Ash of War: Golden Vow

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Affinity Sacred
Skill Golden Vow
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: Golden Vow is an Ash of War in Elden RingAshes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.

Ash of War: Golden Vow provides Sacred affinity and the Golden Vow Skill.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Sacred affinity and the following skill:

"Golden Vow: Skill passed down from antiquity among the knights of the capital. Raise armament aloft and pledge to honor the Erdtree in battle, granting self and nearby allies increased attack power and defense."

Usable on all melee armaments.


Ash of War: Golden Vow Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ashes of War: Golden Vow:


Ash of War: Golden Vow Elden Ring Guide



Golden Vow Demonstration




Builds using Golden Vow











Elden Ring Ash of War: Golden Vow Notes & Tips

  • Provides a weaker boost than the spell


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    • Anonymous

      Yes it's 2.5% damage buff on pvp, but it's quite literally a no commitment, no requirement buff that anyone can have regardless of build, making it always worth it on non-faith builds since you can put it on an off-hand dagger and reap the rewards.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda pointless for a faith build since the spell version is superior to this one, but a pretty useful buff otherwise.

        • Anonymous

          So I just fought the mounted knight who drops the ash just now on patch 1.05 PS4, on a NG character, and the knight opened the fight with Golden Vow, hit me once, and then used Howl of Shabriri while riding his horse? Is that... normal? I have the clip of it, if somebody wants me to upload it.

          • Anonymous

            Gives +7.5% damage/+5% damage negation in PvP. Buff duration is increased by 30% with Old Lord’s talisman.

            • Anonymous

              This seems to be able to buff regular npc enemies when invading. At least it gives them the glowing particle effect, but i haven't been able to test whether it actually makes them stronger.

              • Anonymous

                Seems to be bugged currently with some skills. No damage hit boxes for Death Ritual Spear or Wing of Astel skills with this buff on.

                • Anonymous

                  This Ash of War seems underrated. On a socerer or Int spellsword build, equip Golden Vow on any lightweight dagger. Before a boss fight, use Cerulean Hidden Tear, buff yourself with the dagger (along with any other buffs or Terra Magica), and then switch to your main right hand weapon. A free buff for 45 seconds.

                  • Anonymous

                    I almost beat the game before realizing that this was also an ash of war and not just an incantation lmao. Finally found the lance too

                    • The knight is somewhat near a bunch of flame slugs on a horse staring off into the distance on the edge of a cliff. The art of war isn't as powerful as the incantation oddly enough. Duration is shorter and effect goes from 10% damage increase on ashe to 15% on incantation. I assume the defense buff is similarly 5% lower.

                      Neither are affected by the faith Stat but the ashe doesn't require faith to be a certain level to cast so that is a plus.

                      • Anonymous

                        the ash of war version seems to buff spell/incant damage by about 11.66%.

                        tested multiple attacks -

                        front-facing Rock Sling unbuffed = 360dmg

                        front-facing Rock Sling w/ Golden Vow = 402dmg

                        • Anonymous

                          playing the Paladin, is there maybe another ash of war i can slot in my weapon? the golden vow doesn't really interest me

                          • Anonymous

                            Easiest way to find that wandering knight is to travel to the Warmaster's Shack and run towards the cliffside directly above Deathtouched Catacombs.

                            • Anonymous

                              i circled back from the highroad cave past the camp and up the opposite hill from what the map tells u, the wiki is slightly off

                              • Anonymous

                                New to this type of game... not doing so well... but still having a blast :) Is it possible to add hud illustration, the one that shows ongoing effect,in the text above?

                                • Anonymous

                                  This costs 40 FP to cast, lasts about 45 seconds, and increases damage by about 10% based on some quick testing.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    the marker on the map is slightly off, this drops off a mounted non-boss knight slightly north east of where the marker is on the edge of that cliff.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      For anyone having trouble finding him, he is not in the camp. He is in the high cliff above near the edge. You have to go around through the forest and uphill

                                      • Anonymous

                                        the map is wrong, teleport to warmasters shack, take the road north till you cross under the giant highway and see the collisium in front of you then take a right and follow the right edge of the giant highway east till the part where it is collapsed and take another right over the rubble south-southeast and you should see a ruin ahead of you with a cliff edge to the east, head between the ruin and the cliff edge and you will see the knight ahead of you time of day is unimportant (he's pretty much directly left of the deathtouched catacombs marker on the map on the cliff above)

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