Impaling Thrust

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Skill that lets piercing armaments overcome enemy shields. Build power, then lunge forward for a long thrust that pierces an enemy's guard.

Impaling Thrust is a Skill in Elden Ring. Impaling Thrust is a strong lunging action that can pierce through enemy shields and pierce their guard. Updated to Patch 1.07.


How to get Impaling Thrust


Elden Ring Impaling Thrust Guide, Notes & Tips 

NOTE: This skill was changed with Patch 1.07 as follows: 

  • Motion speed and attack speed have been increased.
  • The delay between the end of various actions (like using items or attack animation) and being able to perform a skill has been reduced.
  • The timing between the end of the skill and being able to attack and to roll has been reduced.


Moveset & Videos in Elden Ring for Death's Poker





Elden Ring Impaling Thrust Notes & Tips 

  • Updated to patch 1.07. See Patch Notes for details.
  • Other notes and player tips go here. 
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    • Anonymous

      It might not be the best ash of war in the game, but good lord is it close.

      Impaling thrust is so reliable. It's easy/beginner friendly to use, comes out fast/low end-lag, does good dmg, breaks poise, it's a gap closer, it ignores shields, and it's low FP cost. And the best part is this weapon of mass destruction is available at the start of the game for 1k runes. It led me to victory against Malenia for my first solo win, and now I have it on a dagger for all my builds. Amazing.

      • Anonymous

        This thing makes most mobs easy mode. Just press it and they die. Doesn't matter if they have their shield up or whatever. And a very low FP cost. Feels like a Square Off or Unsheathe heavy that comes out much quicker.

        • Anonymous

          Awesome on a greatsword, particularly knight/banished knight, since they lack a thrust. Buffering a heavy during the thrust makes it come out fast.

          The combo of jumping R2 -> impaling thrust -> buffered R2 will stance break almost anything it doesn’t kill outright, even tough enemies like banished knights and miners.

          When a pvp encounter devolves (esp invasions), it usually comes down to the basics. A cheap powerful thrust is as good as it gets. Just don’t let yourself be party bait.

          • Anonymous

            Great Epee with impaling thrust carried my ass on my first playthrough. Went for staggers, then riposted with a pocket misericorde. Fun times.

            • Anonymous

              Great skill. Fast, low cost, good damage and posture damage.
              I managed to best Malenia using this skill with a Banished Knight Halberd. Range was good enough to outspace her and roll back to safety.

              • Anonymous

                This is one of the most powerful skills when used without or with sparing use of lock-on. You may have noticed the thrust has a shallow turning radius, which can cause it to miss when an enemy moves to your side after initiating it. But this can be avoided by simply locking off and moving your character in the direction you want the attack to go. This means you can initiate a thrust in one direction and immediately do a 180 with the camera and shoot in the other direction. If used correctly, you will never miss a grounded enemy with this ash.

                • Anonymous

                  It weird how you cant apply impaling thrust on the katar so you can make it heavy katar with the origianl ash of war

                  • Anonymous

                    This is incredible on halberds. A poise MV of 600 means you’ll be getting 30 poise damage on halberds, only 3 less than a fully charged R2, while being exponentially faster. This gives halberds many more opportunities to deal high poise damage, as the fully charged R2 (except for 3 of them) are insanely slow. All halberd players should try this skill out at least once.

                    • Anonymous

                      I considered switching to Charge Forth....but Impaling Thrust is so quick, light on FP + does significant Poise Damage.....

                      Anyone else having trouble choosing between the 2?

                      • Anonymous

                        The 'guard piece' effect seems to be actually really significant. From what I could tell, about 90% of my damage was going through the enemy's shield. I tested on NPCs, who knows how it might be different in PVP, but good luck landing it there anyway.

                        • Anonymous

                          It's sad that this doesn't stagger when used with daggers. Daggers are severely lacking stagger ashes of war - either you pick cold/magic affinity AoWs or be stuck with Flame of Redmanes.

                          • Anonymous

                            I tried an assassin build. Put Impaling Thrust in my dagger, it didn't stagger whether I use one hand or holding it with two hands. But with the katar, the impaling thrust always stagger them for more crit.

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