Double Slash

double slash
Skill of superior swordsmen. Perform a crossing slash attack from a low stance.
Repeated inputs allow for up to two follow up attacks.

Double Slash is a Skill in Elden Ring. Double Slash is a regular skill that can be applied with Ashes of War to swords and polearms capable of slashing (colossal weapons excepted).


How to get Double Slash in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Double Slash Guide, Notes & Tips

  • This is an Ash of War Skill, associated with the Ash of War: Double Slash.
  • FP Cost: 6 on use.
    • 3 FP for the next two following inputs.
    • Using all the inputs totals to a 12 FP cost (6 + 3 + 3).
  • This Skill is not Chargeable
  • Upon activation, the user briefly holds the armament (weapon) to their right side, before slashing twice side-to-side in front of them.
    • Inputting the Skill button again allows for another follow up, with the user making a brief spin before slashing thrice side-to-side.
    • Inputting the Skill button after this allows for one last follow up, where the user makes an overhead slash all the way to the ground.
    • The total amount of skill inputs are 3, for a total of 6 hits.
  • Each hit consumes stamina separately, has different damage modifiers, and on-hit status buildup penalties (if weapon has any).
    • Status buildup is less per hit, compared to light attacks. This applies to both innate status buildup and buildup obtained from weapon buffs (such as greases).
  • The speed of the Weapon Skill can vary. This is based on the type of armament in question that has the skill.
    • "Small" armaments such as Daggers, Straight Swords, Curved Swords and Katanas have overall fast speed on all attacks. There's almost no delay between each attack performed.
    • "Large" armaments such as Greatswords, Twinblades, Halberds, and Scythes (Reapers) have a slight attack delay on the first input, and a longer, considerable delay on the follow up.
      • The recovery time of the first two inputs is the same as small armaments, the difference lies on the actual speed when performed.
    • The last follow up seems to have the same speed, regardless of armament. However, large armaments have a slightly longer recovery period before they can move again.
    • Stamina consumption depends on the type of armament that has the skill. Large armaments consume more stamina.
  • When used without FP:
    • Has a severe damage penalty (approximately 40% less damage compared to light attacks)
    • User can bounce off walls on hit.
      • This strangely enough doesn't apply to shields on PvP. Blocked attacks from Double Slash won't bounce off even without FP. However, normal enemies can make the user bounce off when blocking.

General Usage Tips

  • The weapon skill, when used on its entirety, consumes high amounts of stamina. Make sure to manage your stamina well.
  • Since the weapon skill depends of player input, this allows them to use the skill, and change their approach according to the situation.
    • For example, using Double slash once, then dodge an incoming attack by rolling.
  • Because each hit uses a portion of your total damage, using small armaments with high damage is a good way to optimize this skill.
    • This becomes specially true when using weapon buffs, as they add damage and have a lesser damage penalty when using the skill.
  • This skill allows for flexible combos, as it can be used after recovery windows are finished.
    • For example: light attack, Double Slash, light attack. Or light attack, Double Slash, Double Slash, etc.
  • The reach and area coverage of every hit depends entirely of the specific weapon used. Longer weapons are more effective for this purpose.


  • The attack speed based on the type of weapon is a behavior shared with the Weapon Skill, Sword Dance.
  • The first two portions of this Weapon Skill look similar to the first two parts of Floating Passage, a Combat Art from the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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    • Anonymous

      This with a Dismounter is so delicious! Shame though that people have enough poise to roll out of the follow up. Still good in pvp and pve because of the damage and (for pvp) a good spacing checker (which coupled with a few ranged incants like black blade or lightning spear, it can really be useful)

      • Anonymous

        Almost every skill has a variant: corpse piler to this, royal knights resolve to determination, bloodhound step to quickstep. Im starting to question how many unique skills do we actually have...

        • Anonymous

          Ash of war called double slash: performs a dance of six attacks with your sword.

          Ash of war called sword dance: slashes twice.


          • Anonymous

            This ash is interesting because it has two different speeds depending on the weapon. For larger weapons like a halberd, this ash comes out slower. I think this was a balance decision. Could you imagine if a weapon with the range of the halberd was able to use this ash of war as fast as a sword? That would be completely unbalanced haha. I'm glad fromsoft had the foresight to change the speed for longer-ranged weapons.......

            • Anonymous

              I didn't even recognize this as being corpse piler light, and absolutely loved it on my Claymore. I wish noone would have pointed that out to me because now i feel like i kinda don't want to use it amymore.

              • Anonymous

                Can be charged. Also completely melts everything it touches. Comes equipped on Serpentbone Blade by default and you can charge it to dash forward or just spam it at close range. Low FP cost and high dmg. Highly recommended

                • Anonymous

                  Outdated beta information... I have the ashes of war and applied it to my twinblade. Actually play the game and figure it out...

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