Ancient Lightning Spear

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Imbue the armament with the ancient dragons' red lightning, then throw it as a spear. Can be charged to increase its power.

Ancient Lightning Spear is a Skill in Elden Ring. Ancient Lightning Spear is a unique skill that can be used on the Bolt of Gransax.


How to get Ancient Lightning Spear in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Ancient Lightning Spear Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost: 25
  • This Skill is Chargeable
  • Deals 100% Lightning Damage
  • Attack power scales with Weapon upgrade and Dexterity
  • Using this skill moves you forward slightly as you fling the spear. Be careful when firing it from the edges of cliffs or platforms.
  • Knocks back enemies if fired while fully charged or flinch those tougher. It also benefits from Godfrey Icon
  • Due to the high speed of the projectile, this skill can still hit enemies who sidestep in response to ranged attacks (like Malenia)



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    • Anonymous

      Is there any reason to use any other skill over this? Huge range, nuke damage (currently hitting for about 3800+ with my current setup, and I could increase it if I wanted), knocks down, can't be avoided in pve, and it costs ridicously a low amount of fp.

      • Anonymous

        Hey guys. This is a DEX weapon lmao. For a DEX build. Not a FTH, not a DEX/FTH. DEX. If you want to get maximum output from this thing you should level, you guessed it, DEX.

        • Anonymous

          For a dedicated lightning build, this Skill does slightly less damage and costs slightly less mana than plain Lightning Spear. Once you acquire the Bolt of Gransax, this will functionally become your new long-range pelting ability.
          Incidentally, you will be able to cast this four times on a full bar if you have 15 Mind. Its mana cost may be a fractional value that is slightly less than 24, which is incredibly odd.
          — Courh the Explorer

          • Anonymous

            How come in my game it costs 24 fp to use the weapon art, but on here it says 25? I don’t have any talismans on that would reduce it. Just wondering.

            • Anonymous

              It should be an incantation with the same range, other aspects can be debated but faith do need a sniper spell that isn't madness. Maybe 30fp since spells does have advantage of requirement usually.

              • Anonymous

                Destroys in pve and pair it with cleanrot spear you will kill most normal enemies with one bolt and 2 normal attacks

                • Anonymous

                  Outrageously overpowered in pvp. Yes, it can be dodged, the target has to dodge it perfectly every time while the user only has to land it once. Combine that with the fact that invaders only ever engage in unfair fights hiding behind field bosses or groups of tough enemies and you see how diffiicult that can be. Dodging one lightning bolt is easy - but dodging a lightning bot AND an ulcurated tree spirit or crucible knight at the same time is almost impossible.

                  • Please REMOVE the FAITH SCALNG statement on Lightning damage. Wasted my 3 larval tears just to proof that:

                    Talisman: Alexander Shard + Godfrey Icon + Lightning Scorpion + Ritual Sword

                    Target: Banished Knight at Castle Sol (Bolt him from behind)

                    80 dex 80 faith 20 STR => 2780

                    99 STR 99 DEX 9 faith => 2848 (STR only improve physical damage on weapon not skill)

                    99 Dex 99 faith 20 STR => 2848 (0 scaling from faith & STR)

                    So far only known buffs for Lightning damage: Golden Vow and Lightning cracked tear physick

                    • Anonymous

                      Fun fact thunder bolt can be put on more weapons cost 40% mana is faster and has similar range. the only cost is less damage, but honestly what mob in this game is going to constantly give you enough time to effectively use ancient lighting.

                      • Anonymous

                        Insane reach and damage when Fully Charged , many Talismans also go with this Legendary Weapon's Ashe of War... Icon of Godfrey , Filigreed FP , Shard of Alexander and Golden Vow... Sadly the damage and Scale is enhanced with Strength & Dex. ( Anywhere between 50-60 Dex with the Bolt of Gransax should deal atleast 2000-2500 at +10 Upgrade ). Definitely a really strong and really High Ranged Unique Skill... It also makes Lightning Spear dull in comparison , even tho as Incantation lol.

                        • Did extensive testing on this vs Godrick knights in front of Flail chest at weapon upgrades from 0 to +10 on NG.

                          Observed about 100 damage increase on tap and 130 on charge per weapon level.
                          Scales ONLY with Dex stat, 5.5% to 6.5% ish increase by going from 40 (wep req) to 50.
                          Lightning buffs work properly and are multiplicative (20% from Physik, 10% when raining...).
                          Does not count as a charge attack for axe or spear talismans.

                          Damage Data No Multipliers:
                          Lv 40 dex 50 dex
                          0 324/465 342/489
                          1 415/597 439/629
                          2 512/731 542/769
                          3 613/860 649/903
                          4 715/985 756/1037
                          5 815/1114 861/1174
                          6 911/1246 963/1316
                          7 1009/1381 1068/1462
                          8 1108/1520 1176/1613
                          9 1210/1662 1287/1767
                          10 1315/1808 1400/1926

                          • Anonymous

                            I've been looking for this "incantation" for like two weeks now since I saw someone else use it and couldn't figure out what it was. Oh of course, it's attached to a weapon with no faith scaling and also requires 40 dex.

                            • Anonymous

                              This has to be coming as an incantation in a DLC. Hell or patch this one in as an incantation and give add a nerfed version as an ash of war.

                              • Anonymous

                                Has an extremely high FP cost relative to the damage but still better than half the incantations/sorceries in the game.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Seriously wondering why this wasn't also made into an incantation. As it stands, Faith kind of lacks an endgame ranged spell like Sorceries have.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Skill is better than 90% of spells in this game
                                    It has more range, more damage, moves faster. its basically an upgraded lightning spear.
                                    Makes a Faith caster sad

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