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Location Throughout the Lands Between

Trolls are Giant Humanoid Enemies in Elden Ring
Large and sturdy, these creatures are found everywhere in the Lands Between, serving as guards, knights, and even as beasts of burden.


 The lesser giants who fought for the Erdtree during the War against the Giants long ago. Though the giants have lost their minds, they stay inseparable from their swords that are in sad shape—such that the gold plating had flaked away.


Troll Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Trolls:

  • Trolls are found almost everywhere in the Lands Between, from Limgrave to the Consecrated Snowfield.
  • Many are often protecting certain areas, or towing around large carriages with treasure in the back. These are always unarmed, and have a large spike through their midsection, which is chained to the carriage itself.


Troll Drops in Elden Ring


Enemy Type Item Drops Notes  

Common Troll
troll 2

Common Trolls can be found in Limgrave. They can be found in many above ground places in the Lands Between pulling Carriages. They use a Troll's Golden Sword to fight, but do not drop it. One with a detached chain-and-spike left in it's chest can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, north of the broken Carriage containing the chest for Treespear, which is on the north end of the broken bridge northeast of Stormveil Castle. There is another with a detached chain-and-spike through it's chest just outside the entrance to Old Altus Tunnel as well as another on the opposite side of the small valley. There is also one in Redmane Castle that jumps in front of the front gate when the player approaches; it has a flaming sword.

64 Poise


Troll Knighttroll knight 3

Troll Knights use Sorceries such as the Greatblade Phalanx (a giant version) and can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes; three headless spectral Troll Knights can be found in the middle of the path from the base to the top of the hill The Four Belfries are situated on (these can still drop their sword). A Troll Knight in the flesh can be found in Caria Manor, not far from the fight with Royal Knight LorettaOne blue summoned Troll Knight can be found north of the Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace, down the northwest path.


Frenzied Troll
troll frenzied

Frenzied Trolls can be found in the Yelough Anix Ruins, although there is one outside the entrance to Volcano Manor. They are unarmed, but can use Frenzied Flame Incantations on a large area in front of them. However, this leaves them wide open for several moments if you are directly underneath, beside or behind one. Fighting them horseback is not advised.


Snow Troll
troll snow 1

Snow Trolls can be found on Flame Peak fighting Giant Crows and Giant Dogs. They use a Troll's Golden Sword to fight, but do not drop it. They can cast the Flame, Fall Upon Themincantation. There are also four Snow Trolls hauling two Carriages in the Consecrated Snowfield, though these do not drop any Arteria Leaves.  

Elden Ring Troll Notes & Tips

  • Trolls have high resistances and deal significant Area-of-Effect damage with their stomps, which can also knock you back. Magic is a safe option for dealing with them, even when their health pools are rather high.
    • Most trolls are weak against slashing and fire. Stonedigger trolls are weak against strike rather than slash, while frenzied trolls are not weak against fire.
  • Trolls are susceptible to Hemorrhage which makes it a good option to whittle their large health pool. Sleep Status is also very easy to apply.
  • Shooting a troll in the head with a projectile will stun them for a few seconds.
  • There is a Silver Tear that transforms into a Troll at the end of Night's Sacred Ground.
  • After taking enough damage (around 50% of their health) Trolls will start using their sword (if they have one) which will change their moveset.
  • A Frenzied Troll at Mt Gelmir, in front of the entrance of the Volcano Manor, uses frenzied attacks. This variant is also plentiful around the Yelough Anix Ruins.
  • They are capable of destroying the glowing blue statues found across the world. These often contain Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones.
  • Trolls found in the Flame Peak use Flame incantations, and are often fighting Giant Crows. If one is having trouble with one or the other, try luring them into fighting each other.
  • Theodorix was once a Troll, and a hero of the War against the Giants. He has since become a Magma Wyrm, lurking beyond the frozen river in the Consecrated Snowfield.
  • War Counselor Iji is a Troll who serves under Ranni and Carian royals as a blacksmith and war counselor. He is friendly to you and he offers smithing services.

Troll Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      There is 1 troll with broken chain near the broken bride lead from limb graves to liurnia lake that attack everything including invader.

      • Anonymous

        The Insane roar the frenzied trolls utter is what I sound like after my PC crashes Twice in a single session

        • Anonymous

          I got 5000 Runes off the Stormveil Gate troll, is that a glitch or intended? It usually dropped 1000 for me

          • Anonymous

            The lack of a belly, is that because their chest faces have been removed? Like the one the Fire Giant have?

            • Anonymous

              I killed a few by hiding, quietly using Poison Mist from behind, waiting for it to finish, repeat. Takes three times currently for me to take down one of them at Stormhill. Not very efficient and a little time consuming – but safe!

              • One of the trolls had gold eyes near Waypoint Ruins. Killing it after consuming a gold fowl foot and wearing the gold scarab on NG+7 got me 52,211 runes.

                • Anonymous

                  Flame of the Redmanes takes them down in consecutive 4 hits in early game (they stagger after second hit).

                  • Anonymous

                    Can't help but notice a resemblance between trolls and the giant statues that litter the Uhl and Uld Ruins. Large stone tablets held to their chest, a large beard, it's almost like the Trolls may have perhaps looked like this once upon a time.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does every damn giant "monstrous" enemy have to have that annoying breath blast move that always knocks you over?

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun Fact: the voice for the trolls is the same guy who does the voice of Godfrey, Edward Rowe.
                        Extrapolate the implications for the lore if you wish.

                        • Anonymous

                          Once out of boredom I hopped onto the back of a carriage to see where it went. Imagine my shock when we finally came to a stop and I discovered you can get the item from the chest in the back.

                          • Anonymous

                            I don't know if Fextralife still takes note of HP on regular mobs anywhere, but here are some values (NG).

                            Common Troll: 2,169 HP
                            Knight Troll: 4,307
                            Frenzied Troll: 5,138 HP

                            I don't have access to Yeti Troll yet.

                            • Anonymous

                              Are these weak to holy damage ? I'm SO CONFUSED. I have 30 str and 9 faith. However I'm dealing 276 damage with holy ashes and 245 with heavy ashes. Shouldnt I deal more damage with heavy ???

                              • Anonymous

                                There are about five or six of these guys at the Yelough Anix Ruins that use frenzied flame attacks in addition to trying to crush you.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Is it me of they have gravestones (like the one used by Rennala in her boss fight) in their torso? If you want to have a look safely, you can look at Iji the blacksmith.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Killing one of these while they have the glowing eyes (meaning bonus runes) will net you a whopping 5000 runes, even the ones pulling the carriage in limgrave

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Killing one of these while they have the glowing eyes (meaning bonus runes) will net you a whopping 5000 runes, even the ones pulling the carriage in limgrave

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Fun fact! There are two Trolls next to the entrance of Old Altus Tunnel that are the same kind as the Trolls that pull carriages. Which means they're impaled and chained, but don't wear their swords. However, when they go half-health, they still pull their sword out of the void.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Also, trolls are the only beings I have found in the game so far capable of destroying the statues with the blue light shining inside of them. Sometimes it's necessary to really lure a troll to such a statue, then anger it, so it can smash / crack open the statue. So far, within the statues are smithing stones. I have not proceeded too far in the game yet (only did Godrick of all the main bosses so far), so there might be more in store.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The frenzy weilding one in yelough anix ruins is cool looking. He got a cook cloak going on for him. He drops yelough as he did for me. But no idea of rarity. (Probably very low chance)

                                            • The big trolls we fight throughout the game were once fire giants, but had the fell god face removed from their torsos when they betrayed their own to side with Leyndell - this is why you can see all their guts through their gaping stomachs. If you look closely at all the dead, impaled giants on the mountaintop leading up to the Fire Giant boss, you'll see they all have the chest-eye and chest-nose to match the boss.

                                              To source, one of the sword monuments reads this about trolls being traitors to Giants:

                                              The War against the Giants

                                              Champions battle, trolls betray

                                              Fire vanquished, the era of the Erdtree begins

                                              And the Golden Troll Sword they wield:

                                              Sword given to the giants who fought for the Erdtree during the War against the Giants long ago.

                                              Though the giants have lost their minds, they stay inseparable from their swords that are in sad shape — such that the gold plating had flaked away.

                                              As well as their hammers:

                                              Mining tool of stonedigger trolls used to crack bedrock.

                                              Trolls are descended from the giants, and these were supposedly once used as ceremonial smithing tools. In the distant past, smithing was considered divine.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I learned through farming them that after scoring a jumping attack towards their head while it's lowered, it stuns them long enough for me to do consecutive fully charged heavy attacks. Land enough consecutive charged heavy attacks on the front of the legs and they'll fall over and be susceptible to a special attack.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  one at Redmane castle use FLAME SWORD and it have larger aoe and higher defence than most handle with care

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Anyone know what's with the black cloaked version outside the Old Altus Tunnel? They can't hit you and don't give any runes when you kill them.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      They can drop 5000 runes rather than just 1000 on occasion it is just a rare occurence, i thought it was just a coincidence at first but ive had it happen multiple times

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Aim for their heads with jump attacks (wait for fist/sword slams) or spells/projectile for high damage and a long stun period

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Get to "Third Church of Marika" grace point (almost in the middle of the map), go West, kill Troll, open map, teleport back to same grace point, repeat. :- ) Great grinding once you get there.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Are the shards a one time drop or is the droprate just abysmal? im unintentionally powerleveling cause i've had to kill 50+ of theese trying to get shards lmao

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