Leyndell Knights are a Humanoid Enemy in Elden Ring. Leyndell Knights are knights of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. They wield a heavy sword in their right arm and has a large shield on their left. They are entirely covered by golden armor and are highly dangerous due to their fine combat skills.

The spirit of a particular Leyndell Knight, Kristoff, can be summoned for aid in battle by using the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes.


Knights sworn to defend the royal capital of Leyndell. The golden canopy atop their helmets represent the honor of standing among the tree's defenders. 


Elden Ring Leyndell Knight Locations

Leyndell Knights can be found at the following locations:

Elden Ring Leyndell Knight Drops


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 620 - 1310
Leyndell Knight Helm 3.00% N/A
Leyndell Knight Armor 3.00% N/A
Leyndell Knight Gauntlets 3.00% N/A
Leyndell Knight Greaves 3.00% N/A
Knight's Greatsword 4.00% Only from knights using the Greatsword, including those with a Greatbow.
Partisan 4.00% Only from knights using the weapon.
Greatbow 4.00% Only from Knights using the weapon.
Golden Greatshield 4.00% Only from knights using the Greatshield who don't also wield a bow.
5x Great Arrow 15.00% N/A
Dragon Cult Prayerbook 100% One time drop from the knight south of the Artist's Shack
Gravel Stone Seal 100%

From the West Capital Rampart site of grace in Leyndell, walk north to the next room with the single guard inside. Jump over the balcony railing to get to the area next to the Fortified Manor with the dragon foot. The knight with the spear supported by an archer drops this seal.
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Leyndell Knight Notes & Tips


Leyndell Knight Image Gallery

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leyndell knight 4 elden ring wiki guide leyndell knight 5 elden ring wiki guide leyndell knight 6 elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      These knights don't enjoy the benefits of hyperarmor on their attacks. All it takes is spamming uncharged heavy attacks with a Straight Sword — your mileage may vary with other weapon types — and they will get trapped in a hitstun loop until either you run out of stamina or they randomly decide to try blocking.
      — Courh the Explorer

      • Anonymous

        go to the boundary of the lake with the Mariner (after you kill the Mariner) and bait the knight there. If you have ranged spells you can cheese the knight from the edge of the lake, he will rush you and turn around, letting you hit him as he walks away.

        • Can't edit the wiki so here is how to beat that knight:
          1- Die a few times to gauge his range
          2- Stay a mid range and bait his attack, wait for him to pick his sword with both hands.
          a. If lightning appears, rush him for a nice, 3-4 free hits in
          b. Otherwise, prepare to dodge on the side, after which you can hit him 2-3 times

          • Anonymous

            One of the most outright annoying enemies in the entirety of the souls series. Its like FROM thought about everything that made knight enemies annoying and time consuming to beat, then mixed it altogether to create these copy-pasted enemies.

            • Anonymous

              For melee, use Square Off light attack and back up immediately. Backstep button is useful, remember his sword has reach. Get a feel for how far is shield bash goes. Once he sets aside his shield to do something, run in and get another Square Off light attack. It should only take two or three such hits to open him to a critical. Never approach him when he’s down, use it as an opportunity to heal. After getting more distance, that is.

              • I know where they are because i'm freaking fighting them. I know how many runes they drop because i'm freaking fighting them. What i don't know is their weakness and apparently neither do you. Thanks.

                • Anonymous

                  These dudes are not that bad until you get too far from them and they start spamming that bs lightning that requires perfect timing to dodge and could proly two shot you at 40 vigor, other than that they're not too bad atleast if you're using something like a greatsword anyway, they hurt tho so don't underestimate them.

                  • Anonymous

                    I found that if you kill the first knight a certain way it will always drops a item. Makes me wonder if others have the same thing.

                    • Anonymous

                      "Knight's Greatsword: Only from knights using the Greatsword who don't also wield a bow."

                      This is incorrect. I had several Greatswords drop from the knight wielding a bow and sitting on a structure next to the Altus Highway Junction. He dropped the Greatbow as well of course, though he did not drop the shield.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bloodhound's Fang chews them up. Equip a shield in your left hand just in case, spam away with the sword. Roll back when your stamina is down, rinse and repeat.

                        • Anonymous

                          Although the Greatbow variants will switch to wielding Knight's Greatsword and Golden Greatshield when you close the distance, they do NOT drop the Golden Greatshield. It will only drop from Sword and Partisan variants. A quick farm for the Golden Greatshield is a Partisan variant immediately NW of the West Capital Rampart grace.

                          • Anonymous

                            When they go for the lightning bolt, run close. It will cancel out and they are still in the animation so you can backshot them.

                            • Anonymous

                              The one near Artist's Shack: Posture is easily breakable with Bloodhound's Fang skill, Bloodhound's Finesse. You can even avoid his guard counter if you time the 2nd part of the skill well, and rush in to finish him off. Just watch your stamina and keep the combo up and he's easy kill.

                              • Anonymous

                                Best way to deal with them was backstab followed by Nebula AoW while they're getting up. From the front it's the usual business - annoying as hell.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I farmed the trio at capital. Used tailsman so I can sneak past them easier and ran the dagger w/ the +140 crit + the dagger tailsman. You go right first, backstab knight (about 1350 damage) then finish him off. Then you run along right side again, then crouch. The knight with bow will just start shooting wall. Sneak up behind him and backstab. Then the dummy on the far right just stands there. Backstab. Repeat. Killed them like 50x. Have everything, a bunch of swords and bows, but no helmet …..

                                  • So how to fight it without damage: always run on their left and do running attacks, no bullshit such as parry, roll and ranged needed to kill him like that

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The poise on these guys... The partisan wielding ones, seems you can't interrupt them while they're doing the triple stabby jab. At least I couldn't with a morning star. They can be super easy if you catch them off guard from behind, but real em effers from the front. Hammer talisman seems to do nada on these guys for breaking their stance.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        He's basically an Early Crucible Knight. I had my Ruins greatsword maxed to around level 9 and that mf was eating my attacks attacks. I cant take on two of them unless i have my starscourge greatsword

                                        • Anonymous

                                          if you get the godsworn greatsword from the chest back at the beginning of limgrave you can stagger spam the one south of the artists shack with it

                                          • Anonymous

                                            everyone talking about hitting him with ranged.

                                            i used golden Halberd and Torrent and just basically hit and run tactics. To me a lot easier. XD

                                            • Anonymous

                                              This guy is basically a weaker, re-skinned crucible knight. Good partner if you want some parry practice if you fight the lone one south of the artist's shack in Liurnia.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Get him to follow you South-West from his spawn area towards the rock that looks like the one from Lion King (The one pointed west horizontally) and the one pointed vertically. In my playthrough, every time I crossed the threshold between the two rocks, he would just stop, put his shield down, and begin walking back toward his original path. I ranged him with rock sling but I imagine any ranged will do with enough time. Cheese tastes great on a victory sandwich. -UC

                                                • For the one in Liurnia, you can fight him on the banks of the lake with the Tibia Mariner which is a summonable area. Just hit him with a ranged attack and he'll come running over to you, letting you fight him with the summons of your choice. Makes the fight a lot easier.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Anybody else not able to have him drop any of his armor near the Artist's shack? I've killed him about 20 times and I only got his leg armor and nothing else

                                                    • Their lightning bolt attack has 2 parts to it: the sword slam (which can hit you if you're in melee range) and a lighting strike that comes from the sky. If you get hit by the sword slam you're (almost?) guaranteed to get hit by the bolt. The easiest way I've found of avoiding this (at least with light-roll) has been to move/run away when they're charging and then dodge-roll as their sword strikes the ground. This should allow you to avoid the follow-up lighting bolt.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        There is also one of them at the bottom of the deeper of the two lifts of the Rampart Tower area.

                                                        It is accessed by dropping down from a ledge onto a rocky outcropping which will collapse, just outside near the Rampart Tower Lost Grace.

                                                        Hug the left wall and go up the small set of stairson the platform then drop down to reach it. I suggest bypassing it to reach the said lift to open up a shortcut to reach it directly.

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