Kaiden Sellswords are Humanoid Enemies in Elden Ring. Kaiden Sellswords are heavily armored mercenaries, often seen mounting horses and wielding a Curved Greatsword for dismounting other riders. These warriors-for-hire are distinctly tough for novice fighters, specially because of their dexterous use of Dismounters and their War Cry Skill.

A Kaiden Sellsword can be summoned for aid as a spirit by using the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes.


 These hulking, fearless mercenaries, said to hail from the mountaintops of the wintry north, are adept at fighting on horseback.

Kaiden is the name of their home settlement.


Kaiden Sellsword Location in Elden Ring

Where to Find Kaiden Sellsword:

  • Multiple Kaiden Sellswords can be found east of Agheel North Site of Grace.
  • One can be found sleeping cross-legged next to a campfire at the northern end of the beach where the Coastal Cave is located, in Limgrave.
  • One Kaiden Sellsword can be found guarding the tower over Stormgate. The tower can be accessed by going all around Stormgate to the left and coming back through the field.
  • Several Kaiden Sellswords can be found escorting processions and Carriages in Limgrave and the Consecrated Snowfield, usually comprised of Wandering Nobles and Trolls.
  • One Kaiden Sellsword can also be found leaning against the Consecrated Snowfield frozen river bank, south-by-southwest of Ordina, on the southwest side of the frozen river, accompanied by three Wandering Nobles.


Kaiden Sellsword Drops in Elden Ring


Drop Rate

Additional Info

Runes 100% runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18 282 - 4399
Kaiden Helm 3.00% N/A
Kaiden Armor 3.00% N/A
Kaiden Gauntlets 3.00% N/A
Kaiden Trousers 3.00% N/A
Dismounter 4.00% N/A
Rowa Raisin 3.00% N/A
Sweet Raisin 3.00% N/A
Frozen Raisin 6.00% N/A


Elden Ring Kaiden Sellsword Notes & Tips

  • These enemies attack with large curved weapons with great reach. They are not difficult to block or dodge, but timing is still important.
  • Can sometimes destroy the carriages with their attacks.


Kaiden Sellsword Image Gallery

kaiden sellsword 1 elden ring wiki guidekaiden sellsword 2 elden ring wiki guidekaiden sellsword 4 elden ring wiki guidekaiden sellsword 3 elden ring wiki guideer kaiden sellsworder kaiden sellsword 2kaiden sellsword standing asleep enemy elden ring wiki guidekaiden sellsword enemy elden ring wiki guidekaiden sellsword sitting asleep enemy elden ring wiki guide


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    • Anonymous

      One of these guys on horseback just INSTANTLY destroyed one of the carriages that had the great axe in it, wtf is that poise damage?!

      • Anonymous

        Despite the fact that these dudes are supposed to be adept at horseback combat, they are way more deadly on foot than they are on horseback imo.

        • Anonymous

          These ****ers are annoyingly good at staggering you, i tried using wild strikes on one and he lunged at me and knocked me on my ass as if i was nothing, which is pretty surprising since i had around 51 poise and Wild Strikes gives you pretty good super armor and generally lets you facetank things that would normally stagger you without flinching, these dudes don't seem to give a **** about poise tho, they can easily knock you around like a ragdoll if you play recklessly.

          • Anonymous

            My favorite enemy in the game. Badass armor and fighting style, love cosplaying as one, and love their lore too! Mongol-Viking hybrid mercs with strength and skill to match the greatest warriors in the Lands Between? Hell yeah! I know it's unlikely, but I hope a future update or DLC focuses on these guys and we get to learn more about them and their culture, maybe even visit Kaiden itself

            • Anonymous

              Of all the enemies that did not get reused why did it have to be these guys? they were a pain when i was new but i really miss these guys, like it literally says they hail from the wintery northern mountaintops, they should've been in the Mountaintops of the Giants atleast considering how i assume thats the mountaintops that their descriptions is referring to, they are tough without being bs and have a cool fighting style, would've much preferred having some of these guys around the lands more frequently than some of the other crap thats recycled constantly in every region.

              • Anonymous

                Bruh why are theh only in limgrave? If they are supposed 'travelling mercenaries' shouldn't they be in caelid, altus etc too? So underused. You can only find the common knight and footsoldier everywhere.

                • Anonymous

                  For a supposed early game enemy with no real gimmick aside from being on horseback, these guys are really ****ing cool both design and combat-wise. Easily one of the best enemies in the entire game.

                  • Anonymous

                    Would’ve been cool to see the settlement they’re from, Kaiden. Considering it’s “in the North” it should’ve been either in the Mountaintop of the Giants or the Consecrated Snowfield. Perhaps there’s a continent even further north where they’re from? Either way, would’ve been a perfect opportunity for another Legacy Dungeon location with a leader as a boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      Watch out when fighting foot bound sellswords on horseback. if you get knocked off of your horse and one is close to you the sellsword will plunge their blade into your chest often times killing you. In addition, any dismounted sellsword will mount a unoccupied horse if they have the opportunity, so make sure to kill the horses of any mounted enemies if you wish to not fight them mounted.

                      • Anonymous

                        Despite being mentioned as being from "the north", the design of their armor and the fact that they act as heavy cavalry makes me think of the Sassanian-era cataphracts, especially given the design of the helm and the scale armor. Just give them a spear and armor the horse with some scale barding and it'd be a pretty close match.

                        • Anonymous

                          These guys have better attack patterns than almost any other enemies in the game. They're really fun and tough to fight against.

                          • Anonymous

                            i feel dissapointed with these one, an actually cool horseback and ground enemy with some cool skills like a self buff and amazing armor design, i expected to see a more advanced or elite version in later areas, but no, they are just on middle limgrave :c

                            • Anonymous

                              The camp located midway between Agheel Lake North and Murkwater Coast sites of grace hosts 4-5 mercenaries

                              • Anonymous

                                There’s a camp northeast of the “Agheel Lake North” grace with 3 of these guys in it and 3-4 on horseback patrolling the general area. Best place I’ve found to farm this set.

                                • Anonymous

                                  swear I've killed him a hundred times... went all the way to the smoldering church to learn to make silver fowl feet and farmed the camp (one with wolves) and nearby riders a dozen times, still no dismounter.

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