Ash of War: Shared Order

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Affinity Sacred
Skill Shared Order
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: Shared Order is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Shared Order provides Sacred affinity and the Shared Order Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Sacred affinity and the following skill:

"Shared Order: Skill of the Golden Order fundamentalist knights. Grant the armament and those of nearby allies holy essence. Highly effective against Those Who Live in Death."

Usable on all melee armaments.


Ash of War: Shared Order Location in Elden Ring

Ash Of War: Shared Order is dropped by a Night's Cavalry in Altus Plateau, next to the Altus Highway Junction Site Of Grace. Map Link


Ash of War: Shared Order Elden Ring Guide


Shared Order Demonstration





Elden Ring Ash of War: Shared Order Notes & Tips

  • Due to the lack of Faith stat requirements, this Ash Of War provides a good option for players with low Faith stats to acquire Holy damage for their weapons. Though the Order's Blade Incantation provides a higher increase in Holy damage overall, and other Ashes Of War can provide the same access to Sacred weapon affinity, the additional buff from the Shared Order skill in addition to the Sacred Affinity produces Holy melee damage without stat requirements.
  • The buff from this skill is similar to the buff from the Sacred Order skill. However, this buff lasts longer and is also given to nearby allies.
  • Duration: 60 seconds (78s with Old Lord's Talisman)
  • Damage +10%, Deals +50% damage to Undead type enemies and prevents Skeletons from reviving


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    • Anonymous

      It seems that there is a bug that makes storm blade and vacuum slice not do any damage while shared order is active

      • Anonymous

        Weird I think I have gotten this twice. It definitely wasn't sacred order as I check my ashes and I don't have it yet. Does this drop somewhere else than the horse dude?

        • Anonymous

          Hah I was wrong shared and sacred are different though it was a misspelling but the icons are indeed different shared is alot more golden light around the icon

          • Anonymous

            You can stack this with the Golden Order Ash of War or the Order's Blade spell for some comical levels of bonus damage to undead enemies. And I recommend you do, because Death Rite Birds are total bastards and they deserve it.

            • Anonymous

              I'm wondering if it's the exact same buff as Sacred Order, but AoE? i.e. Would sacred order be better to use if it's only for you or is Shared Order just always better?

              • Anonymous

                This is a body buff. It doesn't stack with Golden Vow or Rallying Standard. But it does allow you to put it on a lightweight weapon and buff your other weapons for the situations where it may be useful.

                This allows you to permanently kill skeletons with weapon arts, bows, crossbows and weapons that can't be buffed. While also providing a noticeable buff to your damage.

                • Anonymous

                  Ah, this seems to work regardless of your weapon's element, so you can kind of just carry this on a sidearm and switch away from it and use the buff with your main weapon, even if that weapon already has an element, making this skill a lot more versatile than most other sources of holy damage.

                  I'm not sure how well this works with ash summons, as finding a good place with undead enemies AND a summoning obelisk thing is a bit difficult.

                  Tibia Mariner's skeletons might be a good target for testing that, but I might've defeated them all already. I have noticed that the summon will have that buff aura on them, so maybe it does work.

                  It doesn't seem to affect spells, and doesn't seem to infuse Fire's Deadly Sin with holy damage like other weapon buffs seem to do, so it really doesn't seem to behave like an elemental weapon buff at all.

                  Affects unarmed attacks, mine went from 4 to 6 damage against a skeleton, and it caused it to incinerate just like when using a weapon.

                  ...affects crossbows, and bows too, making holy arrows kind of... less useful

                  Affects ranged ashes of war, tested with Glintblade Phalanx(ash of war) and Spectral Lance.

                  Affects the melee strike from magic staves, and the unique ranged attack with Frozen Needle

                  yeaaah, I feel like this might just be the best way to give your weapon holy damage

                  • Anonymous

                    This has disappeared from my ash of war list and my inventory. I am not confusing it with the spell called shared order or with sacred order. I have 100% killed the night’s cavalry at altus junction.

                    • Anonymous

                      Anyone know if this is granted to allies if their weapon is unable to be buffed? Or does it just not do anything for them? Thinking of either running this or Golden Land on my warrior-priest of build

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