Holy Ground

holy ground
Raise shield to create an Erdtree-consecrated area that continuously restores HP and boosts defense for self and allies inside it.

Holy Ground is a Skill in Elden Ring. Holy Ground is a regular skill that can be found in Ashes of War, it can be used on all Shields. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Holy Ground in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Holy Ground Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Holy Ground.
  • FP Cost: 30 on use.
  • This Skill not Chargeable
  • Upon activation, the user raises their shield above their head, glowing with holy energy before releasing it, creating a medium-sized circle on the ground that provides some buffs if you stand in it. 
    • The animation takes 4 seconds to perform, from start to finish. However, the user can perform another action after 3 seconds.

  • The buff provides a 20% boost to Damage negation (absorptions), and a HP regen effect restoring 600 HP over the duration (around 17 HP/second).
    • This buff lasts for 35 seconds.
    • This buff affects all allied entities, like player phantoms, friendly NPCs, and of course the user.

  • If used without FP:
    • A circle is not created on the ground, and no buff is provided.
    • User still has to go through the starting 3 seconds of the animation before performing another action.
  • Note: This Skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: HP recovery amount has been increased.



Holy Ground Demonstration





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    • Anonymous

      can still be used with 15FP, maybe as an invader when u got drained to 0 flask and no other resources to use, run to nearby enemy(boss does not receive the buff) and use this to heal and buff their absorption along with yours, your low HP will be inviting for finishing, this + blue feather talisman and enemies around you will be your last fortress.

      • Anonymous

        Used this right after entering the boss chamber in Gelmir Hero's Grave. As soon as the effect activated, I began to stagger wildly until I got out of the aoe. It then continued to perform this way each time I used it there, but stopped once I left. Despite this, it healed me normally. Good for a laugh if I can find out what caused it.

        • Anonymous

          I use holy ground on the Shield of the Guilty for style points. It looks cool to lift that shield above your head in supplication to the erdtree. This is for my arbalest build, I hang out in the circle, usually at the center of the arena, draw aggro with shabriri's woe, and dance the hokey pokey with Godrick.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder how much you could tank with ritual shield, Blessing of The Erdtree, this ash, Frenzyflame Stone, and Warming Stone. That’d be like 90 something health a second.

            • Anonymous

              this is fun when I get invited by a mage and someone invades. Buff, drop this and let mage be in a safer place while you charge the enemy or throw lightning at them.

              • Anonymous

                does not appear to be different in pvp vs pve, which makes it really really good for invasions since you can buff yourself and mobs

                • Anonymous

                  Suddenly i dont feel like i need so many red flasks. This + black flame ritual + frenzyflame stone = my safe space. If you somehow get in here i have frenzyflame thrust at the ready.

                  • Since the last patch the HP regen has been buffed quite significantly (~70% increase!). This now restores 600 HP over 35 seconds which is about 17.15 HP/s.
                    Therefore it is the strongest HP/s regen ability in the game and fully stacks with other HP regen effects.
                    It is possible to stack a total of +34 HP/sec with Holy Ground (+17 HP/s), Blessing of the Erdtree (+12 HP/s) , Icon Shield (+3 HP/s) and Blessed Dew Talisman (+2 HP/s).

                    • Anonymous

                      With the boosted HP Regen from Patch 1.07 this is especially good on the Great Turtle Shell, because it helps to offset the fact that it doesn't block 100% of Physical damage, especially if you pair it with the Ironjar Aromatic. While you're confined to the circle, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw's Gravity Bolt is excellent at preventing enemies from reaching you, and if you're two-handing it, the Great Turtle Shell can keep your Stamina Regen boosted.

                      • Anonymous

                        People will call you a spell spammer/healer but refuse to even enter this circle. This is best on a caster since spells/buffs/stacked regen will punish people who don’t enter. And I stack regen on bubble tear, shield/spear ritual talismans. On a tank, it’s less good, you’ll just have really long staring contests while people switch to beast roar or thunder bolt and waste their fp. Pretty boring if you can’t cast elden stars to punish them. It’s ok for invasions but 3 people will still over power you even if you’ve got a collosal and status is status, nothing this spell can do about it.

                        • Anonymous

                          Try using seppuku on yourself, and then using this AOW with your seppuku buff still active. The result is really funny.

                          • Worth noting is that Holy Ground and Ironjar Aromatic have a surprising amount of synergy with each other. Holy Ground's main issues are that you have to stay in the circle to benefit from it, and it has a long usage animation you can be knocked out of. However, Ironjar Aromatic comes out fairly fast, makes it hard for you to move, adds a ton of poise, and makes attacks bounce off of you. Holy Ground also helps mitigate the lightning weakness Ironjar Aromatic adds, and the 10 hp/sec regen becomes much more valuable with their combined physical resistances. Both of these also stack with Golden Vow as well, and while each additional buff gives diminishing returns in the area of physical resistances, it further diminishes the lightning weakness while also providing a small damage buff.

                            Assuming you use the Golden Vow weapon art (shortest duration), using them in order of Golden Vow > Holy Ground > Ironjar Aromatic, they will all expire at around the same time. Further, when Holy Ground disappears it's a hard-to-miss visual indicator that Ironjar Aromatic is about to go as well, signaling to be ready to block or dodge so your suddenly squishier self isn't haplessly crushed. If you keep a stock of Uplifting Aromatic, you could feasibly also use it in the final seconds of Ironjar Aromatic to give yourself some insurance as you leave tank mode, which would be helpful for characters who are naturally more fragile such as spellcasters.

                            Making use of this specific trio is a pretty hard-counter for strong enemies that deal mostly physical damage. My fragile Int/Faith pure caster can use it to laugh in the face of Greater Runebears and such, once I realized this.

                            • Anonymous

                              Mine was healing 10hp/s. Also boosts all negation by 20 points before diminishing returns.

                              The AoE is pretty small. Its not a great measurement but its slightly bigger than two backsteps, probably the same as the standard heals AoE. Lasts 35 sec

                              • Anonymous

                                Not sure if this is affected by faith, but with 25 faith this heals for 10hp per second. It can be used with both Bestial Vitality and the Blessed Dew Talisman, giving you 3 sources of passive healing - so long as you remain within the fairly small AoE.

                                Effect seems to last for 35 seconds. So heals roughly 350hp, not great, not useless - but for being an ash of war that goes on your shield that's probably okay for any Paladin builds. And if you do manage to heal allies with it somehow, can probably be rather efficient.

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