Waves of Darkness

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Plunge armament into the ground to release three waves of darkness. Follow up with a strong attack to swing the armament in a sweeping strike.

Waves of Darkness is a Skill in Elden Ring. Waves of Darkness is a skill that plunges armament into the ground to release three waves of darkness. 


How to get Waves of Darkness in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Waves of Darkness Guide, Notes & Tips


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    • Anonymous

      want to shred bosses? cold rotten axe with this ash of war and buffed by shard of alexander, golden vow, flame GMS, and magic physick.

      • Anonymous

        as of patch 1.05 this is fixed now the follow up swing now registers. now go slap in rotten axe with cold affinity for scarlet rot and frost which so deadly. the waves itself can proc the statuses.

        it slaps pvp. the last wave catches people of guard. in pve, use the weapon and set up above. also you must have atleast 70 poise advisable 100 poise so you dont get staggered easily.

        one of the best ashes of war out there.

        • Anonymous

          this or hoarah loux? i mainly play dex build on my invasions so i’m wondering if it’s time to switch to strength to try out the heavy STR weapons or can you guys suggest a dex weapon that’s good with this AoW

          • Anonymous

            The follow up swing is bugged I think, doesn’t hit anything. It’ doesn’t activate another wave so it’s pointless to use. Still a great ash of war, love it on my Prelate Crozier.

            • Anonymous

              Ignore the comments. I held off on this for a long time because of the comments, but it works fine and does a ton of damage. Its like earthshaker, but youre only committed to the first half.

              • Anonymous

                This, Gravitas and Nebula on a staff would have added some dynamism to staff combat aside from the usual point-and-shoot.

                • Anonymous

                  The follow up doesn't hit at all, ONLY THE WEAPON SWING tho, the third shockwave does hit, it's really god damage despite that issue, around 3k with high 60/60 str/int

                  • Anonymous

                    A nice low FP PvP group punisher. The delay on the third Shockwave catches a lot of people off guard as they roll into try and trade.

                    I've had success clearing small ro medium size rooms.

                    • Anonymous

                      This would be uber badass if the follow up hit actually had a hit box. The initial stab into the ground plus the 3 waves of damage plus the follow up 360 hit could result in a 5 hit combo.

                      • Anonymous

                        testing this on the Zweihander, the "follow up strong attack" has no hitbox, shame because other than that its an ok weapon art that gives poise when casting

                        • Anonymous

                          This is one of the reward choices for turning in "Remembrance of the Naturalborn" which you get from Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. She is the final boss in the Outer Cloister area at the end of Ainsel River underground region.

                          The other choice for the remembrance is Bastard's Stars flail.

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