Just add your first level here to gain access to a good number of weapons and shields)
    10 Dexterity (Prophet Initial)
    7 Intelligence (Prophet Initial)
    30+ Faith (minimum)
    10 Arcane (Prophet Initial)

Startup: You can grab all this stuff without killing a single boss. First get the horse, snag the Limgrave map, and get the seed en route to get the Beast Crest Heater Shield, pop up on top of the cliff and grab Ash of War: Golden Vow, then get the Saintsbridge Site of Grace after. You should also go to the broken cart near the Bridge of Sacrifice in the Weeping Peninsula and grab the Spiked Mace for a strike damage weapon. Circle back to the Castleward Tunnel and challenge Margit to unlock the Roundtable and buy the Flame Sling, then jump off the balcony and go right to pick up the Cipher Pata. You'll probably die, so spend your runes on arrows or whatnot first. Buy the Longsword from the Roundtable, or the Broadsword from the Coastal Nomadic Merchant. Be sure and get the Shortbow and some arrows from the Coastal Nomadic Merchant as well. Next, you take the hidden path off the bridge with the palm reader to get around Stormveil Castle, and fall down the gravestones on near the Lake-Facing Cliffs, and then past Liurnia Highway South to get to the Purified Ruins. Roll thru some boards on the floor to get to a chest that holds the Two Fingers Heirloom talisman for a 5 level bump to your Faith. Then go back to Saintsbridge and head across. I recommend buying the Bandit Mask from the merchant across the bridge. Keep going east to the Summonwater Village Outskirts, grab the Green Turtle Talisman on the other side of the village, then drop down the cliff to get the Ash of War: Sacred Blade.

That's all you need for this build, I recommend buying the Bandit Mask from the merchant across the Saintsbridge, and then the Knight's Set for the other slots. You can stay at Medium Load when you equip the Longsword, Beast Crest Heater Shield, Finger Seal, Bandit Mask, Knight Armor, Chain Gauntlets, and Chain Leggings without putting anything into Endurance, so it's only a couple of levels to get to the full Knight Set if you want to use it.

Equip one of the sacred Ash of War to your blade for now, and you can do solid melee or throw fireballs at bosses until they croak. Expand your faith build with whatever entertaining spells you come across.

Pump Faith as much as possible while squeezing in a few levels of Vitality and Endurance until you can equip the Cipher Pata, and you'll start hitting like a truck!


Zealous Fury Templar Build

Balanced Greatsword build that turns into a well-rounded dual Greatsword zealous knight

Early one you will want to farm for a Brass Shield and the Golden Vow ashes. You will want to target medium rolls throughout this build, start with raising Vigor to 15 then STR to 16 and DEX to 13 for the Claymore, this weapon offers slashes and stabs. Make your way south to Castle Morne to obtain the Claymore. From here you can play sword and shield or talisman and shield with the early incantations, use Golden Vow to buff, you heal to heal and fire spells for damage.  By level 40 you should have about 20 Vigor, 14 Mind, 14 Endurance and 24 Faith and can level as you choose, want more hp, then go Vigor, more FP go Mind, need more stam (use the turtle talisman) or equip load go Endurance and when those feel good go Faith for damage.  Try to level faith 2 or 3 to 1 on the other states with a goal of 45 Faith by level 70.  Sword and Shield with incantations will carry you quite well into the later game where you want to target the Blasphemous Blade as early as you can.  While I waited for this point to begin dual-wielding Greatswords you can choose to forgo the shield and do so sooner.  Obtain the Claw Talisman and prioritize jumping L1 attacks for massive damage and poise damage.  With high Faith you have options for Holy and Fire damage on your swords as well as lightning, fire, holy primary incantations, a large variety of buffs, magic, ice, rot dragon incantations, poison and bleed incantations and so much more. 

Elden Ring Cheese Slicer Build


The HP reduction effect and the %HP burn of black knife, malikeths black blade and the black blade incantation do not stack with the same source however it does stack with other sources such as other weapon arts and the incantation as well as stacking with your spirit summon's inflicted effect so you can use either Mimic Tear or Black Knife Tiche(way better than mimic in my opinion). This effect really melts bosses HP and even moreso when stacking multiple effects, taking down bosses is easy just like cutting through cheese. Swarm of flies is a highly recommended additional pick as it will allow you to quickly delete a bosses hp with the blood loss effect, its useful on tanky bosses like Fire Giant to quickly end the second phase( I save it until second phase ), keep in mind a lot of bosses are immune to effects like poison, rot, frostbite and bleed so they aren't always that useful. When you unlock the Black Blade incantation you can use it in conjunction with the black knife weapon art have double DOT effect and Black Blade has slightly better range than Black Knife. While Maliketh;s Black Blade is powerful and awesome, its weapon art is hard to get off so its a situational weapon.

Getting Black Knife and Tiche early:

These assassins are really annoying but can be cheesed with meagre stats and gear. They are very vulnerable to stagger and being stun locked, they get stuck behind ledges(such as the rocks that are around the areas of both fights) and if you get them in a corner(cliffs they can fall off counts as part of a corner as they wont fall off) they will be basically stuck because they always dash back/to the sides and will also be stunlocked by you hitting them. I suggest using a weapon with good range and stagger, the way I did it wasn't the best but it worked, I used a pike upgraded with stone bought with bell bearings and baited the assasin to be on the low side of the ledge, then poked until they escaped then baited them back there.


Elden Ring Roundtable Assassin Build

Low-level build cosplaying as a Roundtable Assassin under orders of the Two Fingers. Lightweight and focusing on stealth and critical hits.

Start your class with the Stonesword Keys (2x) keepsakes, defeat the Grafted Scion tutorial boss for a good, fitting, easy-to-upgrade main weapon for regular engagements. Progress the game avoiding most things, pick up a somber smithing stone at the bridge, stop at the Stormhill Shack for a third Stonesword Key and Roderika, then get to the site of grace before Stormveil Castle to get access to the Roundtable Hold. Once there, use your stonesword keys to get Crepus's Black-Key Crossbow and the Assassin's Prayerbook. You now have access to everything you need to cheese a few tough fights easy with the use of scarlet rot on the crossbow, giving you access to mid-game areas. Some of the things you might want to pick up are the Wooden Greatshield & Miséricorde in Stormveil Castle, access to poison & scarlet rot options (AoW, Throwing Pots, Bolts), get the assassin's daggers (one in stormhill, one in liurnia) and pick up all the easy somber smithing stones to get strong quickly (or don't upgrade if you want to invade).

Stats at 28: 18 End, 14 Str, 16 Dex, 18 Fth

This build can easily transition into almost pure Dex, Dex/Fth paladin or even completely change to pure caster, either pure incantations or Int/Fth sorceries towards lategame with access to some weapons.

For roleplay reasons, go along with the two fingers, ignore Ranni & antagonise Varré, befriend Patches and follow his advice.

Silent Spellblade Build

A cunning Dark Moon Greatsword build for Ranni the Witch fanatics, wielding the Greatsword into Journey 2+ while cosplaying the Black Knife Assassin for stealth and/or aesthetics.

Being unheard and unseen makes using the Dark Moon Greatsword that much less of a hitch, plus I like how the Black Knife set looks.

Whichever staff I use is circumstantial.  Staff of Loss is for the landscape; use to increase Night Comet for otherwise dodging enemies, or pile damage on bigger enemies like the ones in Caelid, combined with Greatblade Phalanx and Moonlight Greatsword, to make quicker work of them.  Also for the landscape, I like using Loretta's Greatbow for more distant foes; and Unseen Form, the stealthy-spellblade themed which makes me harder to spot, even harder during the night.

For bosses, I swap out my Staff of Loss for Carian Regal Scepter, and Night Comet for Cometshard (unless they dodge like Malenia, Black Knife Assassins or Godskin Apostles), still inflicting good damage but at a lower FP cost; I swap out Loretta's Greatbow for Ranni's Dark Moon, particularly if I'm going through fog walls since none of those bosses will be far enough away to warrant Greatbow.

Beyond that, I have Ambush Shard to turtle single enemies with shields; Greatblade Phalanx speeds up poise breaks as I use Moonlight Greatsword; Unseen Form to hide in plain sight, adding to the stealthy-spellblade theming; and Terra Magica will buff my sword's skill AND any sorceries I dish out.

For the armor I'm mostly cosplaying Black Knife Assassin, but I trade the Black Knife Greaves for Fire Prelate's.  This amounts to decent poise without clashing with the BKA aesthetics.  But the poise matters because buffing Dark Moon Greatsword and the sorceries you cast have pretty slow animation, meaning your enemies could otherwise interrupt.  And in addition to stealth without having to slow yourself with crouching, it looks cool, and the fact it's a BKA using Ranni's Sword really denotes fanatacism for the witch herself.

For the talismans: Shard of Alexander to give Moonlight Greatsword its potency; Magic Scorpion Charm to buff that even further, AND strengthen sorceries; and Godfrey Icon to finish buffing the skill, and chargeable sorceries like the comets or Loretta's Greatbow.  The fourth talisman is the flex spot: I use either Primal Glintstone Blade for the landscape, I lose max. HP wearing it and my MIN is barely above 40, but staying hidden makes it that much less problematic.  Otherwise, when fighting a hard-hitting enemy/boss that dodge, like flying dragons, tree avatars or tree spirits, I swap out Primal Glintstone for Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to ensure I survive longer.

My stats so far: 55 VIG; 42 MIN; 23 END; 16 STR; 12 DEX; and 80 INT.  Vigor is that high because the Black Knife cosplay + Fire Prelate Greaves aren't the heaviest armor, AND the Primal Glintstone Blade you'll be slotting reduces HP; granted it's advised to swap it for Dragoncrest Greatshield for bosses/tougher enemies like omens, but VIG should be about that high to last longer.  Mind is 42; I was barely above level 160 when I started NG+, so I only had so many points to work with, but you kind of can't get enough MIN, either, because you chew through your FP using either Night Comet or Glintstone Cometshard, like on Ancient Dragons or whichever enemies are distant (inherently, or because you have to distance yourself from them), along with Greatblade Phalanx and buffing the Greatsword, both of which also cost FP.  23 Endurance let's you wear either combination of equipment, and still med-roll, plus you could use the extra max. stamina as using Greatsword, as well as your sorceries, consumes stamina rather fast.  16 Strength let's you use Dark Moon Sword's skill while one-handing it; you could two-hand it at 11 STR, but that'd be time consuming, tedious, and too many openings for enemies on your tail, like bosses.  12 Dexterity allows use of the Staff of Loss, you only need 10 to use Regal Scepter, but that'd be 2 points below the minimum for the staff that buffs Night Comet.  And 80 Intelligence; while Moonlight Greatsword can already hit like a truck, you could use that much for the sorceries you utilize.  And no Faith or Arcane.

And for the Wondrous Physick, I'd mix in Greenburst Crystal Tear, and 1 of 2 others.  The Greenburst is needed to accelerate stamina recovery, and you do use up stamina when casting sorceries, even more when using the Greatsword's skill.  In the other slot, you could mix in Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear to buff your magic even further.  HOWEVER, if you feel you're damaging enemies/bosses just fine without it, then I'd instead slot Cerulean Hidden Tear to temporarily save FP when buffing Greatsword, and going in guns-blazing with sorceries.  You inflict profound damage with the greatsword, and the sorceries I use here, but the choice is completely yours, as is with whichever sorceries you find more strategically efficient.


Elden Ring NAME Build


  • Class:
  • Flask Spread:
  • Weapon:
  • Shield:
  • Armor:
  • Talisman Recommendation:
  • Primary Stats:
  • Secondary Stats:
  • Skills:
  • Spells:

Description of how to use this build

Elden Ring NAME Build


  • Class:
  • Flask Spread:
  • Weapon:
  • Shield:
  • Armor:
  • Talisman Recommendation:
  • Primary Stats:
  • Secondary Stats:
  • Skills:
  • Spells:

Description of how to use this build


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    • Anonymous

      Bestial Knight

      Strength faith build that uses claymore and lions claw to deal high damage whilat using bestial incantations as support

      Class: vagabond, hero
      Flask Spread: 60% HP 40% FP
      Weapon: Claymore, bestial seal
      Shield: None
      Armor: Any armour that gives you at least 51 poise as well as allowing to medium roll
      Talisman Recommendation: Erdtrees favour
      Primary Stats: Strength, Vigor
      Secondary Stats: Endurance, Mind
      Skills: Lions claw
      Spells: Most bestial incants, prioritise bestial vitality and bestial claws/gurranqs claws

      Use bestial vitality to heal yourself over time, then two hand your claymore, focusing on jump attacks and Lions Claw uses. The bestial seal and Claymore scale with strength, meaning you can power up both with only one stat. Bestial claw and Gurranqs claw are for AoE attacks on larger groups of enemies that would otherwise overwhelm you

      • Anonymous

        weapon sorcerer: class: astrologer

        weapon: carian knight's sword

        offhand: lusat's/regal staff

        armor: carian knight's set.

        talismans: magic scorpion charm, graven mass talisman. dragoncrest greatshield and shard of alexander

        primary stats: strength, intelligence, mind, vigor

        skills: Carian Grandeur

        spells: Carian greatsword, Carian slicer, Carian phalanx, Carian piercer, Gavel of Haima, loretta's greatbow/mastery, adula's moonblade.

        this was one of my favorite builds i made.

        • Anonymous

          Class: any
          Flask Spread: mostly hp, little fp
          Weapon: Marias executioners sword, dragon communion seal
          Shield: any
          Armor: any with med roll
          Talisman Recommendation: rotten winged sword insignia, godskin swaddling cloth, dragoncrest greatshield, great jars arsenal
          Primary Stats: vigor, arcane
          Secondary Stats: faith, mind
          Skills: Eochaids dancing blade
          Spells: dragonmaw, rot breath, frost breath, magic breath,

          • Anonymous

            gotta say I don't see the point of following builds for pve. There's no real bad build in pve and even if you don't like what you have the game gives you alot of opportunities to respec. As long as you level relevant stats and keep up with upgrades you'll likely end up with something functional. The game's much more fun when you allow yourself to experiment and try different gear/spells/strategies.

            • Anonymous

              ELDEN RING:

              Viking Build SL150 (Done w/Prophet)

              60 Vigor, 24 Mind, 30 Endurance, 12 Strength, 60 Dexterity, (X) Intelligence, 26 Faith, (X) Arcane
              "(X) Meaning you don't need it pretty much, in case you want to go for Optimal SL"

              Flask Spread: Mostly HP

              Early on you can go for Kaiden Armor (torso, gloves, boots), or buy the Scale Armor (torso, gloves, boots) from "Castle Morne Rampart Grace"
              End Game switch to Elden Lord Armor (torso (altered - without cape), gloves, boots)

              Highland Axe (with Beast's Roar AoF) + Large Leather Shield (Golden Parry AoF or No Skill - your pick) - As your main go to.
              Black Bow (recommended) or any other ranged option (bow/crossbow) + Finger Seal - For range, picking aggro and buffs.

              TALISMANS (Recommendation)
              Warrior Jar Shard (Early on, if you want to kill Alexander) otherwise get the late-game Shard of Alexander
              Roar Medallion
              Taker's Cameo (for passive HP recovery)
              Ritual Sword Talisman (sinergy w/Taker's Cameo)

              SPELLS (Full support - buff/heal)
              Golden Vow, Flame Grant Me Strength, Flame Cleanse Me, Bestial Vitality or Blessing's Boon, Lord's Heal (if necessary), Barrier Of Gold.

              HOW TO USE:
              Not a lot to say about gameplay. You have both close-range and range option, be it with the Black Bow or Beast's Roar which covers a good distance and deals very solid damage with the talismans.
              While fighting bosses you can time out attack opportunities to hit with the Roar, with Black Knife Assassins for instance, when they leap back to get safe distance from you - punish with AoF.
              Overall a solid build.

              • Anonymous

                The First Hunter

                Class: Any
                Flask Spread: Mostly HP
                Weapon: Bloody Grave Scythe+25, Pulley Crossbow+10 with explosive bolts
                Armor: Aristocrat hat, Raptor's Black Feathers, Travellers Gloves, and Bandit Boots
                Talisman Recommendation: Assassins Crimson Dagger, Godskin Swaddling Cloth, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Shard of Alexander
                Primary Stats: Arcane and Vigor
                Secondary Stats: Dex and Strength
                Skills: Blade Dance
                Spells: None

                When in close quarters combat, use blade dance to quickly cause bleed and do massive amounts of damage in a small AOE around you, and while far away, spam the crossbow for another small AOE from the explosions of the explosive bolts. The bleed is also very good for Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

                • Anonymous

                  rageplay build (if you dont wanna think about the mechanics and just want easy mode)

                  dual RoB katanas max both out, max out arch and dex.
                  use the twinblade talisman , stamina recovery and rest your choice.
                  then spam the ability and win every pve fight like its easy

                  • Anonymous

                    Godslayer Lord Build

                    Starting class: Doesn't matter.

                    Level: 100 and Up. Put half of points into faith and evenly spread the rest around into Vigor, Endurance, and Mind, while also meeting the base attribute requirements for the Godskin Peeler.

                    Godskin Peeler+25 with Godslayer's Seal+25, Commander's Standard+10 in offhand. Incantations of Black Flame, Black Flame Ritual, Golden Vow, and Lord's Divine Fortification. Talisman's of Flock's Canvas, Shard of Alexander, Haligdrake Talisman +2, and Radagon Icon.

                    This build shatters final boss.

                    Steps on how to use:

                    1. Before entering boss arena. apply all buffs from CS, GV, and LDF.

                    2. Keep distance from Radagon while throwing Black Flame when an opening presents itself. Do not try using Godskin Peeler's weapon art. It takes too long and is a big opening for the boss to use the instadeath grab attack.

                    3. Once Radagon is defeated, reactivate as many buffs as you can in the brief moment between Radagon's death and the cutscene.

                    4. Run behind Elden Beast while it's doing it's Holy Fire attack. The boss with always start off with this. Using the Godskin Peeler's weapon take out quite literally a fifth of the bosses total heath bar. After doing this observe what the boss's actions. If it runs but comes back around in a wide, circular fashion, its doing a melee attack which you will need to dodge. If the boss is staying still but its fluttering its wings which will start glowing, run as far away from Elden Beast while dodging the entire way. If the boss is spinning in a shorter circle, run. You will soon see a giant purple and gold fireball engulf the Elden Beast and anything along with it. Anyone with a vigor less than 40 will be killed if they fail to dodge this. If the boss rears up and cuts itself and releases a glowing around that is being orbited by several other, small orbs, we sadly cannot give any advice on further action. Elden stars is near unavoidable and is a twenty second vigor check which ends in an explosion. The boss also does not stop any other attacks during Elden Stars.

                    5. Keep chasing the boss as it runs away. Get under the boss (if possible) and cast either Black Flame Ritual or Black Flame Tornado. Repeat this until boss is down to around a third of its health. Play it safe and spam uncharged black flame from a distance. The reason its uncharged is because the boss can hand out several lethal attacks in the time it takes the charged fireball to leave your hand.

                    6. T-Bag on the bosses head as it falls lifeless before you.

                    • Anonymous

                      [Lv100 Faith Build sword only] Knight of Hell and Heaven

                      A knight with 4 mystic sword, bearing the power of both Holy and Blasphemy.
                      Technically a NG+ build, but you can have a friend drop the weapons for you or using mod to get those.

                      Starting class: Confessor

                      - Main hand: Sacred Relic Sword, Banished Knight Sword with Sacred Blade (or any other weapon with Sacred Blade, if you don't have enough equip load)
                      - Off hand: Blasphemous Blade, Sword of Milos

                      Armor: Anything looks cool enough for you. Can use Haligtree Helm or Haligtree Knight Helm to get +2 Faith.

                      Talisman: Radagon Soreseal, Warrior Jar Shard/Shard of Alexander, Carian Filigreed Crest, Ancestor Spirit Horn, Sacred/Fire Scorpion Charm, Two Finger Heirloom

                      So technically we'll use the art of Relic Sword to clear any creep nearby, which has an absurb range and nearly undodgeable for mobs, while the sword on the offhand will regen HP/FP for us. If the enemy get close, or you run out of FP, or there're just 1-2 of them so it isn't worth using Relic Sword, just jump attack with 2 greatsword - which already has really high dmg and stagger. When fighting boss or enemy with holy resistance, switch the Blasphemous Blade to your main hand and you can do both melee and range with the weapon art (or just have a lot of FP flask and spam Taker's Flame for HP regen). The sword with Sacred Blade is for air attack (both Wave of Gold and Taker's Flame can just move on the ground) or fighting undead (Wave of Gold doesn't keep them from reviving). Yes you can just use an incantation or crossbow, I just want to use 4 sword. Also since both of our main swords use somber smithing stone, have a normal weapon to use normal smithing stones is good. I use a greatsword so I can powerstance it too (just in case) and also to be fit with the theme, but you can use literally anything.

                      You don't need too much poise or protection, since most of the time you'll stay out of melee range, and when you're in that range most enemis would be constantly stagger by jump attack. Should choose something light, since 3 greatswords will take a lot of equip load. For the talisman, you'll normally use Radagon Soreseal, Ancestor Spirit Horn, Carian Filigreed Crest and Shard of Alexander while moving around, so you don't need to worry about FP consumtion. In boss fight you change Ancestor Spirit Horn to Fire Scorpion Charm or Two Finger Heirloom to increase damage. You can also take out Carian Filigreed Crest to use both of them if you have enough FP flask.

                      Stats : 40 vigor, 20 mind, 35 endurance, 17 strength, 19 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 30 faith, 9 arcane

                      • Anonymous

                        lvl 20 katana build
                        start as vagabond, run thru the game at lvl 20 only leveling Vigor to 22 and dex to 17. grab the wakizashi, Nagakiba from killing Yura, and Radagon's Soreseal. Only upgrade these to +3, or +5 if you wanna fight people who upgraded their weapons more aka not invade unupgraded +0 weapon players. Grab Land of Reeds armor from the isolated merchant in dragonbarrow

                        • Anonymous

                          Faith / Strength build (level 150)

                          Talismans: Erdtree favor +2, Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman, Great-jars arsenal, and Radagon's sore seal.

                          stats : 40 vigor, 15 mind, 40 endurance, 55 strength, 25 dexterity, 10 intelligence, 45 faith, 15 arcane.

                          my weapons are the colossal greatsword, great stars, and blasphemous blade and for the seal i use the erdtree seal.

                          my armor is the black hood and the rest is night's cavalry set.

                          note: this was a respec that i really liked, so you might not be able to perfectly replicate my stats. my starting class is the warrior.

                          • Anonymous

                            Off-brand lvl 20 Sun bro build
                            Class: Prophet
                            Flask Spread: 1 hp 6 fp (14 flasks recommended)
                            Weapon: Golden Order Great Sword +1, Gravel Stone Talisman +3
                            Shield: Scorpion Kite Shield +3
                            Armor: Radiant Gold Mask, Leyndell Knight Armor (altered), Leyndell Knight Gauntlets, Leyndell Soldier Greaves
                            Talisman Recommendation: Req. talisman - Radagon's Soreseal, Two Fingers Heirloom, Arsenal Charm +1. Old Lord's recommended
                            Primary Stats: Fth - 23, Dex - 16.
                            Secondary Stats: Dont touch any other stats as you need to stay at lvl 20.
                            Skills: None, but Faith-Knot Crystal Tear required for last 2 spells, Cerulean Hidden Tear Also recommended for them but not required.
                            Spells: Lightning Spear, Honed bolt, Lightning Strike, Ancient Dragons' Lightning Strike, Heal, Lord's Heal, Blessing's Bloom, Golden Vow, Blessing of the Erdtree, Protection of the Erdtree. (can technically use any spell with 38 fth req or less but these seem to work the best)

                            Its extremely recommended that you get the Golden Order Totality gesture. Also when getting items be aware of weapon level matchmaking, so basically get a good spirit ash to +10 asap to carry you through bosses. I wrong warped to Nokron, got fingerslayer blade for ranni, then got black knife tiche as there's all the glovewort you need on the way to get it, and I needed the mimic helm for the arc to use swarm of flies and rot breath to kill most bosses. You will need to grind for the armor. Kill morgott then stake of markia skip to consecrated snowfield for sword & silver scarab farming talisman.
                            This build is for helping new players in Limgrave and Stormveil castle. Ancient Dragons Lightning Strike will melt bosses especially when charged faster than anything ive ever seen so its recommended to avoid using it unless needed as it will 1 shot early optional bosses and 3-4 shot margit which isn't fun for the host. Use psysick flask then use the last 3 spells before going into a bossfight to get around 30% damage negation, 15% damage buff, and very high hp Regen for low levels to help keep the host alive. Use blessings bloom for a weaker hp Regen without needing to use the psysick flask. The whole point of this build is to keep everyone alive, Not to dump truck all the enemies/bosses for the host like a lot of twink co-op builds are played.

                            • Anonymous

                              ELDEN RING: Snowballing Mage
                              A high-damage mage with melee options, comes online right away with meteroite staff and rock sling then scales out and snowballs.

                              Class: Prisoner (Bestoc)
                              Flask Spread: 60-80% ashen
                              Weapon: Estoc, later Moonlight Greatsword and/or Godskin Stitcher. Comet Azur w/
                              Shield: None
                              Armor: Anything as long as you're on med roll and have low poise. (you don't want high poise on a mage build or you'll end up getting wombo'd instead of pancake iframes)

                              Talisman Recommendation: Green Turtle, Radagon Icon, Moon of Nokstella, Primal Glintstone Blade
                              Primary Stats: INT, MIND, HP
                              Secondary Stats: END, STR, DEX
                              Skills: Cold Estoc with Freezing Mist WA
                              Spells: Pebble and Rocksling, going into Meteor-type spells and finally cold spells

                              Description of how to use this build:

                              This is a bit of clutch build but very effective. You need to be comfortable kiting and defending with iframes, however you will do eye-watering amounts of damage at all stages of the game, even one-shotting raid bosses such as field dragons or legacy rememberances.

                              First we use the vanilla estoc and glintstone shard to get through to church of elleh and get torrent. Then take torrent around the back of Stormveil (past the Finger Reader.) And rest at the first fire to get Roundtable Hold. Spend up and get ready to die.

                              Head to the ruins in the south of the starting lake area, sneak down the stairs and open the chest. This will deposit you in an area you're way underleveled for so don't try to engage. Sprint out of the first area and go right, and down. This will lead you to the swamps. Thankfully we can trivialize the toxin by riding torrent. Head for the southeast, right through the swamp until you come to "Street of Sages Ruins". We want two things here : the meteorite staff, and the rock sling spell. Both are lightly guarded by annoying mages but if you aren't afraid to die (that's why we spent up already) it's easy to get them.

                              And right away we have an S scaling staff and a sorcery perfect for killing big hitbox bosses. You can kill any boss on the first few continents pretty easily now. Use a summon (spirit, NPC, friend), have them pull aggro and if you aggressively level int and hit with sling you will be wrecking everything until Altus Plateau. Just use glintstone sorceries to deal with mobs, phalanx and estoc for scrappy encounters or PvP.

                              Head to Waypoints Ruins in Limgrave, and kill the Pumpkin Head for access to a sorcery shop. If you don't want to deal with this lady's questlines just give any scrolls you find to the turtle in church of vows - he won't move.

                              Next, rush Liurnia. Find an island in the lake, east of the academy in the swamp. It'll have a big dragon there. Swoop the key and ride out, he'll never catch up to you. Now clear Liurnia as normal walkthroughs. At this point you should have a very healthy mid-late game mage in less than 10-15 hours playtime and the whole world is your oyster with all the high level stuff you got from Liurnia. (Meteor, Caria Scepter, etc.). Follow the lake north until it comes to a tunnel, and you can backdoor Altus Plateau. The big thing we want here is the hidden body spell which will make you nigh invisible in PvE and trivialize many late-game encounters. So we'll need to complete the Mirage Rise puzzle.

                              Then clear Caria Manor, and start doing Ranni's questline. There shouldn't be any big difficulty spikes here, just run through Lake of Rot when it comes up. Just rely on heavy heavy damage and forget about survivability - this is a win big or go home type of build. Once you get the Cerulean Tear and Comet Azur you can wombo them to open up boss fights doing 20k+ in one cast, either getting interrupted or if well executed ending fights before they even start. Bear in mind the elements as well, sorcery is much more diverse - if something doesn't take magic damage, it'll probably take physical damage from grav, frost will proc on a lot of things now.

                              Hopefully this primer helps someone get their mage build running. Once you've done those things it's really downhill and building it is very intuitive as you get more spells and memory slots. Just remember to min-max and go full ham with INT/MND or the build won't work, you can't dilute it successfully unless you have a lot of experience. And rely more on stealth and tanks until you get comfortable iFraming attacks and managing stealth.

                              • Anonymous

                                Pure PvE Battlemage Build
                                - This build is mostly a mono-skill-build to have the easiest and most effective time against minibosses / bosses and normal enemies.

                                Class: Prisoner / Astrologer / Samurai / Vagabond
                                Flask Spread: 8 HP / 6 FP
                                Weapon: Moonveil, Uchigatana or Nagakiba
                                Shield: Lusat's Glintstone Staff, Dragon Communion Seal
                                Armor: Choose the best Mid-Roll Armor with a headgear that boosts one of your primary stats, skills or spells.
                                Talisman Recommendation: Radagon's Soreseal, Marika's Soreseal, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Erdtree's Favor
                                Primary Stats: Int, Vig
                                Secondary Stats: Dex, Mind
                                Skills: Transient Moonlight, Flame of the Redmane
                                Sorcery Spells: Azur Comet, Rock Sling, Glintstone Pebbles
                                Incantation Spells: Flame, heal me!, Fortification spells (Fire, Magic, etc.)
                                Physick: Cerulean Hidden Tear, Opaline Bubbletear
                                Great Rune: Godrick

                                Against normal enemies just spam Transient Moonlight or Flame of the Redmane to quickly stagger and kill them. Rock Sling has also an amazing stagger potential.
                                Against Minibosses and Bosses use the Physick, buff yourself with Fortification spells if needed, summon your Mimic Tear Ash and start casting Azur Comet. Sometimes bosses are a little bit more mobile, in which you don't hit them with Azur Comet, so in this case kite them a little bit and stagger them to death with your weapon arts.

                                Both Soreseals grants you 40 additional stats, the same goes with Godrick's Great Rune. So with everything in count every stat will be increased by 10, which means you are basically 80 levels above your current level! The Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman helps negating the malus of both soreseals, while the Erdtree's Favor gives you a little bit of everything (HP, Stamina, Equip Load).

                                This build will get a lot of hate, but it IS the easiest and most effective PvE build currently in the game. So I just wanted to share with you my knowledge and experience after almost 150 hours of Elden Ring.


                                • Anonymous

                                  I'm looking to do more of a Dragon knight build which I describe as someone who uses the dragon incantations and is pretty well armored with a faith scaling sword or scythe. I can't really find anything online about it and need some help getting started. I found a beginner's guide, but it was only up to about level 25. I'm looking for something a little more to the early-mid to mid game. If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    50 int, 20 dex, 40 vigor, R hand Moonveil, L hand Frost Uchigatana with the frost stomp ash of war. You'll annihilate everything

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Might use that Zealous Fury build for a bit, but I'm personally not that big on dual greatswords. Just looks weird to me personally. But everything else sounds like a good time for my faith/greatsword character.

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