Spinning Chain

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Spins the striking part of a flail at high speed to attack. Follow up with a normal or strong attack to link the momentum of this skill into a successful attack. 

Spinning Chain is a Skill in Elden Ring. Spinning Chain is a skill specific to the Flail that optimizes damage by spinning the weapon before delivering a bludgeoning blow.


How to get Spinning Chain


Elden Ring Spinning Chain Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a regular Skill
  • FP Cost: 8 (8 10)
  • This Skill is not Chargeable



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    • Anonymous

      considering this page has almost no information, i did some very quick and dirty testing in 1.09.1: the channeled portion of this attack hits 3 times per FP consumption (HOWEVER to get all three hits you have to hold the channel until the third hit, otherwise you'll get one or two) and each hit ***SEEMS*** to do roughly 64%? of normal light attack damage (78 on light vs 50 on channel) and 80%-90%? of status effect damage (took 5 hits with the channel to bleed vs 4 of the normal light attacks on the same enemy type, presumably this difference holds true for all status types), the followup heavy attack does two hits, the first dealing 107%? damage (83) and the second 160% damage (125) while the light attack is a little weird in that it seems like the spin could hit multiple times but it's hard to tell where the followup begins and the channel ends. either way, it does the same 64% (50) damage while spinning but 123%? (96) damage on the swing afterwards. i could not tell you what the poise damage for any of this is or what the followup attacks' status damage is nor if there are any hidden mechanics to any of this.

      comparatively to wild strikes' 123%? (96 after first swing), this does less damage and status per FP but does so a lot faster so this is likely better for status buildup on a purely time-based comparison. the hitbox is also quite a bit smaller but it's a blender so eh. that said, it really feels like this should block incoming attacks/projectiles with the weapon's block stats considering this is basically putting your melee weapon in the way of things in front of you.

      • Anonymous

        There should be a "No Change" Ash of War that lets you use a whetblade to infuse a weapon while keeping the weapon's skill the same.

        • Anonymous

          if you wanted to make a build around this, you'd need to use a standard path flail since there's no ash for Spinning Chain. Chainlink flail is the best option since its standard path has the best damage and scaling out of any other flail. Spinning chain goes for as long as you hold the button down so you can easily benefit from Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent's Prosthesis (raises attack power with successive strikes). And since it's the standard upgrade path you can use buffs like Bloodflame Blade to help you spam proc bleed.

          • This lands more hits than wild strikes despite dealing less damage per hit so it's better for bleed/frost buildup... Of course that would be much better if we had an interchangeable spinning chain ash of war. Straight swords have Square Off and Katanas have Unsheathe so I don't know why flails can't get spinning chain.

            • Anonymous

              I know its disappointing we don't get to have the weapon art and heavy infused, but we do get "wild strikes" ash of war. It has basically the same effect as this.

              • Anonymous

                Worth noting that despite not dealing weapon damage when you have no FP, you can still use it for a stun lock vs certain enemies, and it still does decent DPS with the bleed despite no weapon damage.

                • Anonymous

                  this works amazing on NPC invaders, just spin it until they bleed to death and die. for some reason they wont roll

                  • Anonymous

                    Mayazaki is such a fvcking hack bro, he screws over Flails in the first game they're introduced by not including this in the game. Ashes of War being tied to infusions is fvcking CANCER.


                    • Anonymous

                      Against a large enemy that gives you the time, this move is insane for building up bleed. Also great for ganking invaders as they pop in, flail blender op.

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