Ash of War: Quickstep

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Affinity Keen
Skill Quickstep
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: Quickstep is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Quickstep provides Keen affinity and the Quickstep Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Keen affinity and the following skill:

"Quickstep: Skill prized by the crafty and fleet of foot. Perform a quickstep maneuver that allows for circling around lock-on targets."

Usable on all melee armaments.


Ash of War: Quickstep Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Quickstep:


Ash of War: Quickstep Elden Ring Guide


Quickstep Demonstration





Builds with Ash of War: Quickstep 


Berserker Written Guide


Elden Ring Ash of War: Quickstep Notes & Tips

  • Quickstep has 15 iFrames and 9 recovery frames (30 FPS)
    • Recovery frames differ when dodging sideways or backwards


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    • Anonymous

      Making this and bloodhounds available only for daggers, fists, claws and whips would solve a lot of problems and helps those weapons with limited AoW that really need it out immensly.

      • Anonymous

        if using this to move through 'slowdown' water quickly, note that if you don't meet the requirements for the weapon then it won't consume any fp but you still get the movement

        • Anonymous

          It’s telling that collosal crouch pokers/shield pokers all became clean rot, quickstep pokers after the recent patch. The i frames aren’t really the issue, the skipped attack recoveries are the issue. Recoveries are an important part of the game and skipping them with L2 was cheese in ds3 and even worse now. Especially since the recent “nerf” actually buffs bhs/quicksteps ability to pressure.

          • Anonymous

            There was a reason DS3 had this on some very, very, very SPECIFIC weapons only. Now I can Quickstep with my shield, or a large weapon. Hilarious, but the game has enough bullshit PVE moments that I don't feel bad for doing this. PVP though, that's just cruel.

            • Anonymous

              Quickstep is almost as bad as Bhs. There’s a reason it’s useless on small, rogue weapons but most used on trade hitting weapons with thrust or status. Quickstep ends the recovery of attacks early which means you can trade hit someone and take no damage due to mild latency.

              Thus, small weapons with barely existent recoveries receive little benefit... but big weapons do. This allows you to miss/trade with big weapons that are specifically balanced by having those recoveries.

              And never mind recoveries, you are still practically invincible as long as you have fp. Roll spam is punishable but quickstep spam is tough to punish, dangerous to punish if they are set up to trade with thrust/status and you can literally run out of stamina swinging while they quickstep around in full bull goat and guts great sword.

              This should not have been an ash, but a roll option for Crucible feather talisman if you’re on light load. Still cheese but gets balanced out by damage penalties at least.

              • Anonymous

                This + Rapier poke = You can’t die and you will win every PvP encounter. No skill it needs a nerf same as BHS. Both are low-skill crutches.

                • Actually really dang good on short ranged weapons like fists and claws (unsurprisingly, it's on most of the claws) and it doesn't repel maidens like Bloodhound Step does. Rather than spacing to get hits and avoid hits, you play a game of gluing yourself to them and exploiting windows between attacks. I recommend packing some fan knives and using them generously if you do this so you can soften up enemy poise.

                  • Anonymous

                    While both this and BHS are good defensive movement AoWs, in PvE I find I can be much more aggressive with Quickstep. It's far easier to stay in range for aggressive hit & run, especially if you pair it with a fast moveset that advances you forward a lot. If you struggle to effectively use backstep attacks like I do, this may be a great solution. Personally I love this on powerstanced Warhawk Talons. Straight sword R1s advance quite a lot on each swing, and the Talon has a unique fast lunging R2 double slash that covers a surprising distance (more if you charge it). If I Quickstep to the side and back, and I'm just in range, an L1 for the running double poke. If I'm out of range for an L1 I can almost always safely charge an R2 and connect with the second hit at least. If enemies like to constantly move closer, I've found I can often Quickstep straight back, charge an R2, and connect a hit when the R1 or L1 would not have.
                    Also worth noting, there are iframe analysis videos showing that you do in fact still get iframes without fp (10 iframes at 60fps for both Quickstep and BHS). Quickstep (and BHS) take a little longer to recover from than a light/medium roll, so that's worth keeping in mind as well! When dodging sideways, I believe that rolling only goes in a straight line, but Quickstep will curve around what you are locked on to. You can even steer it a bit while in the animation, but you have to be quick!

                    • Anonymous

                      Once BHS step gets nerfed then this should also get a nerf as the BHS users would just flock to this instead.

                      • Anonymous

                        Using this with powerstanced GSs gives you access to their super good Backstep Double Poke attack. Quickstep backwards when dodging a jump attack and you can poke them for super high dmg.

                        • Anonymous

                          "When R1 is pressed after using this skill sideways or backwards, it will perform a Backstep attack. Bloodhound's step does not have this feature."

                          This is false. BHS has the exact same feature.

                          • Anonymous

                            Don't go "oh, it's so overpowered on greatswords!" because don't forget that they've got to recover after attacking.

                            • Anonymous

                              Yea, I'm gonna be honest. While I haven't encountered it yet because the game is still young, when the meta ripens I have a feeling that laggy backstabs from Greathammers will dominate the Lands Between.

                              • Anonymous

                                This move goes further than DS3 by allowing you to have rolling moves on forward and backward Quicksteps, and sideways Quicksteps (while locked) grant you your backdash attack, further expanding your moveset. This is a feature Bloodhound Step DOES NOT have.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Who the f decided that putting that weapon art on large variety of weapons while it was already op broken on daggers in ds3

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It uses fp, but i can still quickstep without fp. Using it with no fp, does it have less invincibility frames? Or maybe it uses a bunch of stamina instead?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I thought this would put you behind the enemy, since that’s literally what the description says. But it’s basically just an extremely low cost Bloodborne dash-dodge. Probably useful if you either have a high stamina consumption weapon or fat rolls.

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