Ash of War: Holy Ground

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Affinity Sacred
Skill Holy Ground
Effect Grants affinities and skills to an armament

Ash of War: Holy Ground is an Ash of War and Upgrade Material in Elden RingAsh of War: Holy Ground provides Sacred affinity and the Holy Ground Skill. Ashes of War can be equipped on Weapons and Shields to modify the Skill or an equipment, or to apply affinities that modify scaling values.


This Ash of War grants an armament the Sacred affinity and the following skill:

"Holy Ground: Raise shield to create an Erdtree-consecrated area that continuously restores HP and boosts defense for self and allies inside it."

Usable on all shields.


Ash of War: Holy Ground Location in Elden Ring

Where to find Ash of War: Holy Ground:

  1. From this first Chariot Hall, drop down the openings on either side just before the second ramp.
  2. In the room below, head west and up the steps and then turn right in the next corridor. Follow the path and you will end up in a large Chariot Hall where two Chariots are running almost side by side, with a short delay between them. These are the Chariots you need to destroy.
  3. Head down the hall all the way to the bottom where there is a large pit behind some pillars. Looking down, you will find several wooden beams you can drop down onto.
  4. Navigate your way down onto the lowest beam you can drop down to and then head south towards an archway with a ladder in the back. Climb up the ladder to reach another Chariot Hall with a single Chariot.
  5. Wait for the Chariot to head downwards and then run up the ramp and enter the chamber on the right where you will find a flamethrower pillar. Hit the pillar to raise it which will activate the circular golden seal in the middle of the large double Chariot Hall, teleporting the Chariot from the third hall and causing it to collide with the double Chariots.
  6. From here, you will need to return to the large hall to witness the collision event and collect your items. The easiest way to do this is by killing yourself or using the Memory of Grace tool (if you don't care about your runes) to return to the Site of Grace. Alternatively, from the flamethrower pillar room, return to the third Chariot Hall, go all the way down the ramp and turn left into a corridor. Take another left to find a lift which will take you up to a chamber where the flamethrower pillar was raised. Wait for breaks between flame spews and head through the corridor in the north. There is an alcove on the right halfway through the corridor which you can use to safely wait for another break before heading towards the end. At the end of this corridor, you can turn left to return to the large Chariot Hall. After the Chariots crash into each other, you will receive the Ash of War along with the Tree Sentinel Armor Set.



Ash of War: Holy Ground Elden Ring Guide



Holy Ground Demonstration




Elden Ring Ash of War: Holy Ground Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      So using this and Shabiri's Woe makes you an awesome tank against bosses in Co-Op. Grab a greatshield, get a poker like a great spear or heavy thrusting sword, and go to town. Grab a bow if they're leaving your range

      • Anonymous

        can easily be obtained if you run to where the two chariots are and use morgot's shackles a bit further in

        • Anonymous

          fyi, this thing is immune to your OR your opponent's law of regression. its the only buff that is not a talisman that can survive the anti-buff nuke.

          • Anonymous

            So the reason this sucks in pvp is because players are extremely passive. You’d think this would be effective at punishing passive players but it just makes them even more passive. Players would also rather chug or send me home in response to the circle camping rather than just throw me out of it. They seem to be terrified of entering the circle, as if it does damage or something.and I’m running sword/shield, nothing broken or menacing. It’s pretty sad many players just run away forever even when they summoned you to the duel.

            • Anonymous

              Gives 20% boost to absorption. Very noticeable in duels. Yeah people demanding it needs a buff are crazy. I can’t believe this doesn’t have a fth requirement, same for many other ashes.

              • Anonymous

                A lot of people saying it needs to be buffed. They’re wrong. You need to stack this with other regen, the ritual shield talismans, bubble tear, uplifting aromatics etc. warming stones work too. It’s broken and a lot of people in duels send me hate mail or send me home when I stack regen, this and ritual shield talisman. My caster build uses ritual sword talisman to give me extra damage. Triple rings and flint stone phalanx destroy everything while I’m in my circle.

                • Anonymous

                  Really cool concept. I don't agree with the notion that this should have increased AoE, because then you wouldn't have any reason to cast defense or regenerative incantations. It should heal more and/or faster, maybe increased defense and/or poise. For something so small (which is fine), it should reward you more for playing in it. Again, I really like the concept, I hope they buff it.

                  • Anonymous

                    Bit strange nobody mentioned, if you want to make dealing with those chariots in this grave easier. Use mogh shackle after you resurface in 2 line chariots road. It will rise the fire spitter, which will summon 3rd chariot and they will crash.
                    Beside toggling fire spitting columns, shackle also toggles illusionary walls and magic "dagger" traps. Super handy.

                    • Anonymous

                      Bit strange nobody mentioned, if you want to make dealing with those chariots in this grave easier. Use mogh shackle after you resurface in 2 line chariots road. It will rise the fire spitter, which will summon 3rd chariot and they will crash.
                      Beside toggling fire spitting columns, shackle also toggles illusionary walls and magic "dagger" traps. Super handy.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bit strange nobody mentioned, if you want to make dealing with those chariots in this grave easier. Use mogh shackle after you resurface in 2 line chariots road. It will rise the fire spitter, which will summon 3rd chariot and they will crash.
                        Beside toggling fire spitting columns, shackle also toggles illusionary walls and magic "dagger" traps. Super handy.

                        • Awesome concept! I don't agree that the AoE and length should be increased, because then there wouldn't be any reason to cast defensive/regenerative incantations and ashes of war. Instead, I think they should increase the health amount/speed you receive, the defense, and MAYBE add poise to the caster/allies inside. Given the small AoE (which I like), the player should be rewarded much more for playing inside. Adjusting it's size would just take away from it's concept, I really hope it's buffed as described in this post.

                          • Anonymous

                            Awesome concept. However, if it's radius is going to be this small (which I like), it should heal faster and/or last much longer. Something this small and doesn't move should reward you more for playing in it. Additional poise while inside would be interesting too.

                            I don't like the idea of buffing this to make it cover a large area because then there wouldn't be any reason to use other regen and defensive buff options (outside of magic and lightning barriers). It would really shy away from the idea of what this incantation is designed around.

                            • Anonymous

                              Beaten by a single warming stone. Sad how weak this is, compared to previous games with this type of king of the hill stationary gradual healing spell this is just straight up so bad it's not even worth using.

                              • Anonymous

                                Using holy ground after applying seppuku to your weapon results in a strange effect of constant staggering as of calibrations ver. 1.03.3

                                • Anonymous

                                  I wonder if this would create some kind of damage field / safe zone when dealing with certain enemies that get damaged from AoE heals.

                                  • Worth noting is that Holy Ground and Ironjar Aromatic have a surprising amount of synergy with each other. Holy Ground's main issues are that you have to stay in the circle to benefit from it, and it has a long usage animation you can be knocked out of. However, Ironjar Aromatic comes out fairly fast, makes it hard for you to move, adds a ton of poise, and makes attacks bounce off of you. Holy Ground also helps mitigate the lightning weakness Ironjar Aromatic adds, and the 10 hp/sec regen becomes much more valuable with their combined physical resistances. Both of these also stack with Golden Vow as well, and while each additional buff gives diminishing returns in the area of physical resistances, it further diminishes the lightning weakness while also providing a small damage buff.

                                    Assuming you use the Golden Vow weapon art (shortest duration), using them in order of Golden Vow > Holy Ground > Ironjar Aromatic, they will all expire at around the same time. Further, when Holy Ground disappears it's a hard-to-miss visual indicator that Ironjar Aromatic is about to go as well, signaling to be ready to block or dodge so your suddenly squishier self isn't haplessly crushed. If you keep a stock of Uplifting Aromatic, you could feasibly also use it in the final seconds of Ironjar Aromatic to give yourself some insurance as you leave tank mode, which would be helpful for characters who are naturally more fragile such as spellcasters.

                                    Making use of this specific trio is a pretty hard-counter for strong enemies that deal mostly physical damage. My fragile Int/Faith pure caster can use it to laugh in the face of Greater Runebears and such, once I realized this.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      You have to spawn the 3rd chariot by jumping down the hole before the boss room. Keep following the path until you hear it spawn. Head back two the room with the original 2 chariots and the 3rd one will teleport and crash into the other 2, giving you this Ash of War.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        - Can be reduced down to 23 FP (from 30 FP) using the CARIAN FILIGREED CREST (skill FP Cost - 30%)
                                        - lasts for 35 Sec and heals 10 HP/Sec (Heals 350)
                                        - Stacks with BLESSED DEW TALISMAN (2 HP/Sec) and 1 of : BLESSING'S BOON (8HP/Sec for 90 Sec 720HP) or BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE (12HP/Sec for 90 Sec1080)
                                        - raises all defences : Physical: 39.93% Magic: 57.18% Fire 58.34% Lightning 65.67% Holy 52.72% but has deminisching returns that make stacking and calculating hard
                                        - regen rate of about 15HP per 1FP spend to cast ... thats ok but Blessing´s Boon is at 24HP pro 1Fp and BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE is at 18 HP per 1FP spend

                                        Only use this if you need the elemental resistenze or if you want to stack the regens for 24HP/Sec. By extending the duration of the Blessing Spells with OLD LORD'S (30% longer) TALISMAN to 117 Sec and reducing the Cost with PRIMAL GLINTSTONE BLADE (25% less cost ) down to 23FP and 45FP. You can reach a FP spend for HP gained ratio of 40HP per 1FP on Blessing´s Boon and a ratio of 31HP per 1FP spend for the BLESSING OF THE ERDTREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        So this Spell is only good for the extra defence and the stackable regen but realy bad for your FP (still way better that estus if you have the time and 90 min FP).

                                        For comparison a avarage non regen insta heal spell has a ratio of: incantation-scaling (of your talisman) multiplyed by the ratio of the spell 1.148 for the urgent heal spell
                                        (60 Faith ERDTREE SEAL +10 has a Incantation Scaling of 273 and the avarage HP per FP ratio of Healing spells is about 18-20. Great Heal is the most efficient with 20+ HP per FP with 60 Faith and more second only to the Erdtree Heal.)

                                        Thats kinda all you need to know about regen and healing. Flask of Crimson Tears +12 with 15 Flask of Crimson Tears heals for 810(972 with CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN) for a MAX HEAL of 12150HP (or 14580HP with the CRIMSON SEED TALISMAN).

                                        While your max FP Flask heals 220 but i recomend get 180FP MAX. You can heal using the tricks above to regen heal about 5616+ HP per Flask of Cerulean Tears. Using the Bleesing of the Erdtree 4 times per 180FP Bar. So a total of 84240 HP and Blessing Bone would be even better...

                                        This makes Flask of Cerulean Tears about 570%+ better that using Flask of Crimson Tears and IT HEALS YOUR ALLYS ON TOP OF THAT !!!!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This is an Ash of War that you really need to build around. It is extremely strong, providing a 10 HP/sec Regen and +20% to all negations that stacks with all buffs since it's considered environmental. It has two major downsides though, an extremely long cast with no hyperarmor and a small AOE that you have to remain in. This works best with a greatshield and a high END/poise build that you're willing to trade hits with. Combine it with an Art of War on your weapon with strong hyperarmor and just stand your ground in your little circle and let your foes come to you.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I wish this casted faster like the magic damage increase spell, its too slow for me to cast in most combat situations

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Try using the Sepuku Skill and then casting Holy Ground, You will see something hilarious as your character proceeds to have a seizure/stroke

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If you Use Sepuku and then Holy ground your character starts beginning to shake uncontrollably you can still attack and block without being interrupted, but can possibly be used to disguise your long charge attacks

                                                • Tested armorless and with armor, defense boost only seems to be 20%. According to an anon comment below, it is about 25%. Kinda disappointing for how much fp it costs and hard it is to used given that you must stay within the circle. Better off using barricade shield.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    you get this in Auriza hero's grave, you get it by destroying the two chariots that go up and down side. and having them collide.

                                                    you also get the tree sentinel set by doing this

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      This is in Azuria hero grave next to Leyndell Royal Capital, you need to destroy the chariots and the skill will drop along with the Sentinel armour. NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SIDE TOMB, THIS IS THE MAIN TOMB

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Seems to heal 10 HP per second and last about 35 seconds.

                                                        It's a nice concept on paper until you realize in execution everyone just moves out of it.
                                                        Theres way too much movement for this to work in a souls game, it would have to be like 3x the size and heal at a much faster rate to actually be good.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Heals 10 HP per second for 30 seconds, but only as long as you stay in the area. Probably better on a sorcerer than an incanter, since a sorcerer can cast Scholar's Shield to make it easier to block attacks. I have not tested the Immutable Shield incantation because I don't meet the required stats.

                                                          Alternatively, the consecrated area remains for its full duration even if you switch shields, so you could theoretically carry around a small shield just to cast Holy Ground, then switch to another shield with Barricade Shield.

                                                          Defense increase is a bit wonkier. Numbers are inconsistent. Have not tested if these numbers scale with Faith. It's a significant boost, in any case.
                                                          - Physical: 33.370 to 46.696 (+39.93%)
                                                          - Magic: 25.915 to 40.732 (+57.18%)
                                                          - Fire: 25.530 to 40.424 (+58.34%)
                                                          - Lightning: 23.344 to 38.675 (+65.67%)
                                                          - Holy: 27.503 to 42.003 (+52.72%)

                                                          • together with tree sentinel armor set
                                                            inside Azuria Heros Grave (dungeon with the horse rails south-east of capital ramparts, outside teh city walls)
                                                            video at 6:36

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