Nebula (Wing of Astel)

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Imbue the Naturalborn's stars with magic to send forth a dark cloud of stars that lingers briefly before exploding.

Nebula (Bastard's Stars)

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Imbue the Naturalborn's stars with magic to perform a sweeping strike.
This attack leaves a dark cloud of stars in its wake that lingers briefly before exploding.

Nebula is a Skill in Elden Ring. Nebula leaves a powerful dark cloud that explode after a short while. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Nebula in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Nebula Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is a Unique Skill
  • FP Cost (Wing of Astel): 20
  • FP Cost (Bastard's Stars): 25
  • Deals 13 stance damage per explosion. The Bastard's Stars version also has an initial hit that deals 9 stance damage.
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • This Skill (Wing of Astel) can be Parried
  • This Skill (Bastard's Stars) cannot be Parried (the Nebula can be Parried with Carian Retaliation)
  • The damage of this skill is boosted by the Spellblade Set.
  • The Wing of Astel version of this skill fans the stars in a 120-degree arc in front of the character. Depending on enemy size and positioning, the star explosions can hit a single enemy up to 4 times.
  • The Bastard's Stars version of this skill causes the character to lunge forward and spin the weapon in a large circle, spreading the stars in a roughly 340-degree curve around the character, slightly in front of the starting position. However, the star explosions seem to only hit at most once per enemy regardless of enemy size or positioning
  • For both attacks, if there isn't sufficient room for the stars to properly spread out (in a hallway, for example), they will instead clump in the available space.
  • NOTE: This skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: The Attack Power was Increased.



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    • Anonymous

      May need further testing, but I’m pretty sure it is possible for the stars to hit more than once on the flail. It’s extremely rare, but I’m fairly certain I’ve seen it happen.

      • Anonymous

        Wing of Astel version: Better against slower enemies

        Bastard’s Stars version: Better against faster enemies

        • Anonymous

          Is anyone having problems getting the Bastard Stars version to hit large enemies multiple times? I was testing it against Magma Wyrm Theodorix, and I had to basically be inside it to even hit twice. It didn't seem to do the damage I expected at +9. Then to compare, I switched back to Wing of Astel at +10 and the boss just melted, with each nebula doing more damage and recasting faster at lower cost.

          • Anonymous

            Has anyone else had instances where against bosses they stagger like they were hit but they took no damage? (Patch 1.07, using Wing of Astel)

            • Anonymous

              God I wish this was a freestanding ash instead of being attached to the one dumb af looking weapon. Would also be great if the magical/gravity/death ashes could be stuck on staves.

              • Anonymous

                This may not be good in PvP but this art can do some nasty damage in PvE if you have the magic tear and the alexander shard. I am melting everything rn

                • Anonymous

                  Its a great skill. I used it (WoA) with the serpents blade for the heals and the amulet for passive heals as to not need to rest and clearing whole areas to safely explore.

                  With bosses and npc invaders, its a win button. Especially when it staggers the enemy, you can just chain it then. NPCs evade the swing, but not the bubbles themselves and the wide arc traps them rather easily.
                  For pure PvE, id say its better even then the rivers of blood skill. The only place where it seemed to struggle was the second glintstone dragon, but even that was doable.

                  • I didn't realize until today that the Nebula weapon art is different on Wing of Astel vs Bastard's Stars. On Wing of Astel it's a short forward arc, but Bastards Stars is a big, wider slanted arc. It also costs 25 fp on BS and 20 fp on WoA. The casting time appears about a half second shorter on WoA

                    • Anonymous

                      +9 Bastard of stars on a Dex/Int build does ridiculous damage. Oneshots whole groups of mobs in leyndell for me

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