Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light

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Affinity Sacred
Skill Sacred Ring of Light
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Sacred Ring of Light provides Sacred affinity and the Sacred Ring of Light Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Sacred affinity and the following skill:

"Sacred Ring of Light: Skill used by the commanders of the Cleanrot Knights. Gather a sacred ring of light in the armament, and then fire it forwards. Can be fired in rapid succession."

Usable on polearms (great spears excepted).


Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light:


Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light Elden Ring Guide

  • Grants the skill Sacred Ring of Light.
  • Can be used with the following affinity Upgrades: Standard, Heavy, Keen, Quality, Lightning, Sacred
  • Can be applied to the following weapon categories, so long as the weapon allows skill replacement: SpearsHalberdsReapers

Sacred Ring of Light Demonstration





Elden Ring Ash of War: Sacred Ring of Light Notes & Tips

  • Applies effects of weapon buffs such as Black Flame Blade and status effect greases to the projectiles 
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    • Anonymous

      The melees of this on halberds don't poise break knights like those of miquella's rings of light on the halo scythe

      • Anonymous

        This is actually pretty good when your opponent attempts a spacingmaxed attack but missmaxes, which I think is common if they're using a straight sword and you're using a spear

        • Anonymous

          even after 1.07 patch
          Sacred ring has around a half of travel distance of Miquella ring. And we still dont keep in mind the damage.

          of course we can use it on PHY affinity and buff it with any grease or spell. but as AOW it so badly compare with his elder brother.

          • This seems generally worse than Sacred Blade. Tested with both a +25 Gargoyle's Greatsword and a +25 Clayman's Harpoon, Sacred Blade deals 1548 damage to the same enemy (Both get B scaling in faith with Sacred affinity). Whereas this has worse range and deals 1075 damage to the same enemy on a +25 Clayman's Harpoon. Basically, this should always deal about 2/3 of the damage. It also has basically the same range and the projectile comes out a lot slower on this, as well as not providing a buff. However, this can be chain-cast? I guess that's sort of relevant, but most enemies will be on top of you very quickly before that.

            • Anonymous

              Apply poison armament to mainland pole arm, poison affinity to off hand cleanrot sword. Fire rings of light when people retreat from your rot paladin to cure status. Cleanrot fashion of course

              • Anonymous

                I found this ash of war in liurnia of the lakes on a scarab near folly on the lake with one character. But can't spot it with a different character.

                • Anonymous

                  Maybe if you want the best version of this spell, just go straight for the Halo Scythe. If every AoW was the same as their fixed skill counterparts, people would enchant normal weapons with [X] AoW instead of those [X] weapons.

                  • Anonymous

                    907 damage to my test dummy pumpkin head at Saintsbridge with +25 weapon, 99 faith, Golden Vow and Order's Blade casted on my weapon with a +10 Erdtree Seal... Lightning Bolt does 987 with absolutely no buffs. Hmmmmmm....

                    • Anonymous

                      This thing is supposed to be Halo Scythe's abilities weaker form, I understand that. It doeals less damage, and that's cool and all. But holy hell this ability has no effective range at all. It's almost melee.

                      • Anonymous

                        Hmmm it doesnt seem to be spawning for me, went to Youtube to double confirm the location and its not spawning

                        • Anonymous

                          Something worth noting when comparing this to the halo scythe version is that this (along side all non-buffing ashes of war) will take on the effects of any buff applied to the weapon. To my knowledge, the only other projectile AoWs capable of this are Beast's Roar, Glintblade Phalanx and Flames of the Redmanes. Of these, Sacred Ring of Light is the only one that scales with faith, and there are a lot of weapon buffing incantations to choose from. Only have experience fighting against it rather than using it myself, but blood flame and black flame blade seem to combo really well with this.

                          • Anonymous

                            Go back from Heart of Aeonia grace and you'll see it near some mosquitos on land (not swampy area). It will explode when attacked.

                            • Anonymous

                              If your thinking you found the halo scythe's ash of war and can finally have that broken op krillan disc on a different weapon for once... Think again! Besides doing less damage and having worse tracking the real and most significant nerf this spell has over the halo scythe is it's effective range! The fact is you can run into a boss room and begin shotgunning halo scythe rings at a boss and kill like 90% of bosses long before they ever get to you! It's the only holy spell that even remotely has respectable range besides the one sniper madness spell. Well this ain't that spell buddy! This spell half like half that range and when you go to cast it you quickly realize why all that range was important because the first flick has an actually long wind up. Thus you realize this weapon art is in fact Garbo and so you slap on lighting slash and forever give up your dream of a long range faith user

                              • Anonymous

                                Just a quick note - this is NOT the same Weapon art as on the Halo Scythe, which is called Miquella's Ring of Light. That one costs 11 FP and seems to do marginally more damage on a weapon around the same enhancement level, though the projectile's hitbox on this one is smaller and seems less likely to get caught on walls, the floor, and objects; but it also might miss a bit more. Neither tracks nearly as well as the Cleanrot Knights with the scythe when the projectile is actually out, but the initial swing will follow very well - just keep in mind that the animation for said swing is nearly 1.5 ~ 2 seconds, and can be punished easily by enemies and players alike. The ring is deceptive, as it changes speed during it's flight, and can catch players off guard depending on the distance they are when it's thrown out.

                                Both are excellent weapon arts, though, and perfect for a mix Faith build (though the scythe does somewhat favor Dex...)

                                • Anonymous

                                  Hey guys, I have a question: If I were to obtain the Black Whetstone Knife, and give the weapon I put this skill on the Occult Affinity instead of sacred, how would the damage scaling work? Is it just based off of weapon damage, or is it based on faith scaling?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    for those who want to spam ring of light for better damage and longer range...just get Halo Scythe, this one has shorter range if put on any weapons

                                    • Anonymous

                                      found near the heart of aeonia site of grace, dropped from a dungbeetle east of the cite in an area with giant dragonflies.

                                      Proud to say that I'm the first to report this.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        To get this, you need to kill a scarab that is on the east side of the Aeonia Swamp. Either head due east of the Aeonia Swamp Coast Site of Grace and listen for it, or travel south and east of the Inner Aeonia Site of Grace.

                                        • east of the Commander O'Neil site of grace. in between the dragonflies.

                                          you know you're getting close when you get a heartattack because of the valkyries (which aren't valkyrie mommy in hindsight) that start flinging those rings at you.

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